Music and the Horn

My interest in music began when I was in elementary music and has only increased over time. I love listening to all types of orchestral and concert band music, as well as jazz, world, and new age music. The French Horn, or simply Horn, was my first instrument and has been my favorite ever since. It is my primary instrument, but I can play all concert band instruments. My strongest area is brass.


I have the saying, "FRENCH HORNS RULE!!"
French Horn FAQ

Did you know that the term "French Horn" was made up in America? It was NOT designed in France at all. It is more correct just to say the word HORN. "French" is added only to distinguish it from the English Horn. Cool huh! :) For more information in this area, check out this page. Here is another HORN page for you to browse.

I also have a collection of music on CD's. Most of them are of the classical genre, but I enjoy all of them. I think that CD's are one of the best inventions ever, especially compared to the audio cassette. The only thing I would add to the CD player would be a sleep timer, for when I fall asleep to relaxing music. :)


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