i fall to pieces

michael nesmith closed his eyes and sighed. it had been a long boring night. peter and micky were downstairs doing gods knows what, while davy was out picking up girls at the beach. suddenly the door creaked open and a familiar head peered into the room. "hello peter" mike said, rolling over onto his side. "aw why so glum?" peter asked, stepping inside the room and sitting on the bed."i`m not glum i`m tired, theres a difference" mike mumbled into his pillow. "sure..." peter said, rolling his eyes and going to the door. "MICKY!" he yelled. seconds later micky appeared in the doorway, his curly hair sticking out in all directions. "whats the matter peter?" he asked, surveying the scene. "mike`s upset" micky lept onto the bed, jumping up and down on it. "hey micky quit it will ya?" mike complained, sitting up. "sorry mike, i`m not going to stop until you tell us whats wrong!" mike got off the bed and walked out of the room, going into the kitchen.

"oh you cant get away that easy!" micky cried, running after him. mike turned and scowled at micky. "why are you even still HERE?" he exclaimed, picking up a damp towel from the floor. his fellow castmates had suprised him with a pizza the night before, turning his quiet evening into an all night party. "we-we thought that you could use some cheering up...i mean ever since your divorce you`ve been kind of..i dunno depressed"

Mike sighed and turned to face micky. "yeah i know. i`ll get over it soon enough okay?" he said impatiently. micky`s mouth dropped open in shock. "mike...it`s been almost a YEAR..you need to get out of this funk your in!"

mike walked away and plopped down on the couch, trying to block out all that micky was saying. Suddenly davie burst into the apartment, a pretty blond on his arm. "Hello lads!" he said cheerfully. "hey davie..i was just talking to mike and he say`s he wants to start dating again" micky said, smiling as mike`s face paled. Davie`s eyebrows shot up as he walked over to mike. "that`s our mike! i tell you what, after work tomorrow you and me can go out and find you a woman, what do ya say?" mike sprung up from the couch and he glared at davie. "no! absolutely not!" davie glanced at micky, who was staring at the floor.

"well..how`s about this mike. If you cant find a girl you fancy within one week, then i get to take you out on the town. but if you find a girl you like, and you stop mopin around then we`ll all leave you alone. is that fair?" mike didnt like this. what davie had sugested didnt seem so bad. "yes" mike mumbled.

Storybook/Part 2