Ch 4

The next day, Mike, Peter and Davy were sitting around the table eating breakfast, when they heard a scratching noise at the door. Mike, not taking his eyes of his food, commanded "Davy, would you get that?"

Davy turned to Peter, "Pe'ah, would you get that?"

Peter turned to the empty chair next to him "Micky, would you g...oh...nevermind, I'll get it." He stood up and walked over to the door, he opened it and stuck his head out to see who it was. He saw no one. Peter was about to go inside when a noise attracted his attention, he looked down and saw a little, white cat sitting on the doorstep. It stared up at him with its bright blue eyes. Peter, being the sweetheart that he is, immediately fell in love with this ball of fur. He picked it up and walked into the house. "Hey fellas, look what I found!"

Mike and Davy took one look at it and groaned. "Now Peter,' Mike began, 'you KNOW we aren't allowed to have pets! Mr. Babbit'll kill us!"

Peter was not convinced, "Please guys. She's so sweet and cat's are quiet and never make any noise and I promise I'll take full responsibility and feed her and take care of her, Oh please oh please oh please!

The two just looked at each other before sighing in defeat. "OK.' Mike said, 'you can keep her." Peter's face lit up and he hugged Mike. They then returned to the table and finished eating.

"So Pe'ah, what are you gonna name her?" Davy asked.

Peter thought for a long time before responding, "Artica."

"A'tica!? Whe'ed ya come up with a name like tha'?"

Peter shrugged, "I don't know, but I think it's a nice name." He glanced down at the cat, "What do you think?" She purred happily in response.

"Hey I think she likes it!" Mike replied.

Peter jumped up from the table again, "I'm gonna go show her to Micky and see what he thinks. Hey, where is Micky anyway?"

"Still asleep." Mike mumbled from behind the newspaper he was reading. Peter nodded, and bounded up the stairs towards the room Mike and Micky shared.

"Micky! Micky!" Peter exclaimed as he burst into the room. The sound snoring of the figure snuggled deep down under the covers was all Peter heard. A sly smile crept across his face; he took a running start from the door and leaped onto Micky's bed while at the same time screaming at the top of his lungs, "MICKY WAKE UP!"

Micky sat strait up in his bed, startled by the overlyexcited blonde. He looked over at Peter, confusion and anger written on his face. Peter was about to tell Micky about his new friend, but stopped when he got a good up close look at his face. Peter was suddenly filled with concern. "Micky are you feeling all right, you look awfully pale." Micky just moaned and fell back into his pillow, but Peter insisted on helping Micky feel better. He put his hand on Micky's forehead and gasped. "MICKY! You're freezing cold!" He looked around the room for a blanket to cover his friend with, but was having trouble seeing. He looked over at the window that was completely covered with a dark towel and got a better idea. "I know what need ole' buddy. Some nice, warm, refreshing Sunshine!"

At the sound of the word, Micky jumped out of bed and ran over to his roommate who was about to pull the towel of the window, "PETER! NO!"

Peter turned towards the upset drummer "What's wrong?"

"Don't remove the towels!"

Peter looked confused, "Why not? I thought you loved the sunshine?"

Micky yanked him away from the window with more strength than Peter knew he had, "Not anymore!" Before Peter could respond, Micky ran from the room.


Davy and Mike were watching TV when Micky and Peter came down stairs.

"Hey Guys! What's up?"

Neither turned their heads.


Peter took a step forward, and gasped when he saw what they were staring at.

The news

Eight hours ago the body of Sandra Perrez was discovered in a dumpster behind Burger King.

Cause of death was exsanguination, or loss of blood. It appears that someone extracted the blood from two puncture marks in her throat. Some people think that a sick, twisted murderer is behind this, others think it's the sign of a classic vampire. More at ten.

Peter was in shock. He walked over to Davy, who was near tears. "Davy are you OK?"

Davy didn't respond, instead he broke into sobs. Peter hugged his friend; he looked over to Micky for help. He wasn't sure, but was that a smile on his face.

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