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Intro: As a huge Wilco fan I wanted to dedicate a website just for the band and their music. However, they're history is too long, their music too great and complex....there is just too much to be said and judging from what I already have to maintain...well, I just wouldn't know where to begin. I'm a recent born Wilco fan, I wasn't listening to "real" music when Uncle Tupelo was still together (I was probably in the six grade!). My following of the band has lead me to other great music. As well as keeping up with Wilco. So this site is kind of like a direction of links to Wilco dedicated sites, plus a few things I've been able to collect.
News/Info:Minnesota Tour Dates: October 29th and 30th @ First Avenue

Bennett co-wrote and performs song "Puzzled Heart" with Australian artist, Sherry Rich, in a featured independent film Invisible. Bennett also worked with her on her last record along with Courtesy Move and helped record her upcoming album.

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