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  1. Playing cards against a minotaur and winning.
  2. Insulting a humogous angry dragon
  3. Jumping into an illusionary pile of gold, which turns out to be above a lava pit
  4. Bragging that you can take out a whole army of ogres single-handedly then being asked to demonstrate
  5. Accidently destroying a powerful evil wizards spellbook when the wizard still has an instant death memorized
  6. Choking to death on some bad inn food
  7. Challenging a high level warrior to a duel to the death while you are low level
  8. Turning your back on an enraged group member
  9. Trying to out drink a dwarf
  10. Telling an elven archer he has bad aim
  11. Ticking off your Dungeon Master
  12. Dropping a gem accidently into a hole inhabited by a very poisonous snake and then reaching into the hole to get the gem
  13. Drinking from a lake that has a sign up saying "Caution: The water in this lake turns things to gold"
  14. Getting stranded on a island full of killer bunnies
  15. Trying to outrun a hungry lion while having a stone chest full of gold strapped to your back
  16. Trying to win a staring contest with a medusa
  17. Trying to hold your breath underwater longer than an aquatic elf
  18. Attempting to kill a god
  19. Trying to make villagers afraid of you by telling them you are a witch, just to get burned at the stake
  20. Being on the reciveing end of a hostile wizards finger