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Yes I know, even the mighty Magefire has fallen to the newest fad, Poke'mon. Although my intrest is in the videogames and not the TV show or the movies, although I do watch the TV show occasionally when not studying my spellbooks diligently. Using my vast powers I have found many secrets and codes for the game, although even my powers may sometimes be wrong!

Stand on a Bush Trick
Mew or No Mew
Missing Number
Cinnabar and its Glitches
The Ultra Rod



Use the CUT ability on any bush and then save the game and shut your game boy off. When you continue your game you will be standing on a bush. Don't be alarmed you won't get stuck (at least as far as I know)


Is Mew really in the game? Or isn't he. That is a big controversy, if you own the Japenese version I can say with all certainty the answer is yes. On the Japenese version go the the name changer and rename Mewtwo. Change his name to Mew and then try to change his name again, the name changer won't! Mewtwo will change into Mew. (NOTICE:If this doesn't work it may be because I forgot something important. E-mail me and I will get back to you on this one.)

Ok. You know that Mew is in the Japenese version but what about the American. This I can't answer, I have never seen anyone get him on the american version but I have heard many rumors.I personally tried the rumor that you can get Mew by not letting the S.S. Anne leave, I did this by trading a poke'mon to a friend who already had the CUT HM and having my friend teach CUT to that poke'mon. Then you must return to the S.S. Anne when you have SURF. Go past the man who takes your tickets but don't enter the S.S. Anne, SURF straight from the dock out to the shore where you will see a truck. The rumors are the if you push the truck by using strength, you will find Mew. Nope! Tried it, nothing! The truck doesn't even move. I will check out all the rumors I hear on my own game and put my findings here. One other note is you can get him with a gameshark!


This little cheat as you could call it exists on most Poke'mon Red and Blue games, and possibly Yellow (I don't know for sure on Yellow). If this cheat doesn't work e-mail me and I will try to help, but it could just be your copy of the game doesn't have this glitch. The Missing Number is a glitched creature that comes in two forms the Wild M, a level 0 creature with a messed up picture and the MissingNo. a level 180-250 creature. It exists on the eastern coast of Cinnabar Island just in the area where the land meets the water. This creature can have benifical effects, by killing or running away from it the sixth item on your item list increases up to over 100 (keep using the item, even when it looks like it is down to 1, until it number 99 appears, when it reaches this number use it only 98 more times and then do this trick again). This trick works great for extremely rare items like rare candy, awsome TMs, and of course the Master Ball.

If you can't seem to find the Missing Number fly to Vermillion City and talk to old man who teaches you how to catch the Weedle. Let him teach you then fly back to Cinnabar and surf along the coast and you should find him. Let me tell you why this works, because where ever you last faced wild poke'mon those poke'mon that appear in that area will appear along this coast. Talking to this old man makes the last creature you saw a Weedle, but since you personally didn't run into the creature the game becomes confused and the Missing No. pops up. Of course this is my take on how this coast works, but so far I seem to be right.

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT CATCH THE MISSINGNO. OR THE WILD M! Doing this could erase your game or cause various glitches. Only use the MissingNo. for infinite items, otherwise avoid catching it like the plague. One more small note, even running into the MissingNo. or his counterpart can mess up your hall of fame. I am currently trying to figure out how to get rid of my glitched hall of fame data.


Along the east coast of cinnabar in the area where land meets the water you can find many strange creatures which shouldn't be there. One of which is the nefarious fiend, the Missing Number and his counterpart the Wild M! When ever you SURF up and down this coast you can run into any poke'mon from the last area you were at. So if there is a very hard to catch Safari Zone poke'mon or something else that you can't seem to catch FLY to this coast and SURF until you find what you are looking for. This was the only way I caught Kangaskhan and Tauros. Also sometimes you find Tangela and two poke'mon types of a level over 100. These two (or sometimes one poke'mon) are determined by the name you took when you started the game. I personally run into level 125 Haunters and Golducks, the name I choose was Nathan. E-mail me telling me what you run into and what name you choose!



One rumor I heard was that if you talked to the Fishing Guru that gives you the Super Rod 100 times he would give you the Ultra Rod! And with this powerful rod you could catch TMs and secret poke'mon! No. Nothing. I talked to the Guru until my fingers were almost blistered. Every last time the Guru told me the same exact thing.


Yes this one is very interesting. I heard somewhere that if you use the itemfinder 101 times in Mt. Moon in different places you will find Togepi. No! Nothing, I did this almost 151 times! I found nothing at all. Maybe I did something wrong, but I highly doubt it.