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For all those who think that these peoples are just another punk band, your right but your still wrong. They play a sound thats definately unique and worth checking out. So check out the show listings for the next show. Mostly local, for now. Syrupska's blank of approval.

halb halb halb word. these kids can rock harder than anything you've ever seen. they kick it out in a cool punk/hardcore style that will rock your face off. word. hell yes. word. go see them play shows. go see them play rock. go see them. word.

alright alright so these kids can rock your face off if you let them, there a punk/hardcore style band straight out of minneapolis... there coming right at this page is gonna get better, but what do you expect we are just a wussy kid band after all. we don't ahve much to offer a few pictures and some show up dates what more could we have.. not much so this is it.. the hardnox web page!!! rock and roll

wanna see our HOT faces
check out the PICTURES


NEWS ( like theres any)


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