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Donald O'Connor Webring

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Donald O'Connor Webring!

On this Webring, we feature sites devoted to the one and only, Donald O'Connor (who else?). If you would like to add your site to our Webring, just go here.
Then copy the HTML below and paste it onto your page.

<center> This <a href="">Donald O'Connor Webring</a> site owned by <a href="mailto:--mail--">--name--</a>. <br> [ <a href=";id=--id--;prev">Previous</a> | <a href=";id=--id--;next">Next</a> | <a href=";random">Random Site</a> | <a href=";list">List Sites</a> ] </center>

Where it says --mail-- fill out your Email address.
Where it says --name-- fill out your name.
Where it says --id-- fill out your site id number (you will get this when you fill out the Submit form).

It will then look like this:

This Donald O'Connor Webring site owned by The Jivin' Jills.
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In order to have the picture, just right click on the one above (the smaller one), Upload it, and place the correct HTML to link it back to this page.
If you don't know the correct HTML to accomplish this, just Email me and I'll be happy to help.
Also, feel free to use any other Donald O'Connor picture you choose; this one is just for an example.

I hope everyone has fun going through our little Webring!