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Thursday March 16 3:02 PM ET

Man Gets 10 Months for Mooning Judge

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP) - A man who gave graphic expression to his contempt of court got 10 months in jail for mooning a judge.

Robert White, 50, who is unemployed, was representing himself on a disorderly conduct charge Wednesday for allegedly causing a disturbance at a hospital.

White objected that he was being tried in a``kangaroo court'' and began using foul language,witnesses said. Then he dropped his pants, bent over and gave Municipal Judge Dennis Sutterfield a view of his rear end.

Sutterfield cited White for contempt. The judge said it was the first time in his 14 years on the bench that he had been mooned.

1993 -- Only days apart, two Wisconsin men arrived in court drunk for their trials on drunken-driving charges. Both denied they had been drunk while driving, and both denied they were drunk in the courtroom. James Heard had a 0.26 blood-alcohol level on his trial day in Milwaukee, and John Newbury registered 0.22 at his LaCrosse trial both more than double the 0.10 legal maximum.

1992 -- THE DIMINISHING VALUE OF LIFE In Miami in August, Levon Howard lost a shootout with his roommate Edwin Heyliger, who was charged with murder. Howard had broken into Heyliger's room, angry that someone had drunk his Kool-Aid, and in the ensuing argument, both scrambled for guns.

1996 -- In January, Phoenix radio personality Carla Foxx was ordered to stand trial for a November hit-and-run death. At a probable cause hearing, an investigator testified that he found parts of two human fingers in the grill of Foxx's car.