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`.Josh Tidbits.`


Josh had a premiere in Edina, Minnesota for ‘Hollywood Homicide’. Tickets went at $35-$150 and people who went got to meet Josh and also got a load of free stuff.

Turned down the offer to star in the long-awaited revival of ‘Superman’. (to avoid being typecast.)

His first acting part was a Huck Finn in a school play.

His first acting job was a Northwestern airline commercial and playing the role of Huck Finn in a school play.

It was in his knee that he tore the ligament playing football, so his aunt encouraged him to take up acting while recovery. (I’ve also heard that he just pretended to hurt his knee so he didn’t have to play football anymore.)

His uncle died just before Josh took part in ‘Pearl Harbor’

He was the first person to try out for ‘Pearl Harbor’, but it was for Ben Affleck's part.

He prefers to live in his laid-back hometown, St. Paul, Minnesota, than in California with other stars because he loathes the Hollywood scene.

He auditioned for parts in ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ and ‘The Patriot’ but lost both roles to Heath Ledger.

When Josh was little, he drew a goatee on his chin with a sharpie.

His first car was a white Ford Taurus with a maroon driver side door.

In high school he worked in a movie store called Mr. Movies.

His step-mother's name is Molly.

His favorite food is pizza and his favorite topping is cheese.

Drives a blue Audi.

Enjoys oil painting.

The ring on his left middle finger has been there for a long time.

Has a tattoo of a maze on his back near his shoulder.

His favorite team is the St. Paul Saints.

He is terrified of horror movies.

His favorite TV shows are the ’Dukes of Hazzard’ and ‘Lost in Space’.

His favorite sports are basketball, baseball, and hockey.

Some of his hobbies are oil painting, bowling, and reading beat writers.

His favorite types of music are jazz and blues and some of his favorite singers are Marvin Gaye, Leadbelly, Beastie Boys, and Bob Marley.

He smokes but is “trying to quit”

He likes to hide him self by wearing hats.

He has bats living in his attic and they sometimes fly down from the chimney.

He likes to snowboard but claims he isn't any good.

When he was about 16, he and his friends used to drive fast and spin as many times as they could on the frozen lakes.

He would save his guitar and his blue cap in a fire.

Could have died when he stayed in a cabin that had a gas leak.

Is a vegetarian.

His favorite book is ‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac.

.:Past Relationships:.

He took Kirsten Dunst to her prom, but they are only friends.

Dated two different co-stars on the same movie set on the Faculty: Michelle Williams and Jordana Brewster.

Josh and Natalie Imbruglia were engaged but it’s rumored that he broke it off.

Dated supermodel Gisele Bundchen

Says that he prefers blondes

He used to date Isabella Miko

.:Magazine Tidbits:.

TWIST: January '99 - Josh Hartnett Did ya know Josh was almost on Dawson's Creek? He tried out six times, and they still didn't give him a part. Bet those people are pissed now-- Josh's set up to be a star. After steaming up the screen in last summer's Halloween: H2O, Josh will be in The Faculty, another scream fest. At least this time he's not running from a crazy dude in a mask, Instead, he's saving the world from creepy body-snatching teachers. Yikes!

Do All of Josh Hartnett's Co-stars Fall for him? - (Twist August 2001) First, there were whisperings about Josh and Halloween: H20's Michelle Williams. Later, spies on the set of The Faculty reported that Josh had hooked up with Jordana Brewster and one of the film's other stars, Laura Harris. "I guess we've got to expect these sorts of rumors, since he's so young and good-looking," said Josh's publicist to The New York Post in response to the reports. His publicist was right, and the rumors about Josh's romances continue to spread - as does the 6'3" actor's trend of becoming involved with almost all of his female co-stars.

While his character may have lost Leelee Sobieski to Chris Klein in Here On Earth, and Julia Stiles to Mekhi Phifer in O, Josh has gotten cozy with both of those leading ladies off-screen. In June 2000, long after Here On Earth had left theatres, Josh and Leelee were seen together walking barefoot near the beach in L.A. And this January, Josh was seen playing video games and "huddling" with Julia at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. When it comes to talking about kissing his co-stars, Josh has been surprisingly up-front. "It's hard for me to work closely with a girl and not completely fall in love with her as a person. This business is amazing because you meet people who you become practically intimate with," he says.

So, will he ever permanently settle down with one of his leading ladies? "I'm looking forward to finding someone in life that I can be truly happy with," he says. "Hope is the most exciting thing there is in life, and if you honestly believe that love is out there, it will come."

Sigh! Well, we believe true love will come for Josh. And with starring roles in the upcoming romantic comedy 40 Days and 40 Nights and the war flick Black Hawk Down, it may come even sooner than he thinks!

Q&A USA Weekly - Q: I found newcomer Josh Hartnett more appealing than Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor. How old is Hartnett? And does he have an off-screen love interest?

A: Hartnett, 23 this Saturday, is single. But that could change fast: He's been on young women's radar screens for at least a year, amid reports he's dated model Gisele Brudchen* (usually linked to Leo DiCaprio) & LeeLee Sobieski, his costar in 2000's Here On Earth. Hartnett was born to hippies in San Francisco** and grew up in St Paul, Minnesota, where he did local theatre. The ex-Tommy Hilfiger model's big break was in 1998's Halloween H2O, but his role in producer Jerry Bruckheimer's Pearl Harbor eliminated job worries. Showcases due in '02: Black Hawk Down, another Bruckheimer flick, shot in Morocco, and a romantic comedy, 40 Days and 40 Nights.

Josh Goes Jogging - The Star Tribune

Item World (in case you're wondering, Item World is just the name of the page in "Free Time" that has news and spottings of celebs) has discovered the benefits of strolling Mississippi River Blvd. in St. Paul. There are the views of the river, the leafy canopy, the stately homes and oh, there's international movie star - and Capital City native- Josh Hartnett, jogging by with a man I.W. (Item World) presumed is his father. In a town where the biggest celeb sighting is usually alleged fugitive from justice Sara Jane Olson doing her weekly shopping at Lunds in Highland Village, the sight of Mr. Pearl Harbor breaking a sweat in running togs was almost too much for star-starved I.W. to bear. For those missing their latest issue of In Style magazine, Josh is wearing his hair buzzed. Way buzzed.

Entertainment Weekly - IT List 2001 - Josh Hartnett

AGE 22

WHY HIM? Have you seen ''Pearl Harbor''? Mr. Easy on the Eyes' first marquee role confirms what fans of ''The Virgin Suicides'' have known for some time: Heath, watch your back.

CREATIVE CRUTCH ''Music. What I listen to depends on the scene, but it's the easiest way to wrap my head around an emotion. Right now it's Dylan, Marley, Miles Davis, the Beastie Boys, Tom Waits, and the Velvet Underground.''

HERO ''Jack Kerouac. I was living in Minnesota and reading 'On the Road' when I was 14. It made me want to see the world.''

CAREER HE'D MOST LIKE TO HAVE ''Eric Idle's. I grew up on 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail.'''

ULTIMATE AMBITION ''I look at my dad [a building owner manager] as an example of a good life. He doesn't work too much, so he's able to put his family first.''

BEST ADVICE ''Don't listen to it. Nobody's making the rules and they ‘re always changing.''

NEXTThe controversial ''O'' -- high school meets ''Othello,'' with Hartnett as an Iagolike villain -- is finally due in August.

LA date for Josh and Nat (The UK Sun)- NATALIE IMBRUGLIA is planning to jet to Los Angeles for a date with Pearl Harbor pin-up Josh Hartnett. The star fell for Nat when they met at a party after his movie's premiere in London last week. Josh was smitten as soon as he clapped eyes on her and made friends introduce him. They had a cozy chat at the after-show party in the University of London's Senate House and went on to a club but got separated and didn't find each other again that night. Josh had to leave for the Paris opening of his movie the next day but he wouldn't give up his quest for a date and managed to contact Nat. They have been calling each other constantly ever since. A pal of Nat's says: "She has been quite taken aback by Josh's interest. "She thinks he is really sweet and certainly hasn't ruled out a romance. They now have each others' numbers and both seem keen to go out together." Natalie has dated Robbie Williams, Lenny Kravitz and Friends star David Schwimmer.

Almost Famous: Star Players Josh Hartnett, 23 (Star Player)- LAST SEEN: As an attitude-drippin', bell-bottomed hunk who won the hearts of Kristen Dunst and girlies the world over in tragic drama Virgin Suicides!

STAR APPEAL: "My hair is the reason why people remember me," mutters Josh. Apart from his trademark out-of-bed 'do, we think he's got the sexiest sunken cheeks since Johnny Depp! "I'm not good at the whole shirt-off thing. I'm just a scrawny little thing...girls would rather see their bodies than mine," claims the modest 6'3" lad.

WHY HE'S GONNA BE BIG: First, he's got a plump second lead in this month's war blockbuster Pearl Harbor - the most expensive movie ever green-lit at a jaw-dropping US$140 million! And if one Josh flick isn't 'enuf to blow your mind, the strapping stud sports a sexy British accent in satire Blow Dry (opens this month, too!). Plus he's got upcoming comedies Town And Country and 40 Days And 40 Nights, before starring in Gladiator director Riddley Scott's war (again!) drama Black Hawk Dawn. Will our Josh reap Russell Crowe-esque buzz? We're betting our last dollar on it!

CELEBRITY TALK: "I don't particularly like fame. Like on the Internet, it says I'm an alcoholic. It's ridiculous. You don't want your grandmother reading that!"

Josh Hartnett (Movieline February 2001)- How long before we're going to have to start calling him Joshua? The boy whose teenage sexual swagger stole the show in The Virgin Suicides and Here On Earth is rumored to have given a very grown-up performance in Michael Bay's World War II romantic epic, Pearl Harbor. As Ben Affleck's fellow fighter pilot and romantic rival, Hartnett, also cast in Ridley Scott's next movie, stands to become the big screen's newest major heartthrob.

Josh Joshing? - St. Paul's Josh Hartnett, star of "Here on Earth", "The Virgin Suicides", and Halloween: H20", has been anointed rolling stone magazines "hot boy- his up in coming movies include a co-starring role opposite Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton in "town and country", the role of a lago in the Othello Adaptation "O", a comedy about a guy who vows to be celibate called "40 days 40 nights"; the hair styling comedy "Blow dry", and next memorial day's ginormoud "pearl Harbor" In a two page spread that features estra handsome shots of the young star, Hartnett says of life St. Paul, "I don't have a reason to take off, but I wanted too. I still live in ST. Paul"

Early Risers (Movieline September 2000)- Josh Hartnett had only supporting parts in films like Here On Earth and The Virgin Suicides on his résumé when he was cast in the lead role in the enormously expensive WWII love story Pearl Harbor. And before he even commenced filming that epic, Hartnett was cast in Michael Lehmann-directed comedy 40 Days and 40 Nights, which is about a guy who falls in love with his dream girl ( Katie Holmes ) just after vowing to remain celibate during Lent because he figures it'll help him get over a recent heartbreak.

Feature Player Josh Hartnett (Teen Movieline 2000)- Hollywood seems to be having some kind of Hartnett attack. The 22-year-old actor's snagging some of the most interesting roles in town. Josh got his start by wisely picking up supporting parts in teen-oriented films, which built up his fan base - even if Halloween :H20 and The Faculty were both only moderate successes, people noticed him when those films went to video. Next came the second fiddle role opposite Chris Klein and Leelee Sobieski in Here On Earth, followed by The Virgin Suicides, in which he revealed he could play swoon-worthy without a hitch. We've yet to see him as Warren Beatty's son in Town and Country and as a jealous villain who tears apart a madly in-love couple ( played by Julia Stiles and Mekhi Phifer ) in O, the updated movie adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello. But what we're really looking forward to seeing him in is this fall's hairdresser competition comedy Blow Dry, in which he costars with Rachel Leigh Cook. And what we're really, really dying to see him in is next year's big-budget epic Pearl Harbor, in which he plays the heroic World War II U.S. Army Corps pilot who falls in love with the same navy nurse ( Kate Bekinsale ) his best friend ( Ben Affleck ) has eyes for. No offense Ben, but this time out we hope Josh gets the girl. And from what we hear about how he looks in a uniform, we don't see why he shouldn't.

YM Magazine's Love Special 2000: Kissing and Not Telling - Josh Hartnett and Gisele Bundchen Josh and supermodel Gisele were caught smooching and gazing into each other's dreamy eyes at L.A. Oscar parties. Someone should lower these two back Here On Earth!

BLISS - May 2000 - Hero Worship: Josh Hartnett Remember gorgeous Josh from Halloween H2O? Well now he's back in no less than five new flicks. THere's Virgin Suicides, the laugh-a-minute Town And Country, Never Better, Here On Earth (take a tissue), and O-- a modern day Othello with Josh as an unhappy basketball player. We can't wait!

TEEN - August 2000 - 'To Bard Or Not To Bard' Josh Hartnett Although he plays a bad boy in O, Josh is certainly a princely babe in our eyes. We just can't resist his dark brooding charm.

TWIST: August 99 Josh Hartnett loves to hang out in his hometown, St. Paul, MN, bowling at Bryant-Lake Bowl.

TWIST: Nov/Dec '99 - Josh Hartnett Using flicks like Halloween: H2O and The Faculty as his coming out party, this messy haired hottie gave a certain Capeside Cutie a run for his money as this year's cutest Josh.

TWIST: Fall 2000 - Guys Decoded: Josh Hartnett-the creative cutie Why he's your perfect guy: Yeah, we know you don't need a boyfriend, 'cause creative, independent girls like you dig their alone time. You'd better not hook up with a clingy guy-- you'd go crazy. What you need is somebody to click with on a deeper level, a guy who 'gets' the secret you. Sounds like Josh Hartnett! Talk about romantic: Josh digs listening to Jazz and likes to write poetry. He's oh-so-modest: Josh doesn't think girls go crazy over him. He also insists he doesn't have a great body compared to other actors. "Some of those guys work out every day," he says. "I work out maybe once a year, so they've got me beat." He's not afraid to be vulnerable: For instance, how many guys do you know admit they're terrified of horror movies? (Maybe that's why his Halloween: H2O performance was so realistic.) He's always exploring his artsy side: Josh's favorite class in school was ceramics. But that's not the only creative thing he likes to do. "I've been painting a long time," he says. "My mom's an artist and I've sort of picked that up from her."

YM- July 2000 - Josh Hatnett Clue: Mr. Shy Guy secretly wants to fly away like this rockin' retro rocker.

Answer: Lenny Kravitz

DOLLY - August 2000, Talent---who's hot: Josh Hartnett

Okay, we admit it - we've featured the luscious Josh Hartnett before. But he's just so cute, we had to make him this month's hot babe!

So why does he qualify? Well aside from the (ahem!) obvious, he's recently wrapped projects with some of Hollywood's biggest names and hottest stars.

There's this month's Here On Earth, featuring Leelee Sobieski and Chris Klein (bring some tissues and consider yourself warned).

Then later this year there's The Virgin Suicides with Kirsten Dunst, Town And Country with Jenna Elfman, O with Juia Stiles and Andrew Keegan, Never Better with Rachael Leigh Cook and Rachel Griffiths, and Pearl Harbor with the oh-so-loveable Ben Affleck.

If that's not hot,what is? (PS. If you want a bit of at home perve action, grab the Halloween: H2O video. All we can say is YUM!)

Access Hollywood: August 20th, 2001

(Topic: Josh & Julia as a “couple”)

Josh: The rumors aren't true, we're not dating.

Julia: Well, thanks, Josh! I didn't think that would be so embarrassing for him, but that's ok!

Access Hollywood: No, no, absolutely not! I didn't take it that way at all.

Julia: No, no....I mean, there were rumors, whatever, but no, we have a good time together, I mean, we're friends. I guess he cleared that one up, ok!

Access Hollywood(now talking to Josh): So we are not to believe any tabloid reports...

Josh: You never believe that crap anyway. It's just like, everything you hear in those things is usually false, especially in regards to me because I'm not even.... I'm not even around, I live in Minnesota, I'm far away from it all. How the hell would they know what I'm doing?

Josh 'Pearl Harbor' Hartnett on the Twin Cities Dining Scene -(Minnesota Star Tribune - August 3, 2001) JoshHartnett did his best not to become the center of attention at his friend's dinner party. Minnesota's Hartnett, co-star of "Pearl Habor," was the celebrity at a groom's dinner held two Fridays ago at Tandoor Restaurant in Bloomington. "They gave me hints, little bits," said restaurant co-owner Sarita Kalra, who was told "there might be some celebrity coming." Hartnett went mostly unrecognized by other diners while the private wedding party of about 60 ate. He was one of four best men at the wedding of South High buddy Kristofor Bulander and Mathea Erickson. Dressed casually in a felt-looking hat, sweatshirt and jeans, Hartnett obligingly posed for photos. "He was sooo nice," said restaurant co-owner Kul Kalra.

His wife, Sarita, added, "So low-profile, so polite, so humble. We really enjoyed him." He even went into the kitchen for photos with personnel back there.

One picture with the Hart-throb was not enough for Sarita. "I said: 'I want to have another picture with you.' He said, Let's go in the kitchen. He didn't want to spoil the party, you know. Then we stood in front of the buffet table. Then he went outside. He was smoking. He and I took another picture outside," said Sarita.

Hartnett reportedly was hiding a cigarette behind his back for that shot. As they prepared to take that photo, Sarita said Josh called out to the groom It's your wedding, Kristofor. You come along too.

Entertainment Weekly - June 1, 2001 Josh Hartnett likes to talk about celebrity even less than Beckinsale. The 22-year-old's quiet demeanor, which in such films as The Virgin Suicides and Here on Earth can play as doomed and brooding, feels more like a side effect of shyness. Either way, it provides the kind of far-off gaze that many women- teenage or otherwise- find dreamy. "All of the girls would sort of die when he sat in the makeup chair because he was younger and prettier than all of us," teases Beckinsale. "It was like he surfed right in there on his own cheekbones."

Just three days before the Pearl Harbor premiere in Hawaii, Hartentt looks like he'd fit right in aboard the Stennis. Along with his sleepy eyes and caterpillar eyebrows, his hair is cut like a closely cropped fairway. The 'do, or lack of one, is for the film he's shooting with director Ridley Scott in Morocco- another Jerry Bruckheimer war effort called Black Hawk Down. It seems to be a strong vote of confidence that Bruckheimer reenlisted the actor. Then again, the casting move could have been more calculated than that, since the producer could still get him on the cheap before Pearl Harbor opened. Jokes Hartnett, "If what he pays are bargain-basement prices, then I'm the luckiest guy alive."

While the part of Danny Walker - Affleck's rival for Beckinsale's heart- is certainly the most high-profile role Hartnett has had, the actor wasn't always sure it was the direction he wanted his career to go in. "Are there stigmas attached to doing a Bruckheimer-Bay production?" he says. "Yeah. I wasn't sure if I would have respect for myself if I was jumping around shooting guns and looking all snazzy in a blockbuster." But the bit of advice that finally tilted him toward the film didn't come from his agent, his mangaer, or anyone else paid to weigh in on such matters. It came from his father, who told him, "Don't be afraid of fame- you can always quit and it will go away in no time."

Listening to Hartnett grapple with the perils of stardom , it's hard to believe it wasn't all that long ago that he was just anouther Minnesota kid hawking souvenir pencils in a Mall of America gift shop. Hartnett looks down in either embarassment or dread and sighs, "Worst job I ever had."

Teen People May 2000 - When making big decisions off-screen, Josh Hartnett relies on his head more than his heart, often wasting precious time. "I spend too much time figuring out what's right and what's wrong, and I don't just do things," he says. But when it comes to work, the 21-year-old has no problem pouncing when he spots a great part. The scary-movie star (Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and The Faculty) landed his first gig on TV's Cracker just two months after he arrived in Hollywood in 1997. He currently can be seen in The Virgin Suicides and Here on Earth, which was filmed in his home state of Minnesota. When he's not on set, Josh, who recently bragged to Interview magazine that he works out maybe once a year, devotes his energy to more intellectual pursuits. "I listen to jazz, and I like to write poetry and think I'm a bohemian," he says. It works for us.

Jane Magazine: Comfortable In Their Own Skin - Josh Hartnett 21. Starring in The Virgin Suicides. We would never be so blatantly sexist to ask Josh to take his shirt off for us. He was relieved because, he says, "I'm not really the pumping-iron type. I'll shoot some hoops, but you'll never find me in a gym." We are only human, though, so we compromised with a tank top.

21 Hottest Stars Under 21 - The word presence is often applied to actors, but few embody the term like Josh, who landed his first role (in the series Cracker) two months after moving to L.A. in 1997. In Halloween H2O and The Faculty, the Minnesota native took charge of every scene, making his outsider characters achingly authentic. This fall, Josh-who turns 21 on July 21-tackles Othello's villainous Iango in O. Waiting in the wings is an adaptation of the Virgin Suicides, co-starring Kirsten Dunst. Not bad for a guy who auditioned for-but never made it to-Dawson's Creek

Rolling Stone Article: Star Bucks - Age:20

Hometown: St, Paul MN

His Teen Idols: Gwyneth Paltrow, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali

Big Break: "I got kicked out of acting school, so I had to do something," says Hartnett. "Well they didn't really kick me out; they just said I could leave if I wanted to."

Current Gig: Plays the troubled (you know he's troubled because he has a bad haircut), scat-dealing fifth-year senior in The Faculty. "I was cutting my own hair at the time," he says. "I guess they were cool with it."

Coming Soon: A role as Warren Beatty's son in the comedy Town and Country. "It's about sex," Hartnett says. "That's it." He also plays a Detroit teenager in Sofia Coppola's directorial debut, The Virgin Suicides. "My character is the cool Camaro-driving, feathered hair guy," says Hartnett. "He's kind of the mysterious outsider, but everyone accepts him because he's so freaking cool. He's certainly not troubled. He's like a happy dog."

Teen People: February 1998 - Josh Hartnett and Kelly Lee Carlson : Love Secret: A Perfect Fit Some couples have tons in common. Not Josh and Kelly-but these opposites certainly attract. "She likes 80's music; I listen to Jazz. And she's a party girl, whereas I'm a poet," says Josh, 19 who plays Michael on ABC's Cracker. Adds Kelly, 21 a model and actress, "He's ready when he rolls out of bed, but I take two hours in the bathroom." Sparks first flew three years ago at Kelly's senior prom in Minnesota (where they are both from), even though they both came with other dates. No problem says Josh. "We just got together afterward."

Teen: March 1998 - Slipping into someone else's skin is what Josh Hartnett loves best about acting-and that's exactly what he does he does each week on the cool detective drama Cracker. His character, Michael-a broody rebel who constantly battles his cop father and has a chip the size of Texas on his shoulder - is nothing like the real-life Josh, a-joke-a-minute kind of guy. "I'm much better looking than my character." Ask the Minnesota native what he likes best about living in Los Angeles, he quips, "All the shiny cars." Inquire as to how he spends his free time he says, "perfecting my smile." No surprise, then, that Josh can't decide which dumb sitcom is his all-time favorite: "Lost in Space or The Dukes of Hazard-it's a toss up!" Of course, he does have one thing in common with his serious TV persona: "We share a healthy appetite for cereal!"

YM Magazine Article - Josh Hartnett stars as moody Michael Fitzgerald in ABC's Cracker.

Your character's kind of a rebel. What about you? "You could say I'm that way, too. Neither of us like authority figures much. But we're also different-he loves Guns N' Roses, and I'm into more bluesy music, like Tom Waits."

You're so cute-is your character a sex symbol, too? "Well, maybe. But the first scene we shot was of me sitting on the toilet, talking on a cell phone-not too sexy!

Do you have a steady girlfriend? "No. I'm always looking, I guess, but I usually wait for the girl to make a move. I'm not good at asking for a date."

What was the most memorable time a girl asked you out? "Five months before the prom, I was eating burritos with this girl at Taco Bell, and she asked me if I would be her prom date. How could I say no? She was my ride back to school! No-really we went and had a great time."

What's the craziest thing you've ever done for a girl? When I turned 18, I skipped my party to take my girlfriend on a road trip. It turned out to be an amazing birthday."

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