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News: September 15: To correspond with RS's growing CSI obsession...we're beginning a new interview starring Grissom's Gang. It will be up when I edit it further.
March 11, 2006: Interview Lady 7 Is Finished!!
September 10, 2005: What do you know - the second I.L. X-Files story is now finished and on here too (4 years after I started writing it).

The Interview Lady Series was inspired by and is dedicated to Kassey Fleck. At the end of 8th grade, the Creative Expressions classes put on a play composed of skits they had written. Kassey's was "Happy Storytime Lady," who told a hilarious version of "The Ugly Duck," which ended with, "CHILDREN! They MURDERED the ugly, UGLY duck!!!" I took the name, with the intent of writing only the first story.
Two months later, I returned from summer vacation and read the obituaries -- including her picture. I wasn't one of her friends, and I'm still not *exactly* sure what happened (I think I remember something about a tumor), but at the age of 14 she was gone. Kassey was in almost all of my classes that year, and I was also one of 4 other people to share a hotel room with her on a school trip to Washington, D.C. Thus, I have dedicated my series to her.

Happy Interview Lady
Size: 33 kilobytes
Rating: G
What happens when you mix Pokemon trainers, Digi Destined, and Happy Interivew Lady in a little radio station and try to ask them questions? A big tangle of fighting, insults, and a whole lotta comedy! It's the original, the one and only, INTERVIEW LADY!
OK, it's also the weirdest and silliest and probably most boring of the entire series, but wade through it and all the others get MUCH better. You just have to read this one to learn some of the basic introductory points, like the line "What's school??"

Happy Interview Lady And The Animorphs
Rating: PG-13 for violence, use of drugs, and maybe some cursing
Size: 35 kilobytes
As it says, I interview the Animorphs. We discuss some questions from the series, but also have a lot of fun. Several guest stars appear, including THAT DARN PIKACHU who just won't go away! Pretty Colors make their first appearance in this story. And if you always wanted to get even with that little rat David...
It isn't imperative that you read this one...but it's funnier than the first one, and you learn the origin of some key story elements here too.

Happy Interview Lady 02
Rating: PG-13 for violence and cursing, but it's all funny.
Size: 58 kilobytes
The Digi Destined have all been tricked into returning. A few guest stars and a lot of call-ins, plus a very special secret weapon. There's a lot of violence and Cody and some others really like singing. Joe is obsessed with dissection, and Cody can't seem to stop repeating everything his grandfather has ever told him. Jun appears and drags Matt off on a date. All this and some questions too, what more could you want?

Happy Interview Lady Version 4.0 (no I didn't forget #3...the Animorphs interview is the 2nd Interview Lady story, and H.I.L. 02 is #3)
Rating: PG-13 for violence and cursing, a little stronger this time.
Size: 68 kilobytes
There are pictures on this one!!
On today's version, the Digi Destined meet Agent Mulder and Agent Scully. Interview Lady has a new pet, and everyone REALLY gets into singing. Pretty Colors Marijuana abounds again. Everybody fights again, and yet it's original. Veemon can turn into yet another form. There are some long boring stories by Mr. Arney of the Dark-Sucking Light Bulbs and a small phone chat with Natalie (the glasses-wearing girl from the Animorphs). A digimon goes insane and everyone gets in legal trouble.
*Uploaded April 21, 2001*

Interview Number 5: The Vengeance Of Natalie
Rating: PG-13
Size: HUGE. 118 kilobytes. That's more than 3 times as long as the first story.
Princess Goddess Nat overthrows the station and convinces Snowflake to join her side. After tying and gagging Interview Lady in a corner, she traps the kids on a game show set where they are forced to play Jeopardy. Kendo sticks are the new Hot Item, although Pretty Colors never go away. Cody is more obsessed then ever over copyrights. Pikachu returns.
*Note* This story was co-written with Natalie and about half the ideas are hers, including the idea to make me write this 5th story! *Uploaded August 21, 2001*

Interviewing The Agents
Rating: PG-13
Size: 68 kilobytes.
Uploaded: 4/8/02
*Note* This one is X-Files, NOT Digimon.
Mulder and Scully agree to appear as guests on Happy Interview Lady?s Interview Hour, a radio talk show. Amid comments and barbs from a bodiless voice known simply as Voice, we discuss a few things from the show, and have lots of discussion about the relationship between Mulder and Scully. After a reluctant beginning, Mulder spends the rest of the show declaring his love for Scully, with her telling him shut up all the way. Agent Doggett eventually joins us and proceeds to annoy Mulder by gloating about how manly he is. It all makes for an interesting twist on our beloved characters? personalities.
*This interview takes place just before "Alone."*

The 6th Nightmare: Lost in Valleyfair
Rating: PG-13. [Actually, a lot of swear words are beeped out because I typed a lot in my spare time in Keyboarding]
Size: GIGANTIC. 270 KB.
(Full summary is inside) IL and Nat get back together in order to send the kids to an amusement park, Valleyfair, for 14 hours. We meet a marching band and a fortune teller, plus a new Tokomon. Readers from Minnesota will appreciate the setting.

Interviewing The Agents...Again
Rating: PG (not nearly so much swearing as last time. More adult situation references (not explicit)).
Size: 64 KB
Uploaded: 9/10/05
Doggett gets Mulder, Scully and Reyes to return to IFFI radio station, where IL and Voice supervise an interview between the new and old X-Files agents. Video clips and verbal wars ensue. Mulder throws fits about no longer being on the X-Files. The Lone Gunmen show up briefly, along with a ghostly friend. The Voice shows various embarrassing video clips and Mulder and Scully argue over their relationship. And did you ever actually SEE Duke?

Interview Lady VII: The Never-Ending Story: Continued
Rating: PG-13 for the usual - violence, cursing including a couple really bad swear words, and some allusions to adult situations. :P
Size: MONSTROUS. This thing is a little over half a megabyte (as in 500 KB), otherwise known as 115 printed pages in size 8 font.
Summary: As we open the story, all the kids are still at the hospital, being sent to the I.P.T. ward one by one for various reasons. Before long, Interview Lady and Nat show up with Rod the Producer, Snowflake and his sons Snowball and Punk Toko to bring the kids back to the interview station. There, they play a game of Cranium that later gives way to football. Matt escapes. We gain a new captive: Martin. We have a contest to decide who's the best Matt, and then go "camping" to play Digi Survivor. (Oh, and the link to the first chapter is the title, "IL VII"...that's why the links below it start with chapter two)
Chapter 2: Cranium Questions and Partner Lunches
Chapter 3: "The Football Game" and Matt's Fan Letters
Chapter 4: The Case of the Missing Matt
Chapter 5: Who's the Best Matt?
Chapter 6: Launching Digi-Survivor
Chapter 7: Island Night, Camp Snowflake, and Ghost Bears
Chapter 8: So Many Challenges!
Chapter 9: Volleyball, Rock Tumbling, and the Return of the Pictionary
Chapter 10: From the Merger to the Final Three
Chapter 11: And the Winner Is...

Minis to the Rescue!
Author: Natalie
Rating: G
Size: 9 KB (as in "very small")
Written: April 2001
Posted: September 2005
Summary: Dave has just gotten his driver's license. This young driver experiences a multitude of driving hazards that would probably kill him if not for a pack of very helpful, miniature guardian angels!