Laura Harris Biography

Birthplace: Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia, November 20, 1976 (thanks to Laura's cousin Dudley Parham for this info)

Age 31; Hair Color: Blond; Eye Color: Blue; Right-Handed; Height: 5'6 1/2"

Attended Crofton House School in Vancouver. “…she was always into acting and was very good at it and worked really hard locally to get to this point. She was very smart and popular in school. Simply a lovely person.” - Jennifer MacDonald, classmate

Likes to drive real fast. Likes to jaywalk.

Knows Spanish and French languages.

Plays the violin.

Is a motorcyclist.

She attended college through UC correspondence.

She doesn't like to draw attention to herself.

Has a tattoo of a sun and scorpio symbol on her back left shoulder

Her parents are both teachers.

Her middle initials are 'E.L.'

She grew up in the country, and where she went to school there were no boys, and she didn't party very much.

Started acting at age 5, mostly doing CBC radio dramas, and by 14 focused on television movies and episodic appearances. It wasn't until age 20 that she started her feature film career.

Her family didn't have cable, so they weren't a really big movie-watching clan. They didn't get a VCR until Laura was around 15 or 17, around which time Laura moved out.

She worked as a waitress in Vancouver, B.C. at "Earl's Restaurants on Robson" before she moved to LA.

Hopes to marry a gorgeous Cuban carpenter who will help her build her dream house with their bare hands and who can teach her how to salsa and surf - she also wants six children.

The dream of this 31-year-old Canadian isn't what you'd expect. She wants to be a puppeteer, to both work the puppets and do the voices. Sounds as if she has done this before, but she hasn't. Turns out this yearning to be a puppeteer is based on her obsession with the Muppets.

She is not a fan of horror films (despite being in The Faculty).

Dated actor Johnny Galecki (with whom she appeared with in 'Murder At My Door' and 'Suicide Kings'

Laura often with works with the same actors in numerous shows - she appeared with John Ritter in Stephen King's 'IT' and 'Stay Tuned'; Heather McComb (Mrs. James Van Der Beek) in 'Stay Tuned' and 'The X-Files'; Ryan Reynolds in 'Fifteen', 'The Odyssey', and 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'; Johnny Galecki in 'Murder At My Door' and 'Suicide Kings'; actress Chilton Crane in 'Outer Limits: Feasibility Study' and 'Poltergeist the Legacy: Rough Beast'; actor Xander Berkley in 'Kidnapping In the Family' and '24'; actor Tygh Runyan in 'Kitchen Party' and 'Come Together'; Alice Krige in 'Habitat' and 'The Calling'; and with Christopher "Corky" Martin in 'Fifteen' and 'Suzie Q'.

Moved to Los Angeles shortly after appearing in 1997’s “Kitchen Party”. Moved out of love (when she was dating Johnny Galecki, 1996-1998), stayed for the work.

Appears nude in four movies: “Best Wishes Mason Chadwick”, “Habitat”, “The Faculty”, "A Friend Of The Family". For some reason, most of her nude scenes involve splashing around in water. Kinky.

The length of her hair changes quite frequently.

CBC Radio Plays with John Juliani and the gang

A scholarship student

Was never the popular girl

When not working, hangs out at children’s shelter

Has difficulty standing up for herself at times

Siblings are both lawyers

Couldn’t appear in DLM movie due to schedule conflicts with WMC

Her favorite scenes to shoot are when she gets to kiss people

Likes bands like Black Eyed Peas and Beatles.

Watches occasional Golden Girls reruns

Her friend Ian Robertson has been doing her hair styling for 11 years

Deals with stress by saying "ergonomics"

Studied lot of Norma Desmond movies to play Daisy dair.

Just bought first house in Los Angeles (with garden).

Appeared in the February 2003 issue of In Style magazine (Drew Barrymore on the cover) with the female stars of “24”. Her “sailor-look” photo appears on page 144.

On-camera interviews appear during end credits of “The Faculty” in the HBO version, in “Highwayman” behind-the-scenes featurette, Entertainment Tonight (January 15th episode), and Startv/BravoCanada! Startv news (February 1, 2003).

Doesn't smoke except for movie roles. "It hurts so bad."

Used to live in an apartment in LA.

One of her past boyfriends painted a picture of a monkey which represents her.

Has a blue iMac computer.

"I'm a neurotic ironer," Harris admits. "Everything needs to be ironed, it's one of my flaws." In fact, as a sign of her devotion to the chore, Harris keeps an antique iron on display in her L.A. apartment.

Laura and childhood friend Jeff Macpherson formed production company Rocket Chicken International Productions, based in North Vancouver, in January 2000. Their first production was the independent film “Come Together”, written and directed by Macpherson, and produced by and starring Harris. The film marks her first time as producer. Macpherson wrote the screenplay specifically for Laura as a Christmas present. The company is now defunct.

While watching her daughter on “24” as murderess Marie Warner, Laura’s mother put out her hip after falling off the couch. Although Harris's mother enjoys watching her daughter perform, the show's unpredictability can be overwhelming at times: "I think my mother put her hip out trying to not watch the television," Laura says. "She tries not to watch cause she's terrified, it's terrifying for her...And I think she, like, slid off the couch in trying not to watch it and she put her hip out."

When Laura learned her “24” character makes the switch from a sweet-natured bride-to-be to evil terrorist,, she threw her script across the room.

Laura appeared in 14 episodes of “24” season Two, and in 24 of 29 episodes of "Dead Like Me".

Was originally offered the role of Naked Mandy in Season 1 of "24" - the one who blew up the plane in the pilot episode and later killed her lesbian lover. The character appeared for only three episodes. Laura turned down the role because she felt it was too risque. The producers offered her the role of Marie in Season 2.

To psyche herself up for scenes as "Evil Marie", she listened to Eminem.

A writer from "King of the Hill" brought her to a shooting range to try out a gun to prepare for evil turn as Marie. It was the first time she had ever fired a gun before. Apparently, she cried afterward.

(2003) Laura's boyfriend used to work on the series "King Of The Hill".

Attended 2003 WGA awards and 2003 SAG awards.

One Canadian production she might have lent her voice talents to is the 1992 production of 'Good Things Can Still Happen'.

Good Things Can Still Happen (1992)

'Good Things Can Still Happen' is about feelings that may be experienced by a sexually abused child after disclosure. The main characters in the film are two children, Lucy and Kirby, who are friends. Lucy discloses to Kirby that she has been sexually abused, and the action develops from there, with a narrative voice commenting on the situation from time to time. The film is made up of six parts centering on Lucy and Kirby's play, home and school life. Each part is separated from the next by a wash of color on the screen, dividing the film into identifiable segments. The separations provide a place where the film can be stopped without interfering with the flow of the action. This format makes it easy to isolate specific topics for in-depth discussion. Each of the six parts explores a basic feeling and its associated behaviours. The characters express feelings about disclosure, fear, anger, confusion, powerlessness, hope and eventual resolution. The characters' behaviour illustrates various ways that sexually abused children act out their inner emotional world.