The Spell

Chapter 9


I woke up that morning anxious for that audition that was at 10. I went into my room and pulled on a purple skirt and a white tank top and chunky white sandals. I walked outside and everyone was sitting at the table. Peter was attempting to make breakfast. There were bottles of root beer laying all over the floor.

"Oh no" I said as I opened the fridge.

"Man I can't cook" Peter said as he threw the whole breakfast away.

"Why did you do that?" I said as I grabbed the carton of eggs.

"It was horrible and no one would eat that" he said.

"How bout we cook breakfast together?" I said as I pulled out the bread.

"Okay that would be great!" Peter said as he put on an apron.

So we cooked breakfast. We ate and then we loaded all the stuff in the MonkeeMobile. We all jumped in. We drove downtown and pulled up in front of a restaurant.

"Is this it?" Amy said.

"DUH" I said as I jumped out of the back.

"Shut up" she said as she grabbed a bag.

We walked in all carrying something. We set up and wait for the manager.

"I thought it was an all boy band," The owner said as he came in the room.

"Well sir it..." Davy said before he was interrupted.

"No I like it sort of a "co-ed" band. Be ready in 2 minutes," he said as he walked in the kitchen.

"Oh good" I said as I sat down on the stage.

"What do you guys know how to play?" Micky said getting a little stressed out.

"I can play the guitar and the keyboard," I said.

"Nothing" Amy and Jesse said at the same time.

"Well we are gonna play 'Valleri' can you play guitar to that?" Mike said as he handed me Peter's guitar.

"Yeah I can play your part and Peter's part," I said as I tuned the guitar.

"Well why don't you play my part?" Mike said as he smiled.

"OHMYGOSH, you want me to play your part," I said as I jumped up and down.

"Yup I d-" Mike said but the owner interrupted him before he could finish.

"Play," the owner said.

So we did. I played lead and I did it perfectly. I really didn't know how to play it, so it surprised me as much as it surprised everyone else. The owner looked very impressed. We finished the song and the owner looked very pleased. We just stood there for a moment waiting to hear his response.

"I'll be right back with my decision" he said as he walked through the door.

"Oh, I hope we get it" I said as I placed the guitar on the floor.

"You were great," Davy said as he sat on the stage.

"Thanks" I said.

"Really, WOW!" Peter said as he jumped off the stage.

"That was great!" Mike said "I couldn't of done better myself"

"Shut up! You do better than that! You know you can play good!" I said laughing

The owner came back in and sat down at one of the tables.

"Well?" Micky said as he walked up to him.

"Well..." the owner said as Hope walked in.

"I heard you guys and you were great except for her" she said while pointing at me.

"You better not give them the job daddy," Hope said while making this puppy dog face.

"Well you guys..."


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