Part 8: The Whole Story with one loose end.





"Hi" Davy said after I closed the door.

"Davy we need to talk," I said turning to him nervously, "I'm not the real Isabella."

"What do you mean your not the real Isabella?" Davy asked.

Just than Rinnie came down stairs, "Oh I'm sorry if you two are in the middle of something I'll…" Rinnie said but I cut her off.

"Rinnie I think you need to stay and help me explain things to Davy." I said, so with that we explained the whole story to Davy.

Hours later

"So that's the whole story." I said after we were done, "but there is just one loose end." I said again.

"What's that?" Rinnie asked.

"How am I going to leave here without feeling bad that I left?" I said.

~* End of chapter 8 ~*

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