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Mabel Normand Related Links

Marilyn Slater's ~Looking for Mabel~
Stephen Normand: Great-Nephew of Mabel Normand
Bruce Long's ~Taylorology~
Chaplin Film Locations, of which a number are Mabel related
Chaplin at Keystone ~ 1914 ~ A Film by Film Survey
William M. Drew essay, w/interesting comments re:Mabel
More from silent film author William M. Drew
Mabel Normand News Group
The Mabel Normand Sheet Music Collection
Edendale History
"How Mabel Normand filmed her Safety Last! Moment (Before Harold Lloyd Did)"


'The Little Fellow' ~ Charlie Chaplin Fan Page
More on Chaplin -- this time from Phil Posner
David Pearson's Arbucklemania
The Official Laurel and Hardy webpage
Harold Lloyd
Mary Pickford
Norma Talmadge
Olive Thomas
Will Rogers Home Page
Edna Purviance
Lon Chaney
Rudolph Valentino
Charley Chase
Robb Farr's 'Mugshots'
Mae Busch
John Bunny
Larry Semon
Lillian Gish
Pola Negri
Anna May Wong
Gloria Swanson
Snub Pollard (on FaceBook)
Ben Turpin
And, of course, Buster...


Unsung Divas ~ Female Silent Stars
Silents Are Golden
Welcome to Silent Movies
The Silent Era
The Golden Silents

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