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(b. 1926, Somerville, New Jersey, d. Iowa City, Iowa, 1993)


Eastman School of Music; B.M., M.M.,
Composition-Piano-Theory; 1943-4, 1947-9

Conservatorio di Santa Cecelia, Rome;
Composition-Conducting; 1954-5

Tanglewood, Mass.; Composition, 1956 (summer)

Princeton Seminar In Advanced Musical Studies; 1959 (summer)

University of Illinois, Urbana; Doctor of Musical Arts; Composition-Theater-Linguistics;

Kent State Unfversity; 1950

McNeese State University; 1950-1954
Associate Professor (tenure)

University of Illinois; 1955-1967
Professor (tenure)

University of California-San Diego; 1967-1975
Professor (tenure)

Studio For Cognitive Studies (founded by
Kenneth Caburo); San Diego, 1975-1983

University of Iowa, Iowa City; 1983-1991
Professor (tenure)


(including premieres, commissions, publications):

1948 Five Postludes for Piano; Rochester, NY; Wesleyan Conservatory of Music, Howard Ingley, pianist; 12.8.48; MS

1948 Three Interludes for String Orchestra; Rochester, NY; Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orch,, Howard Hanson, cond., 5.27.48; MS

1948 Two Shorts and a Long for Piano; Rochester, NY; Second - Annual American Music Students' Symposium, Eastman School of Music; Kent McDonald, pianist, 3.6.48;
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Award, 1948, MS

1949 Concertante for Piano and Orchestra; Rochester, NY; Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orch., Howard Hanson, cond., 4.29.49; MS

1950 Snow and The Willow (2 Madrigals, satb); Lake Charles, La.; Second Annual Southwestern Symposium of Contemporary American Music, U, Texas, Austin; University Madrigal Singers; Lee Fiser, cond.; 3.18.53; Pub. Lingua Press

1950 On A Quiet Theme (full orchestra); Lake Charles, La.; New York Philharmonic Orch., Dimitri Mitropoulos, cond., George Gershwin Memorial Award. Pub, Chappel & Co., Ltd.

1950 Alas! Alack! (womens' chorus); Lake Charles, La.; Symposium of Contemporary Music, Illinois Wesleyan Univ., Lewis Whikehart, dir.; 3.10.61

1950 - 1974 Privacy One: Words Without Song (33 Graphics + Text); premiere:
EYE MUSIC, Library Gallery Exhibition; University of Maryland, Baltimore County; January 4-February 4, 1977; tour continuing; Pub. Lingua Press

1951 Cantilena One (soprano solo); Lake Charles, La.; McNeese State University, Janet Deskins, sop.; 5.5.53; Pub. Lingua Press

1952 The Snow Queen (3-Act Opera; libretto by Marjory Wilson); Lake Charles, La,
Commissioned by the Lake Charles Little Theater; premiere: Lake Charles Little Theater, community performers; May 5-10, 1952; MS

1952 The Night Is Still (sop,-pfte.), Lake Charles, La.; Xavier University Music League Recital, New Orleans; Mary Tortorich, sop.; 4.22.53 Sigma Alpha Iota American Music Award, 1953. Pub. Carl Fischer, Inc.

1953 Three Dedications to Lorca (satb); Lake Charles, La., New Music Festival, McNeese State University; College Chorus, composer directing; 8.2.53; Eastman Alumni Choral Award, 1954; Pub. Carl Fischer, Inc,

1954 Music For Five Instruments (fl.,cl.,trp.,trb., pfte.), Lake Charles, La,
Commissioned by Victor Alessandro, auspices University of Texas, Austin, 1953;
Third Annual Southwestern Symposium of Contemporary Music, Austin; 4.5.54 MS

1954 Four Inventions for Clarinet, Piano and Text; Lake Charles, La.; Louisiana Music Teachers Association Convention, Dixon Hall, Tulane University; Brad Daigle, cl., Kenneth Gaburo, pfte.; 3.7.54; Pub. Lingua Press

1955 Humming (satb), (---including some notes from a mostly bad year---); Rome, Italy
Pub. Lingua Press

Ideas & Transformations No.l (vl,-vla.), Rome, Italy; Circolo Artistico, Rome; Herbert Baumel, vl., Maurice Bonney, vla.; 4.19.55 Pub. T. Presser (American Music Series)

Ideas & Transformations No.2 (vl,-vcl.), Rome, Italy; MS

Ideas & Transformations No.3 (vla,-vcl.), Rome, Italy; MS

Ideas & Transformations No,4 (vl.-vla.-vcl.), Rome, Italy; MS

Pugliano (Poems with 5 Piano Pieces), Naples, Italy MS

Cantilena II (4 solo songs for baritone voice), Venice, Italy MS

1956 BLUR (an opera with actors with tape*), Champaign, Ill.; Playwright's workshop, U. Illinois; Nov. 7-9, 1956 MS (* first concrete tape score)

Elegy For Small Orchestra; Tanglewood, Mass.; New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein, cond., April 3-5, 1959; Raphael Sagalyn Award; Pub. T, Presser

Ad Te Domine (satb), Champaign, Ill.; commissioned for the 8th Christocentric Arts Festival; St. John's Chapel Choir (U. Illinois), Edwin Fissinger, cond.; 5.2.56 Pub. Lingua Press

Ave Maria (satb)
Laetentur Coeli (satb)
Terra Tremuit (satb)
commissioned by World Library of Sacred Music, Cincinnati, Ohio; New Music Circle, Washington University Chorus, St. Louis; Orland Johnson, dir.; 4.24.62 Pub. Lingua Press

1957 String Quartet In One Movement; Tanglewood, Mass. Walden String quartet, University of Illinois, 11.10.57 Pub. Lingua Press

Line Studies (fl.,cl.,vla.,trb.), Champaign, Illinois; Composers Forum, Donnell Library Center, NY; Walter Trampler,vla., Sam Baron, fl., David Glazier, cl., Irving Price, trb.; 12.15.57 Pub. Lingua Press

Tiger Rag (play by Seyril Schochen, music by Kenneth Gaburo), Champaign, Ill.; University of Illinois Festival of Contemporary Arts, Lincoln Hall Theater, March 6-9, 1957; Bernard Hewitt, dir. (off-broadway) Cherry Lane Theater, NY; Ella Gerber, dir.; Feb, 16-26.61 Pub, Chappel & Co., Ltd.

1958 Mass for Tenors & Basses, Champaign, Ill.; Commissioned by World Library of Sacred Music, Pub. Lingua Press

Antiphony I (Voices) for 3 String Groups & Tape; Champaign, Illinois; MS

1959 Stray Birds: Five Songs for Soprano & Pfte.; Champaign, Ill.; U. Illinois, Wedgewood Lounge, Freda Schell-Pierce, sop., Calvert Bean, pfte., 5.7.60 Pub. Lingua Press

1960 Shapes & Sounds (full orchestra); Champaign, Ill, MS

1961 The Widow (one act opera; libretto by the composer); Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY; Commissioned by the 1961 Festival of Contemporary Arts, U. Illinois; Festival of Contemporary Arts, Opera Department & performers of the School of Music; Ludwig Zirner, dir.; 2.26.61 MS

1962 TWO (double bass, alto flute, mezzo-soprano), New Haven, Ct.; Text by Virginia Hommel; commissioned by Bertram Turetzky for the Advance Record Project Yale University, Shirley Sudock, sop., Patrick Pursewell, fl., Bertram Turetzky, bass, Gustave
Meier, cond.; 3.19.62 Pub. T. Presser

Antiphony II (Variations on a Poem of Cavafy), satb chorus, soprano solo, tape; New Haven, Ct, University of Illinois Summer Workshop in Analysis & Performance of Contemporary Music, Gregory Hall Theater; New Music Choral Ensemble I, Kenneth Gaburo, dir.; 7.31.66 Pub. Lingua Press

1963 Antiphony III (Pearl-White Moments), chamber chorus (satb 4+4+4+4), tape; text by Virginia Hommel; commissioned by the Fromm Foundation, 1961; University of
Chicago, Mandel Hall; New Music Choral Ensemble I, Kenneth Gaburo, dir.; 2.21.67 Pub. Lingua Press

1964 The Hydrogen Jukebox (play by Seyril Schochen, electronic music score by Kenneth Gaburo); New York City-New Haven; Commissioned for the Biennial Festival of Contemporary Arts by the University of Illinois Theatre Department; University
Theatre Group, Lincoln Hall; March 31-April 4, 1965 MS

1964-1965 Electronic Tape Compositions:
1. Lemon Drops: commissioned by Magnavox Corp.; Darmstadt, W. Germany, 3.22.67; Pub. Lingua Press
2. For Harry: (dedicated to Harry Partch); Electronic Music Concert, U. Illinois, 3.10.64
3. Fat Millie's Lament: (dedicated to MF); Electronic Music Concert, University of Illinois, 3.10.64 Pub. Lingua Press
4. The Wasting of Lucrecetzia; Electronic Music Concert, University of Illinois, 1.2.65; Pub. Lingua Press
5. Dante's Joynte; incorporated into Lingua I: Poems & Other
Theaters (cf. below for separate listing); Pub. Lingua Press

1965 Psalm (satb); Commissioned by the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Guild
of Organists, 1965; University of Illinois Workshop in Analysis & Performance of Contemporary Music; New Music Choral Ensemble I, directed by Kenneth Gaburo, 7.25.65 Pub. Lingua Press

1965-67 LINGUA I: Poems & Other Theaters: POESIES (composition for 7 or more sculpted humans & tape; text by the composer): UCSD-La Jolla, NMCE III, Kenneth Gaburo, dir., 3.3.70; Pub. Lingua Press

1966-67- Never 1 (4 groups of male voices); Commissioned by Colgate University & the Colgate University Chorus, Gilbert Brungardt, dir.; premiere 4.15.67 Pub. Lingua Press

Never 2; MS
Never 3; MS
Never 4; MS

1966-67 LINGUA I: Poems & Other Theaters: GLASS (satb soli, 4 percussionists; text by the composer); MS

1967-68 Circumcision (3 groups of male voices); MS

1967 Antiphony IV (Poised); picc.,trb., d.bass, tape; text by Virginia Hommel; Commissioned by the University of Illinois Chamber Players; Smith College, Northampton, Mass., Thomas Howell, picc., James Fulkerson, trb., Thomas Fredrickson, d.bass, Kenneth Gaburo, cond.; Pub. Lingua Press

1967 December 8 (40 male voices); Champaign, Ill.; Commissioned by Fr. Pat Maloney, C.S.C., Notre Dame University for the feast In Conceptione Immaculata, B.M.V., 1966; Notre Dame University Chorus, Fr. Pat Maloney, dir., 5.1.67; Pub. Lingua Press

LINGUA I: Poems & Other Theaters: CANTILENA III (soprano,vl.);
Champaign, Ill; MS

1967-69 LINGUA II: Maledetto (composition for 7 virtuoso speakers); Champaign, Ill.-La Jolla, Ca.; San Diego Ballet Studio, NMCE III, Kenneth Gaburo, dir., 10.31.69; Pub. Lingua Press

1968-73 Twenty Sensing (Instruction) Compositions, Vol.I; Champaign-La Jolla; (Instruction compositions were written for & by the succession of New Music Choral Ensembles; used in workshops in Compositional Linguistics); Pub. Lingua Press

1968 LINGUA I: Poems & Other Theaters: DANTE'S JOYNTE (6 shouting
voices, overhead amber spot, 16mm film, tape); Champaign-La Jolla; UCSD, NMCE III, Kenneth Gaburo, dir., 3.3.70; Pub, Lingua Press

Carissima (I & II), Womens' Chorus; Champaign-La Jolla MS

1969 LINGUA I: Poems & Other Theaters: INSIDE (quartet for one doubIe-bass player); La Jolla Commissioned by Bertram Turetzky, 1968; UCSD, 3.3.70, Pub. Lingua Press

1970 LINGUA III: IN THE CAN (a dialectic mix in 3 rounds): 40 actors, slides, film, tape; La Jolla, Ca. Commissioned by the University of Oregon, Department of Speech-Theatre; premiere: Gerlinger Annex Dance Studio, U. Oregon Theater workshop, Jean Cutler, dir., April 17, 18, 22-25, 1970; Pub. Lingua Press

1970 LINGUA I: Poems & Other Theaters: MOUTH-PIECE (solo trumpet, projections); La Jolla Commissioned by Jack Logan, 1969; premiere, UCSD, 3.3.70, Jack Logan, trp.;
Pub. Lingua Press

1970 LINGUA I: Poems & Other Theaters: THE FLIGHT OF SPARROW (Composition for 1 actor & tape, or for 2 actors); La Jolla; UCSD, 3.3.70, Sherry Dorn, actress; Pub. Lingua Press

LINGUA IV: THE FLOW OF (i): composition for assorted phenomena; La Jolla MS

DIRIGE (Antiphonae), in memory: IGOR STRAVINSKY (12 Linguistic
Compositions); La Jolla, U. Pittsburgh, Trees Hall, 3.29.72 Perspectives of New Music V.9 No.2, V.10 No.l, 1971 (the first four); otherwise MS

1971 Antiphony VI (Cogito): for string quartet, slides, 2 & 4 channel tape; text by Virginia Hommel, Commissioned by the New Age String Quartet, 1970, Premiere:
Monday Evenings Concerts, 4.10.72, Pub. Lingua Press

1972 COLLABORATION ONE: Herbert Brun, Mutatis Mutandis (Computer Graphics); Kenneth Gaburo, The Beauty of Irrelevant Music (Linguistic Composition); La Jolla;
Center for Music Experiment, UCSD, 11.17.72, NMCE III, Center Fellows, Kenneth Gaburo, dir. Pub. Lingua Press

1973 THE PARTY: 16mm film, performed by NMCE members; filmed by
George Manupelli; composed & directed by Kenneth Gaburo, poem by John Thoreen

1973 DWELL: (a collection-collecting of generative grammars) in memory: Arnold Schoenberg; La Jolla. Pub. Lingua Press & Perspectives of New Music

1974 THE FLOW OF (U), sab trio; La Jolla, Center For Music Experiment, UCSD, NMCE IV, 5.2.74; Pub. Lingua Press

1974 SHOW-TELLIES (video compositions): Give-Take, & Minim-Tellig One, Two, Three; La Jolla; Center For Music Experiment, 4.4.74; NMCE IV members Elinor Barron, Linda Vickerman, Philip Larson. Pub. Lingua Press

1975 MY, MY, WHAT A WONDERFUL FALL; for 5 dancers/acrobats, text (by the composer), tape, sculpted light, & gym mat. Premiere: commemoration of the opening of the Mandeville Center for the Arts, UCSD, 3.6.75; NMCE IV, Kenneth Gaburo. Pub. Lingua Press

1975 CANTILENA IV (for soprano & trombone); text by Gerard Manley Hopkins, La Jolla, Ca., Commissioned by Candace Natvig & Jon English, 1973; Centre Culturel Americain; Paris, 3.17.76. Pub. Lingua Press

1975 KYRIE: ORBIS FACT/OR: a very odd do: (synthetic composition for chorus, generated by one voice in a small cave around Mandy's Villa); Tape; La Jolla Center For Music Experiment, UCSD; Readings in Compositional Linguistics, Kenneth Gaburo, perf.; 5.15.75. Pub. Lingua Press

1976 RINGINGS (for 3 satb chori, slides,tape,film); San Diego; Bicentennial commission by the New Vocal Arts Ensemble & Michigan State Council for the Arts;
Abrams Planetarium, MSU, New Vocal Arts Ensemble, Richard Jennings, dir.; 5.9.76 MS

1977 SERIOUS MUSIC-MAKING IN SAN DIEGO AND OTHER HAPPY MEMORIES: Vol.2: Handle With Care: Perishable Live Plants (for live performers, tape, text, slides); San Diego Commissioned by the New Mexico Arts Council for the Station
KUNM-FM 90.1 Radio Performance Project; Vortex Theater, Community Performers, 61 Station KUNM-FM, 9.24.77 MS

1977-78 SUBITO: Theatre For Four Instruments (Voice, trumpet, viola, d.bass); San Diego Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation, Library of Congress, (1959);

1983 RE-RUN; 4-channel tape; (beginning of a series of works having to do with muted voices); Iowa City. Pub. Lingua Press

1983 OF METAL: 4-channel tape. Iowa City, IA. Published by Lingua Press

1983-84 ANTIPHONY VIII (REVOLUTION), for one percussionist & tape; Ramona, CA.; Iowa City, IA. Commissioned by Steve Schick, percussionist. Premiere: CalArts International Festival of New Music, 3.10.84 MS

1984-85 ANTIPHONY IX (---a DOT is no mere thing---); Orchestra, Children, Tape; Commissioned by the Kansas City Civic Orchestra, Glenn Block, cond.;
Premiere: Electronic Music Festival; Kansas City Conservatory of Music, 10.13.85 MS

1985 FEW: collaboration with Henri Chopin (poet); 2 ch.tape; Iowa City, IA.
premiere: Coroboree Gallery, 3.10.85, U. Iowa; MS

1986 TAPESTRY: 4-channel tape

1988 ENOUGH! ---(not enough)--- 40 voices, & solo percussion; setting of a text by Benjamin Franklin; commissioned by Fresno State University, CA.; premiere USSR (Moscow), during a tour of Russia, Poland, and Stockholm;


COMPOSITIONS IN PROGRESS [as of 1988] (including commissions):

1976-1988 VIOLIN: (Theatre for solo performer);
commissioned by Linda Cummisky
1977-1988 FLUTE: (theatre for solo performer); .
commissioned by Patrick Pursewell
1978-1988 PIANO: (theatre for solo performer);
commissioned by Steven Montague;
1979-1988 GUITAR: (theatre for solo performer);
commissioned by Ned Sublette
1980-1988 TROMBONE: (theatre for solo performer);
commissioned by James Fulkerson
ANTIPHONY V: (keyboard); solo piano & tape;
1972-1988 NECK-LACE: Conversations with OR, DA, and IP;
(a linguistic theatre; text by the composer)
ANTIPHONY VII (---AND); composition with 4 video
systems & 4-channel tape;