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About Dungeons & Dragons

What is the game about?

This game takes place in the days when knights in shining armor roamed the lands and mages and dragons were common place. The game takes place in a land of fantasy where evil monsters and dashing heroes walked abroad.

In general the Dungeon Master of the game gets to make the world and decides a lot of the things that happen. The things that a Dungeon Master can put in his or her world are almost limitless. The Dungeon Master doesn't have to strictly follow the rules in the Dungeon Masters Guide. The Dungeon Masters Guide is only a reference guide which can be used to base the world upon.

One great thing about the game is that the players get alot more freedom than in other games. In most games the players use dull figures that just move about the board. In Dungeons & Dragons the pieces that the players use have personalities and characteristics which make each playing piece different from the next.

Also unlike many other games things that happened last time you played affect the same characters the next time you play. So if a character named Balto the Axe found a magic sword during his last playing session the next time he played he would still have that sword! So the characters eventually grow in power and become able to face new and more deadly challenges than before every time that character is used.

Myths about AD&D

There are many rumors that Dungeons & Dragons is an evil game and that it promotes violence. Well these rumors about D&D are false. The game is just misunderstood. One reason that it was the first game of its type. And in history new concepts are usually misunderstood and feared.

There have been certain incidents of people taking the game too far and acting it out what happened in the game in reality. Anyone that would do that must already have problems.

One thing that happened in the past is that one person commited suicide when their character died. Hey, I wouldn't like it if my game piece died and I had to start over but after all its not the end of the world.

How do I play?

The first thing you need to do is get the basic playing equipment. Some 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 100-sided dice are needed. Also you will need to get the Players Guide , Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monster Manual in addition to pencils, paper, and graph paper.

You need a Dungeon Master and some other players. Around six players works best for begginers. All the other players are Player Characters.

In a sense the Dungeon Master is the judge, jury, executioner, and divine power in the game world. While the Dungeon Master keeps the game running smoothly the players try to get rich, famous, powerful, or any other goal they fancy.

The players start out weak and struggle to survive, but as they grow in power the players might eventually have their characters they are playing become a king, queen, or even a god or godess.