Your Daily Conspiracy

Do you believe that things seem too good to be true, or that they seem set up? Well my friend, you've just thought up a Conspiracy Theory!!

Today's Conspiracy Is:""

Now, I'm not a smoker, but I do believe that people have a choice whether they want to or not. "" seems to side step that in every comercial they put out. Seems fishy.

Everyone has seen one or more of these comercials that "Truth" puts out. They do all sorts of stupid crap (ie piling well over 100 filled body bags into a pyramid in a corner of Washington, D.C.). At first I thought that these people were just tring to put out some anti-smoking ads out there, which I would have no problem with. But these people are slandering tobbacco companies saying that they are the cause for so many smokers being addicted, and then getting cancer. They put 100% of the blame on the companies for childern smoking, lung cancer, and what ever else they can come up with hoping people won't smoke.

This is where my simple conspiracy comes in. What group of peoples would like to see people stop smoking and put all of their medical blames onto tabacco companies. Answer: lawyers,chewing gum manufacterers, and nicotine path makers.

Here is the reason behind the lawyers. What is one of the biggest settlement cases that is out in the US today. Lawsuits filed against tobacco companies for failing health that cigarettes are to have caused. People get millions of dollars each year because they get lung problems due to smoking. Now, I believe that most of these people (the ones with health problems "caused" by smoking") aren't stepping forward. This is due to the fact that these people know that if they would have quit, they would have been ok. They think that they are to blame themselves. This is true (it is possible to quit smoking people, and you know the risk involved when you do smoke). These "Truth" comercials is is way to convince these people that tobacco companies are the ones that they need to blame (its not your fault you were a dumbass and didn't think about the consequences, no, its big tobacco). How else to motivate someone to file a lawsuit. There is the lawyer connection.

Chewing gum is quite an innocent thing right? Many people use gum to help quit smoking (stops the cravings). What better way to boost sales than get tons of people to want to quite smoking? Gum is cheap, lots and lots of people would buy gum to help stop smoking. There is the gum connection.

The niccotine patch makers follows suit with the chewing gum, what better way to cut cravings then buy getting niccotine (the cause of cigarette addiction). Get people to want to quit, they will try anything. Sales are boosted for niccotine patches.

I'm sure that most of you think that this is crazy, but most conspiracies are. Just remember to keep an open mind about this, because you'll never know if this conspiracy is true or not.

So, that's the conspiracy for the day. Remember this, a good conspiracy theory is one that cannot be proved. Please e-mail me if you have one that is a good one. Back to the Madhouse

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