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About the International Ice Racing Association

Minnesota based

The International Ice Racing Association (IIRA) is the largest sanctioning body for automobile racing on ice in North America. The race series is run on weekends in January and February on a number of frozen lakes, and organized by different sanctioned clubs. The typical race weekend includes: practice and qualifying sessions, half hour rubber-to-ice, studded sprint and solo (rookie) sprint races on Saturdays, with a half hour studded sprint race and 2+ hour endurance race on Sundays.

There are six classes of cars racing in our series, four modified and two stock. This provides an opportunity for a wide variety of race cars to compete in our events. In the 30 years since the IIRA was created, many professional race drivers have discovered the fun and value of ice racing in our series. However, it is a race series that anyone interested can get involved in.

The IIRA was first published on the World Wide Web on January 11, 1999. This site was developed to provide more detailed information on ice racing, photographs of the cars and race conditions, and ice racing news including race results. If you have any questions or comments regarding the IIRA or sports car racing on ice, please e-mail us at the address listed above.