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Some places to Find Mabel on DVD and Video

For some of the very best in recent silent film preservation, don't miss (indeed you cannot afford to if your are genuine silent film devotee) the
"Chaplin at Keystone" DVD set put out by Flicker Alley, and which includes some gorgeous new restorations of several of Mabel's films.
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Mickey and Suzanna are out on regular DVD, evidently the Unknown Video versions, which are both among the very best transfers of these films there are to be found. Check CD Universe,
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Note. Many of the links to these DVD companies are now, for one reason or other, defunct. Nothwithstanding,to find the DVDs themselves, check,, and ebay.

FLICKER ALLEY'S "Chaplin at Keystone" What we've been waiting for for years.
UNKNOWN VIDEO. See their very well done versions of Mickey (1918) and Suzanna (1922).
LAUGHSMITH ENTERTAINMENT. A splendid 4 DVD "Forgotten Films of Roscoe Arbuckle" set; and which naturally includes some of Mabel's.
GRAPEVINE VIDEO A legend among silent film on video companies.
KINO VIDEO ~ See their "Extra Girl" version and silent short-film anthologies

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