L’Histoire d’Amour

Chapter 10

Months rolled by and the fellas just finished their tour. When they returned to the studio, Liz’s eyes lit up when she saw Peter walking down the hallway. When he got a clear view of her, he smiled, dropped his things and ran to her. She met him halfway; he picked her up and kissed her for a long time! Meanwhile, I had just come out of the break room and noticed the two of them kissing in the hallway. In my mind, I’m thinking that Davy’s not too far away. Little did I realize how correct I was…he was standing behind me! Once I had the feeling that someone was behind me, I turned around to see who it was—and sure enough, it was my love! And before I could open my mouth to say "Welcome home," he put his arms around me and kissed me.

When we stopped kissing, I ran my fingers through his hair and noticed that it was cut short! "It looks good," I said. He thanked me and mentioned that he wanted to do something different. Then all of a sudden, he picked me up and carried me in his arms on the way to the break room! I laughed and said, "You haven’t lost your strength at all J ," teasingly. He laughed, too and told me what it was like on the road.

When we sat on the couch, we sat like we did on my couch, while his arms were around me. In the midst of telling me his adventures, he said, "I have something for you…"

Now mind you—when he said this, it was really sexy and I was thinking about the way we were positioned on the couch. So I admit that I had "some things" on my mind (which was legit since we hadn’t seen each other in months). But then I had to "straighten up" when he said, "I want to give you this love-bead necklace." As he takes the necklace from around his neck and places it over my head, he continued, "I saw this in England and I thought of you. Now, as you can see, the beads are two shades of blue—baby and navy—right?"

"Uh huh…"

"Well, the blue symbolizes loyalty. So when you look at his necklace, remember—no matter what the day brings…light or gloomy…I’ll always be here to love you and care for you."

"Oh Davy," I said as I began to cry.

He looked at me and then kissed my cheek to stop a tear from rolling down my face and asked me if I was okay. I explained that they were tears of joy and was delighted to see him again.



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