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Adventure for the Month


The towns most powerful wizard hires the characters to find his spellbook which was stolen by his apprentice. He suggests that the characters should start by going to the Thieve's Guild for information. The guild will provid information for a price (around 100 to 500 gp). The information should lead the characters to eventually catch the thief. He has hidden the spellbook somewhere and will only give it to them if they can retrieve the Book of the Dead from a dungeon nearby. After they get the wizards spellbook back to the wizard they should mention the book to the wizard. When they do the wizard gets really angry and then starts yelling at the PC's for ruining his plan. He explains that the book holds the clues on the location of the city of the dead. An ancient catacomb containing the grandfather of all diamonds. The PCs should end up following the apprentice and going into the City of the Dead. They find the apprentice dead, slayed by the guardians. When they find the grandfather of all diamonds it turns out to be a huge lump of coal. But any other treasure they find is real.


The characters hear that a house in town is for free if you can spend an entire night in the house. They should meet the owner who throws in a bet of 100gp that they can not last a whole night. The house really is the headquarters for a cult of cannabalistic evil clerics. Most of the town is under their control. They have skull shaped medallions which control the minds of whoever wears them and turns the wearer into a cult member. The cults leader is the owner of the house and he has set up the free house deal to attract potential victims. As they explore the old house they find that the cult is spreading fast and unless the characters do something the world will be taken over. Of course the characters could always join the cult....


A nearby village has been attacked and ransacked by a group of orcs. The orcs have killed many villagers and have also kidnapped the villagers children. A wounded rider from the village comes looking for heroes in the town the characters are staying at. The orcs have their lair in an old ambandoned castle. The castle is heavily fortified and thier is large numbers of orcs dwelling there. So the characters have to sneak in through the sewer pipes to get into the castle. After the characters locate the children a magic alarm goes off and the characters have to get out of the castle before the orcs catch them. If the characters rescue all the children the villagers hold a banquet in there honor.


A powerful wizard hires the heroes to search for an orb. The heroes go down into the dungeon and down a passage and there is the orb on a pedestal, simple? As soon as they take the orb bars fall down blocking the passage out. (Or if they probably can break the bars a magical force field). Anyway the characters are now trapped in a small room and if they search for secret doors they automatically find one leading into a maze complex! Now they must navigate thier way through the maze and find their way out. And to make it more intresting add plenty of traps, tricks, monsters, and treasures. Plus you can have the exit lead them anywhere like right smack dab in the lair of a group of bandits!


In this adventure the characters explore an ancient castle, The castle is in a poor condition and to make it intresting have the castle fall apart as they journey through it. Outside of the castle have the characters are attacked by a group of wolves. Have the castle contain such rooms as a throne room, a courtyard, an armory, a barracks, a dining chamber, a kitchen, a pantry, etc. At the top of the castle prison tower you could for lower level characters have an undead monster. But, if the characters are higher levels you can have an old man chained up in the tower, the old man acts insane and begs the characters to free him. No matter what the characters do he eventually reveals his true form, that of a monstrous demon. When they defeat him the whole castle explodes knocking the characters unconcious. When they come to they are in a huge underground chamber below the castle. Now I leave it up to you to create what happens next.

The PC's are on the way to a festival, get stopped by an old man who is in reality a powerful wizard who ask for their help. Not knowing the wizards' cunning disguise, he ask if they would find 2 items that could help save his town from the ever darkness. He tells them he can pay 2000gp if the items are returned in 2days. Now the two items are very rare and very dangerous to obtain. The first one is soft wand and the 2nd is two pieces of a raw mineral named loax. The soft wand is an old item that was use in times past to create blueprints of advance war machines, from different time periods. The Loax is for making a gate way for the soft wand to find the time periods. The loax will not be used until it is clean. The only way to clean loax is by the heat of fire that burns with the flesh of a live red of black dragon.If the PC's take on this adventure they will have to find the cues to the wizard plans and destroy the 2 items. The rewards are the local towns all feared the wizard and give each charter 500gp and any 2 items that they need for the next adventure. SEND ME YOUR ADVENTURE IDEAS AND I WILL FEATURE THEM HERE