Part 2: La, La, La




Oh my God I thought to myself, I'm standing in the Monkees pad and I'm standing next to Davy Jones! Right than and there I wanted to faint or better yet become a quivering pile of Davy baby goo.

I felt my knees turn to jelly I graded on to the sofa for support. I closed my eyes and tried to think but my thoughts were cut off by "Isabella are you okay luv, you look sick" Davy said he put his hand on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and took

A deep breath "I'm fine," I said hoping it sounded believable.

"Are you sure?" Davy asked.

"Yes" I said turning to him. Oh my God those eyes, those beautiful eyes were looking at me. "God help me please" I said to myself.

"What's that?" Davy asked.

"Nothing, nothing uh Davy I'm going to the bathroom I'll be right back." And with that I took off for the bathroom, once I got there I closed the door and walked over to the mirror and I looked at myself.

Red Hair

Blue eyes


21 years old… OH MY GOD! I_M ISABELLA!

I took a deep breath and thought for a minute… I'm Isabella so that must mean I'm in one of my stories. But which one? I tired to think of were I left off in my stories.

"Let's see," I said out load…

Moving Day…


maybe The

Day we fall in love?

Than it hit me if that were true than. Oh my God I'm going to kiss DAVY JONES! With that one thought I walked out of the bathroom and walked back to the living room. I took a deep breath and walked over to Davy.

"Davy I'm going home and take a nap, I don't feel to good". I was lying to Davy Jones.

"Okay luv I'll see you later" Davy said. I nodded and walked out the door and a cross the yard to Isabella's house.

~* End of Chapter 2 ~*

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