L’Histoire d’Amour

Chapter 8

As I had mentioned before, it’s been two months since Davy and I had gone steady. There have been a few times that we had talked about taking our relationship to a new level—physically. After all, we did have very strong feelings for one another and thought there was no harm for a couple who was deeply committed and cared a lot about each other. But at the same time, we mutually agreed that we should wait until the right time. Although we did not plan it this way, that "time" came for us that following weekend.

That Saturday evening, Davy and I were holding hands, strolling along the beach with the warm sand underneath our bare feet. We were laughing and talking about different things as usual. Then we began to tease each other a tad and he chased me for a while! I thought he couldn’t catch me since I was running a good speed, but boy…was I wrong! He came up behind me so fast—I didn’t know what hit me! Then he picked me up, twirled me around a few times and carried me in his arms. We laughed as we went back to the blanket that we placed on the beach. He placed me down and then the laughter kind of died down a bit.

Then we looked at each other seriously and very deeply into each other’s eyes as he stroked my hair. He said to me, "You’re so beautiful," with so much conviction.

Then I asked him, "What shall we do now?" But this time, we knew we were ready for each other, but we wanted to take it nice and slow.

Then he said to me as he brought me closer, "I think we should let our hearts guide the way." There was silence for a few seconds and then, without words at all and no doubts, we had that look in our eyes that said: It’s our time…right now…tonight.

We kissed a little while and then I looked at him, saying, "I just want to please you," as I stroked his cheek.

Then he took my hand, kissed my palm and said, "You always bring me pleasure." We put our arms around each other and kissed each other with so much passion. We were the only ones on the beach at that time, and we felt as though we were the only ones on the entire planet! I guess it was greatly due to the fact that we just let go of the cares of the world, concentrating only on ourselves.

I put my hands on his chest as he kissed my neck. While he did this, I noticed how beautiful the surroundings were—the sun was barely touching the horizon, casting a golden reflection upon the calm waves of the baby blue ocean; birds were flying across the air with so much grace and freedom; the waters were gently splashing against the shells, rocks and sandcastles; and David’s warm, soft lips were touching my body. These breathtaking moments were too much for me, yet I managed to savor each one.

We swayed a little bit and then I unbuttoned his shirt as he reached underneath my dress to take off my underwear. Then as I was unzipping his pants, I kissed his chest and he put his hands around my head. I went back up to his neck and then to his ear; by this time, he had his hands on my buttocks and within seconds, I could feel "Willie" up against me. We then looked at each other when that happened and we smiled.

I continued to kiss his ear, and I worked my way down to his chest again. Next, I slowly pulled his pants down (with his undies still on) as I kissed his stomach. We both got down on our knees on the blanket and kissed some more. Davy then unbuttoned a few buttons at the top of my dress, kissed my neck again, and then worked his way to my chest. Needless to say, my heart was pounding, but it wasn’t out of nervousness or fear. It was pounding out of desire and anticipation over the fact Davy and I were sharing something very special.

By this time, we were getting pretty aroused and I asked him if he brought protection. He said yes and then he turned around (with his back toward me), reached for the condom in his pant pocket, and tore the wrapper. While he was putting it on, I came up behind him, massaged his chest and kissed his shoulder. Then after he had it on, he leaned back a little bit and moved his head to one side so I could kiss his neck and he put his hands on top of mine. Then he turned around, faced me and kissed me while holding my hands. I took off his undies as he leaned back on the blanket and I crawled on top of him. He reached underneath my dress again, placed one hand on my hip and with his other hand, he placed himself inside of me. We gave each other a look of satisfaction and I leaned over to him and gave him a kiss. While we kissed, we began to move our pelvises…bit by bit. Then we had a slow, but steady rhythm going on and I sat on top…riding him. I put my hands on his chest, looking at him with so much passion. He looked at me the same way as he put his hands on my hips, adding a tad more pressure to the sensations we were feeling. At one point during my riding Davy, he brought his pelvis up to mine and that brought even more pressure...I began to close my eyes and purred ("Ahh…"). Then Davy bit his lower lip, taking pleasure in my strides and the way I was moaning. This excited him so that he sat up (like we were positioned on the couch one night) and pulled my dress over my head. He didn’t want anything to get in his way. Then he brought me closer and added more of himself in me by placing his hands on my buttocks. He started to moan (as I had been doing all this time); as I leaned back with my hands on his shoulders and bit my lip with my eyes closed, he kissed my hard swollen nipples. Then he sucked on them a little while and gently went around them (in a circle) and over them really fast like a serpent! That was very arousing, so I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair while he did that "wild serpent thing" J !

I noticed how the sunlight brought out the beautiful highlights in his hair, and then I closed my eyes again to enjoy his being inside of me. Of course, we enjoyed every single movement, but seconds later the pain got a little intense and we both gasped! I was breathing very heavily and Davy was moaning…then I said faintly, "Wait…wait…"

For a brief second, I thought he misunderstood me, but he didn’t. He knew that we both wanted to make this moment last and not be so quick to give into the climax that was right around the corner! So he leaned back on the blanket, and I lay on top of him kissing his neck. Then I got up from him as he took out his penis and I lay beside him. We held each other and kissed for a while as he moved his hand down the side of my body—from my shoulder, to my waist, to my hips. Then I lay flat on my back and Davy sat up, moving by my feet in front of me. I bent my legs; they were closed, but then he took his hands, placed them on my knees and pried my legs open! He looked at me very sensuously as he kissed the inside of my left calf and inner thigh. Then when he went over my clitoris with his lower lip and did the serpent-thing for a while, I thought I was going to go over the edge! What he did tickled at first, but then it felt so good…I started to get really warm. Then he worked his way to my bellybutton—darting his tongue in and out. Next, when he kissed my stomach, he put one hand on my breast. I put my hand on top of his, and with the other one I ran my fingers through is hair. He came up some more and kissed my chest. Then when he finally got to my neck, he made his entrance inside of me and I was ready for him. I moved my hands up and down his back while we French-kissed, and then we had a slow and steady rhythm going again. Davy’s pulses were so powerful that I could’ve easily surrendered to having an orgasm, but I mustered up a great amount of willpower. I had to hold back the urge to explode a couple of times while he was on top of me! It wasn’t easy, but I managed somehow. I could tell that Davy was trying to hold back a few times, too.

At one point, he squeezed my hips, adding more pressure and I gasped. Then I opened my legs some more to give him space to penetrate and I put my hands on his soft, firm buttocks. I opened my eyes and noticed the sunset reflecting the beads of perspiration from our bodies. The pain started to get a little intense again and I could feel Davy’s warm breath touching my neck. I began to moan and lift my feet off the ground (with my legs still bent) and Davy licked my neck slowly…like a kid licking ice cream on a sugar cone. Then I wrapped my legs around his waist and he gasped and moaned. Eventually we held hands during our lovemaking…like he was pinning me down in a wrestling match. Then he cupped his hands around my shoulders as he arched his back. This time his thrusts were getting way too strong for me and I began to stagger-breathe…bigtime!

Then Davy started doing the same thing and our moans got progressively stronger and louder. I was getting very wet and I squeezed my legs closer when Davy asked me, "Oh my God…Baby, how do you feel?" I was still stagger-breathing, before I could fix my mouth to respond: "Honey…Oh my God…<whispering something incoherent>"

The pain was getting ultimately intense when Davy was pulsating stronger and faster. I added more pressure when I met my pelvis up with his. I knew he enjoyed it as much as I did because I could feel him coming inside of me. We both had our eyes closed at this point and Davy arched his back some more.

We could hear the waves crashing up against the rocks and the birds singing in the air…then when we least expected it…*KaBLAMM!!* The explosion hit us…

Davy closed his eyes shut really tight and made like he was going to say the "f" word (since it was that good), but he only had enough strength to bite his lower lip. I had my eyes closed tightly, too, but my mouth was open in a state of shock. Then I gasped and called out his full name: "David Thomas Jones!!"

Right after that, he opened his eyes, looked at me while stroking the side of my cheek (with the back of his hand) and replied, "Yes, darling?" very faintly. Then as he came closer, he watched me lick my upper lip and we looked at each other for a while. Without using any words, we expressed how much pleasure we brought one another—how special this moment was for he both of us. Then he gently brushed his lips against mine and said, "I love you," as I put my hand on his cheek. I said, "I love you, too," and he entered his tongue in my mouth, with our kissing Bubble-licious style.

While we were kissing this way, we began to quiver a little bit because we felt the "tremors from the earthquake"…if you know what I mean. Then Davy kissed my cheek, rest his head on my shoulder and let out a big sigh of satisfaction as I ran my fingers through his hair. I turned my head to look at the waves of the ocean and then I gasped a few times because I felt the "aftershocks" again!

Then Davy laughed, kissed my shoulder and asked me, "You still feel it…don’t you, love?"

I said, "Mmm…yes I can." He continued, "I wouldn’t want it any other way," seriously with passion.

"Me neither…" I said and we sealed it with a kiss, cuddling each other for a while. During this time, we were just speechless…savoring this precious moment. And even if we had something to say, we knew better than to ruin the moment with words. So I continued to stroke his hair while he lay on top of me, holding me very snug in his arms. We found ourselves trying to catch our breath…then we finally got it together. Still snuggling, we heard the soothing waves of the ocean again that eventually made us sleepy. At one point it got somewhat cool in the air and we managed to put another blanket over ourselves…and we took a little nap.

Almost an hour went by—I guess—and Davy woke up first. When he opened his eyes, he noticed the sun go down the horizon, looked at the stars shining bright in the sky above him, and then looked down at me while I was sleeping. Then he softly kissed my cheek and I woke up, slowly opening my eyes. I looked up at him, smiling and said, "Hey J ."

He did the same thing and we kissed for a while. Then he kissed my earlobe and asked me, "How are ya feelin’?"

I moved my hands up and down his back and said "(sigh) I’m speechless…I don’t know about you…" We laughed a little bit while we cuddled and then Davy gently nudged his pelvis up against mine. Then what followed was a moaning-giggling combination and he withdrew his penis from inside me, kissing me some more. After that, Davy got up from on top of me, lay by my side, and held my hand as we viewed the stars in the sky above. We talked about how beautiful they were and then he asked me if I was still cold. I said, "Just a tad," and he said, "Come here…" I turned to him, put my had on his chest and my arm around his waist as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled the blanket up some more. After a while, the night breeze got cooler, and the blanket did not satisfy. So we decided to put our clothes back on.

About ten minutes or so later, Davy took me home. We held hands as soon as we got out of the car; then he walks behind me and rest his chin on my shoulder. We swayed a little bit and he said, "I love holding you in my arms."

I replied, "I love being in your arms." Then I turned around and we kissed each other as we held hands. Then it good to us so that we started "smacking" and I put my hand on his cheek while he held me tight, clasping his hands together. I stroked his hair as he entered his tongued in my mouth and we started swaying again. Eventually we were leaning against my front door and we heard the phone ring…but we didn’t stop…we didn’t care!

Several seconds later, though, I asked, "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"The phone…did you hear it ring?"


Then he kissed my neck and I laughed—not only because it was ticklish, but also because he heard the phone as well as I did. Then I said, "Honey, I better get that." Then he groaned, as if to say Ah, come on…just let it ring!! "I know, Davy. But it might be an emergency—you can never tell…"

So I unlocked the front door and we walked in. I picked up the phone as Davy closed the door. "Hello?…Hey Deb, how’s it goin’?! Great! Oh Deb, could you hold on just a second?" Then I cupped my hand over the mouthpiece and said to Davy, "That’s my sister Debbie! She’s calling from Italy—what a surprise!"

"Sounds like you two have lots to talk about. I’ll be going now…"

"I’m sorry…"

"No, don’t be! Go on and talk with your sister. I’ll call you later, okay?"



Then we exchanged I love you’s and sealed our unforgettable evening with a kiss.


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