Previous Psycho Events in the News

Artworks by Adolf Hitler auctioned in Norway

Oslo, Norway (AP)

Two watercolors and a pencil drawing by Adolf Hitler were sold for $80,400 at an auction in Norway to an anonymous collector from Austria.

The three pieces, all signed, were done more than 85 years ago after the future Nazi dictator failed to gain admission to art school in Vienna as a young man.

The four-minute auction Tuesday evening in the town of Toensberg, about 50 miles south of Oslo, marked the first time works by Hitler had been sold in Norway, according to auctioneer Einar Tore Ulving.

The watercolors, Die Felsenbucht from 1911 and Berglandschauft mi See from 1913, were of rocky landscapes. The pencil sketch of a house and garden, entitled Atles Haus mit Garten, was dated 1914.

What people consider a collector's piece is way beyond me. Who the hell would want something from a crazy, rat-bastard, son-of-a-bitch like that??!! Besides the fact that the art was before he was a Nazi is irrevelant. He had all of those people killed (my numbers escape me now, but its around the millions) to make a "more pure" race??

Come now, those pieces should be destroyed. O.J. Simpson kills 2 people (we think), and all of his things are sold and then burned. They even melted down his Hiesman. Now that thing was worth saving!! They should burn those pieces of "art" I think.

Hijackers release list of demands

Kabul, Afghanistan (AP)

A day after a hijacked Indian Airlines plane began a terrifying odyssey across western Asia and into the Middle East, the captors on Saturday issued their first public demands: India must free a Pakistani religious leader and several Kashmir fighters.

The hijackers, who were holding as many as 161 captives on board, have killed at least one passenger, releasing his body along with 27 hostages during a stopover in the United Arab Emirates on Friday before arriving Saturday in Kandahar.

Afghanistan's ruling Taliban, which is headquartered in Kandahar, said it would not negotiate with the hijackers but insisted that the United Nations do so.

What's this?! Terrorists, that have killed someone, have demands?? If I were in charge, I would say "Screw that" and I would have to proceed and blow up the plane. I know, you say that there are innocent people aboard, but think in the big'd be killing the bad guys in the process too. So you equal out the situation.

Something else about this situation strikes me as odd also. Afganistan won't negotiate with the hijackers (terrorists), but want the UN to do it for them. News Flash, the UN doesn't negotiate with terrorists!! Once again, my plan would work. Its either blow the plane up, or wait until they land and go in, guns a blazin. Either way would be really fun, and either way some innocent people are going to die. Take your pick on the funniest way.

Possible terrorist bomb threat uncovered

Seattle(New York Times)

When a customs agent began asking questions at a remote ferry-boat border crossing near Seattle, the nervous driver, Ahmed Ressam, bolted. His car contained timing devices and enough explosive chemicals to level a building. By the week's end, the Algerian from Canada's immigrant underground was at the center of a spreading international investigation of an Islamic gangster-terrorist ring.

Oh my...what can be done with this guy? Hmmm, perhaps the United States should make an example out of him and take the stuff Ahmed had, put it all together, strap it to him, handcuff his hands behind his back, and start the timer. Then throw him in the middle of a desert. I think he'd regret having trying to come to the US with that crap. Especially when the timer hit 1. Ha ha ha, I can hear him now "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...dear god please, someone hel ***BOOOOOM****" Hahaha. It would teach those individuals who are thinking of becoming a terrorist in the US. The message "We have fun blowing people up with their own equipment. It doesn't cost us anything!!!"

Ex-Beatle George Harrison hospitalized after stabbing


Former Bealte George Harrison was hospitalized after being stabbed in the chest ("...several times..") Thursday (Dec. 30) by an intruder who broke into his Oxfordshire mansion, according to his spokesman.

Press Association, the British news agency, said Harrison and his wife grappled with the intruder, believed to be a 33-year old Liverpool man, and that they apparently were able to detain him until police arrived.

I'm telling you, don't mess with the Beatles! Good lord, the man was stabbed in the chest several times and still wrestled the attacker and held him until the police showed up. Come on, thats a real man! I never thought I could like the Beatles, but now I look on them in a whole new light. They can kick some hardcore ass!!

Gas prices jump record 12 cents

Los Angeles (USA Today)

A crude oil crunch sent gasoline prices soaring a record 12 cents per gallon in the past two weeks, according to a nationwide survey. The average retail price of gasoline was about $1.59 per gallon Friday, up 11.99 cents from Feb. 25, according to the Lundberg Survey of 10,000 gas stations. OPEC is expected to increase oil production, but Lundberg warns not to expect an immediate dip in gas prices because demand will be rising due to warmer weather and the start of the spring driving season.

OPEC...if there's one organization I would love to do away with!! These gas prices are getting ridiculous, come on, why the hell should we have to pay so much?? How big are these countries anyway? My question is, do we supply them food? If so, why don't we either cut off their food supply or jack the price so far up that they are forced to lower oil prices or die of starvation. One thing I would love to say to their sales negotiators "Lower the prices or...find out if oil is edible."

Animal-rights group's ad draws fire


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, arguing that drinking beer is healthier than milk and that the dairy industry is cruel to cows and calves, this week plans to unveil its ''Got Beer?'' campaign on college campuses nationwide. PETA contends that milk does not do a body good because it is full of fat and cholesterol, while beer contains neither. But Mothers Against Drunk Driving is asking PETA to pull the campaign, saying the campaign will encourage underage drinking. A spokesman said PETA does not promote underage or drunken driving, and the campaign will continue. A spokeswoman for the dairy industry's ''Got Milk?'' campaign defended the nutritional value of milk and called PETA's parody ''ridiculous on so many levels. It's kind of amusing.''

I thought I'd never say this, but I actually think PETA is ok now, well, at least their campaign idea is cool. Naw, who am I kidding, I hate PETA, those people are so bass akwards, its not even funny. This even proves it!! Beer healthier than milk, hmmm, it took a real genious to think this one up. And whats this about milking a cow hurts them??!! What the hell are those poeple smoking? It doesn't hurt the cow to milk it, it actually helps it out. If we didn't milk cows, their udders (really called "tets") would most likely get mastitous (don't quote me on the spelling of that). What a group of idiots these people are. Mayeb PETA really stands for People Eerroneously Talking Absurdities!!

Oscar's great adventure has ended in the most unlikely of places: a dumpster in one of L.A.'s seedier sections.

Los Angeles (E! News)

Crates containing at least 53 of the 55 statuettes swiped from a Southern California loading dock a week ago were discovered in trash bins behind a 24-hour quickie mart and coin-op laundromat last night by a dumpster diver.

Willie Fulgear, 61, who ekes out a living salvaging and recycling garbage, was fishing through trash in the Koreatown area about 9:30 p.m. Sunday when he made the surprising find--literally stumbling upon the cache of gold-plated prizes. "My foot hit one. It was heavy and I opened it up...Everybody knows who Oscar is," he says.

He crammed the Oscar-filled boxes in the trunk of his car. Fulgear, who said he not heard the Oscars were missing, then contacted his 22-year-old son to help him find out what they were doing in the trash. It was his son who called the cops.

According to local broadcast reports, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has confirmed Fulgear's salvage work did indeed turn up the real thing: A special mark on each of the 8 1/2 pound, 13 1/2 inch trophies proved their authenticity.

While it's unlikely the Oscars will be returned in time for the March 26 ceremony (they're evidence in a massive investigation, after all), the recovered statuettes were apparently in mint condition.

Police say Fulgear was questioned and released and may now be eligible for the $50,000 reward posted by Roadway Express, the shipping company that lost the little golden guys back on March 10. No comment yet from Roadway or the Academy.

Oh darn, someone stole the Oscars, gee I almost care. Its just too bad that whoever took the awards didn't melt them down. Who would realy care if that happened? The actors? As if we care if those over-paid buggers get an award!! Besides, if they don't get an Oscar, they'll get some other kind of award, which they really don't deserve. This is what I'd like to hear at the Oscars this year "..and the Oscar goes to...ummm, oh crap, where the hell are the Oscars at??!!"

Mass grave dug for Uganda fire victims

KAMPALA, Uganda (USA Today)

Prisoners dug a long trench Monday, and a bulldozer shoveled charred corpses into a common grave, the final resting place for hundreds of members of a religious cult. Most of the victims of Friday's church fire apparently were women, and police counted the bodies of 78 children in the hall 215 miles south of the Ugandan capital, the interior minister said. He said that five bodies were also spotted through a hole in a nearby pit latrine. Official estimates of the number of deaths have varied between 235 and 600. The 10-year-old Christian sect, known as the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, was founded by a former prostitute who had the chapel built on her father's grave, the interior minister said.

What kind of person does it take to join a cult? A very nim-witted one!! I can just see an application for a cult member: Question 1: Do you have money for me (your leader) to spend on weapons and other necessities? Question 2: Do you have an IQ of 30 or less? Question 3: Would you believe I'm Jesus if I told you I was and I said I wasn't lying? Question 4: (Males only) Would you cut off your b*lls if I asked you to? Question 5: (females only) Are you willing to have sex with me every night, regaurdless if you love me or not? If you answered 1 or more of these questions "yes" you are invited to join my cult.

I think it'd take someone like like that to join one of these things. Come on, lets go into a room, nail all of the doors shut, board up the windows, chant for awhile, and then for fun, lets dump gasoline on ourselves and light ourselves on fire. That sounds like a great evening to me!! It must take a complete moronic idiot to become one of these people. Message to cult members "You're morons, get a life, get on with it."

Dramatic raid ends long standoff


The long standoff over Elian Gonzalez ended in the pre-daw darkness Saturday as federal agents used battering rams and pepper spray to hustle him from relatives who had been looking after him in Miami.

The six-year-old Cuban castaway was placed in the arms of his father hours later after being flown to Andrews Air Force Base, in suburban Washington D.C. The dramatic, three-minute raid touched off protests in Miami's Little Havana area and debate over the Clinton administration's use of force.

At least 80 were arrested in Miami. Though in his father's custody, Elian's fate remains unsettled. The courts will ultimately rule on whether the boy should remain in the United States.

Question: WHO FREAKIN' CARES???!!!! As if we haven't had enough of this bullcrap, lets find something else to report news on for crying out loud!!

Famine spreading to southern Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (USA Today)

The head of Ethiopia's disaster prevention program said Friday that famine caused by three years of drought is spreading to southern areas of the nation.

The situation in the Borena and Omo regions near the Kenyan border is similar to that in the Somali region in the southeast of the country, where hundreds are believed to have died and tens of thousands are arriving at feeding centers in search of food, an official said.

Borena and Omo, like the Somali region, are home to semi-nomadic herders who have lost most of their cattle and goats.

Wait a minute, I thought ALL of Ethiopia had been suffering from famine for the past few years. What the hell is going on? Why is it that some of that country can almost support itself, but the other part can't? Oh, I get it, those people are either too lazy or stupid to grow some damn food of their own and would rather have dumb shmucks like Americans take care of them. I think we should just let the lazy buggers starve. Hey, its not like we did anything to make them go hungry, and besides, there are homeless people in the USA that don't get anything to eat. We just need to put an end to Sally Struthers; she must be stopped!!

Teacher faces spitting allegations

SUGAR LAND, Texas(USA Today)

School officials are investigating allegations that a second-grade teacher ordered students to punish a pupil by spitting on him.

Madeline Raven, 27, was placed on leave Thursday, said a school district spokeswoman. Yolanda Clark said she learned of the incident when she picked up her 8-year-old son David from Briargate Elementary on Wednesday. He had on a different shirt from the one he wore to school.

''When I asked him where his other shirt was, he said the teacher had made the other children spit all over him,'' she said.

Clark said David and another student were involved in a spitting contest when the teacher caught them. For punishment, the teacher ordered other students to spit on David, the boy's mother said.

When I first read this headline, I about wet my pants with laughter. Then I read the story, and was really dissapointed. I just wanted to make fun of the headline (the teacher got in trouble because she spit, or was it because she didn't swallow). But, this story is kind of weird. Yeah, just because young boys are being boys (having a spitting contest) lets make everyone spit on them. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. What an idiot this lady is!!

Four Ohio Men Charged for Illegally Harvesting Ginseng

Columbus (The Cincinnati Enquirer

Monday, July 10)

The state is cracking down on illegal ginseng harvesting. Four Ohio men recently were charged with illegally harvesting more than 4,500 roots of the perennial herb, worth $6,000. Ginseng, regarded as one of the world's favorite pick-me-ups, is not an endangered species, but naturalists say many wild strands are disappearing.

Now I've heard just about everything. Ginseng is not illegal, so why would the state crack down on it. I thank god I don't live in Ohio, they might try to arrest me for breathing or something. Man, I can see charging someone for know...marijuana, but ginseng? What the hell did they think those guys were giong to do with it, smoke it? Good lord!!

Police Catch Escapee Who Faked Labor

BOSTON, Massachusetts(USA Today)

An alleged con woman who escaped police by urinating on the floor during a court hearing and claiming that her ''water had broken'' was recaptured Wednesday, authorities say.

Police arrested Cristal Campbell, 29, at a friend's apartment in Boston's Dorchester section. Campbell had been on the lam since Friday, when she announced during a hearing on identity-fraud charges that she was about to have a baby. A puddle of liquid formed at her feet, convincing paramedics that a baby was on the way. They rushed her to a hospital, where she slipped out of her room. Authorities believe Campbell simply urinated to fool officials.

Campbell was arrested later that day by a Boston police officer who recognized Campbell. But she escaped from her hospital room a second time. She was wanted on more than 50 warrants throughout Massachusetts

All I have to say is...I don't know what to say. Thats just too f*cking weird.

When Low On Gas Money . . .


Four people have been arrested after trying to trade marijuana for gasoline, first asking about the number of officers in town, police said.

The four came into a store and asked the clerk if they could make the trade, police said. When officers arrived, they found a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in their vehicle.

The four - from New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania - were arrested and were being held Tuesday in the Minnehaha County jail on drug possession and other charges.

Well, I knew gas prices were high, but that high? Well, at least the four tried to pay for the gasoline, that should at least be considered before they sentence them for possession.

Stuffed bushman returns to Botswana


A stuffed African bushman, whose display in a Spanish museum provoked international outrage, was received as a celebrity Wednesday after returning to the continent he was taken from 170 years ago. Hundreds of well-wishers sang Botswana's national anthem, and a funeral is scheduled for Thursday. The bushman was reportedly stolen from his grave, stuffed and brought to Europe in 1830 by a French taxidermist. The body had been on display in a Spanish museum since 1916. Eight years ago, the exhibit aroused international condemnation as African countries and the United Nations said the exhibit was racist and that it treated the man as a curiosity from a primitive culture.

I know the French have a weird sense of humor (for god's sake they like Jerry Lewis) but this is too strange. Ok, I can understand that they guy was stuffed in the late 1800's, but come on now, they should have returned this stuffed guy to the grave long before now. It shouldn't have taken everyone this long (well, at least not over 100 years) to know that this is and was wrong. They should have returned the "Bushman" to the grave long ago. I just hope no one sat in opposition to this. That would be stupid as hell if they did. Man are the French idiots.

Clinton: No military action in Yugoslavia


President Clinton expressed solidarity Thursday with demonstrators in Belgrade and said it would be inappropriate for the United States to intervene militarily if President Milosevic's forces crack down on the demonstrators who stormed the parliament. Clinton said he was confident that democratic forces would succeed in Yugoslavia. ''The people of Serbia have made their opinion clear,'' Clinton said. ''They did it when they voted peacefully and quietly and now they're doing it in the streets because there's been an attempt to rob them of their vote." Clinton said unbiased reports show that opposition candidate Vojislav Kostunica ''clearly won the election.''

You know what, its about damn time that the United States keeps the hell out of foreign affairs (at least keep the damned Army out)!! I'm so sick and tired of this country trying to be the world's police department. We need to keep this sort of thing going, lets stay out of other countries.

Mother begs jury to spare daughter's life

Cincinnati, O.H. (Cincinnati Post)

Denise Lipscomb's mother took the stand Wednesday and tearfully begged the jury to spare her daughter's life.

''Denise is not a bad person,'' Ms. Lipscomb's mother, Betty Thompson, said Wednesday. ''I don't know what happened but I know in my heart she didn't mean to do what she did.''

What she did, a jury ruled Tuesday, was stick a gun to the head of Silverton cabbie John Arcady Sept. 27, 1999, and shoot him to death in a botched robbery attempt.

Mrs. Thompson's testimony came in the second phase of the trial when assistant prosecutors Steve Tolbert and Judy Mullen try to convince a jury to impose a death sentence.

The jury also could impose life without parole, life without the possibility of parole for 30 years or life without the possibility of parole for 25 years.

Defense attorney Perry Ancona pointed to the penalties already imposed on two of the three others charged in the murder and asked for a similar penalty for Ms. Lipscomb.

Brother and sister LeMar and Andrea Goss were allowed to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and were sentenced to 23 years in prison each. Sion Graham, charged with supplying the gun, will be tried later this month.

Ancona argued that with the imposition of the minimum sentence - life without the possibility of parole plus 13 years for using a gun to rob Arcady - Ms. Lipscomb would be 65 years old before she could go before a parole board to be released.

Defense attorney William Gallagher called several witnesses Wednesday who told of Ms. Lipscomb's deprived childhood in Chicago and then Detroit where she married and gave birth at age 16. He wanted to distance her from the ''cold-blooded killers'' on Death Row.

''Denise is responsible and we have never, ever said anything other than that,'' said Gallagher, who noted Ms. Lipscomb had no criminal record before her Oct. 1, 1999, arrest.

Ms. Lipscomb may testify today, Ancona said.

A jury is expected to begin deliberating late today before Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas Crush.

If death is the sentence, she will become Ohio's lone female Death Row inmate, the first since 1991.

The last time Ohio executed a female was in 1954. Just five women have been executed in the U.S. since 1975.

I don't care if the freggin Pope cries at this sick chicks trial, they should fry the b*tch. Its just that simple. Oh, I don't care if she is a woman or not...they put men to death all of the time. Its 2000, its time for equal oppurtunity for all sexes.

Man killed on Walt Disney World ride


A Walt Disney World tourist was killed Sunday after he stepped off the Splash Mountain ride midway through it and was hit by another boat. The 37-year-old got out of the boat on his own and wasn't pushed, according to a sheriff's spokesman.

Yet another reason why Walt Disney World is the "happiest place on earth". Yeah, high has the death toll risen there now?

Utah town requires household guns

VIRGIN, Utah (USA Today)

This tiny southern Utah town has enacted an ordinance requiring a gun and ammunition in every home for residents' self-defense. Most of Virgin's 350 residents already own firearms so the initiative has lots of support, Mayor Jay Lee said. Residents had expressed fear that their Second Amendment right to bear arms was under fire so the town council modeled a similar measure passed by a Georgia city about 12 years ago. The mentally ill, convicted felons, conscientious objectors and people who cannot afford to own a gun are exempt

What a great American town!! As soon as I get out of the Military, I'll have to look this place up. I wonder, does the city provide homes with weapons or do you have to purchase them yourself. I wonder what the crime rate is at in that town...0 percent I'm willing to bet.

Culpepper: Bring on the blitz


Daunte Culpepper, bruised, battered and no longer unbeaten, is daring the Green Bay Packers to blitz him like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did.

''Someone might try to copycat somebody, but they might not have the same personnel on defense,'' the Minnesota Vikings' undaunted quarterback said as he recovered from the Buccaneer's 41-13 whooping and prepared for Monday night's showdown at Lambeau Field.

''We'll be happy if they blitz, because we'll be in 1-on-1 situations,'' added Culpepper, relishing the notion of Randy Moss and Cris Carter burning Packers' cornerbacks Tyrone Williams and Mike McKenzie.

Culpepper lost a fumble and threw two interceptions in the face of Tampa Bay's unceasing blitzkrieg of the previously unbeaten Vikings last week.

I don't like it when quarterbacks get cocky, but I'll make an exception in this case. Culpepper better pull through this week otherwise I'm going to be one p*ssed off "purple people eater".

Buried rocket inadvertently launched


A.R. Connor pushed some trees and brush into a pile, lit them ablaze and walked away to get some water. Then there came the explosion, as a 2-foot-long, World War II-era rocket shot out of the fire and crashed into a chain link fence 700 feet away. ''It sounded like dynamite,'' the78-year-old said. ''It exploded, hit the fence and dropped down and set the grass afire.'' The airport was a training base for the Army Air Corps during World War II, when it was known as Bartow Air Base. Explosive ordanance experts are searching for more buried surprises.

Yet another reason that the United States is the greatest country in the world...we can bury rockets anywhere we want!!! WE RULE!!

2 men charged with putting foreign substance in policeman's food

JUNEAU, Wis. (Star Tibune, AP Press)

Two men face charges after being accused of putting sink sanitizer in a Beaver Dam police sergeant's take-out order at a Mexican restaurant last month.

Keith E. Williamsen, 22, and James M. Yonkie, 22, are scheduled to appear Jan. 22 in Dodge County Circuit Court on charges of placing foreign objects in edibles.

According to the complaint, Sgt. Scott Bahr, who was on duty and in uniform, went to the Taco Bell Restaurant in Beaver Dam shortly before 11 p.m. Nov. 2 and ordered two Chalupas to go.

Back at the police department, Bahr noticed a strange smell, bit into a Chalupa and noticed it tasted odd, the complaint said, and when he bit into the second one, he observed the same smell and taste.

He immediately felt swelling and a burning sensation in his mouth, so he unwrapped one of the Chalupas, discovered a white powdery or granular substance mixed with the other ingredients and noticed it smelled like bleach, chlorine or some other chemical, the complaint said.

When questioned, the men initially said they didn't put anything in the food, but a week later, Yonkie told investigators that he knew Williamsen had done something with the order, the complaint said.

According to the state crime lab, the white power was the same type of material as the active ingredient found in the sink sanitizer.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of a $10,000 fine and five years in prison.

Ok, it was wrong for the 2 guys to do that to the food, but it doesn't take a genious to figure out that food has been tampered with. Come on, the cop ate the first one and noticed a funny smell and taste, then proceeded to eat the second one? What a moron! That guy deserved to get sick...thats how evolution works, the idiots aren't there to pass on their genes.

N.H. lawmaker denounced for his defense of cop killers


A state legislator who speaks up for the killers of three New Hampshire police officers is being denounced and disavowed.

Anti-police statements Tom Alciere made in Internet newsgroups mark him as "a hate-mongering lunatic," Newmarket police Chief Rodney Collins said during the weekend. State Republican Chairman Steve Duprey called Alciere's comments "extraordinarily disturbing," and said Alciere should consider resigning.

"The Republican Party, based on our platform, completely disavows those views," Duprey said. Running as a Republican, Alciere, 41, squeaked to victory over a Democratic incumbent in Nashua's Ward 4 in November. He said he didn't discuss his anti-police, pro-violence views during the campaign because no one asked him about them.

The Valley News of Lebanon made the connection in a story published Sunday, identifying Alciere as the author of numerous inflammatory statements about the police.

Alciere dismissed his online comments as "barroom" talk and the "rantings" of an angry private citizen. As a legislator, he said he wants to work constructively to keep police from violating individual rights.

In one Internet posting, Alciere said he loves it when someone kills a police officer but that he is "too chicken" to do it himself.

This guy isn't too bright. Ok, lets openly talk smack about law enforcement officers and tell people that you love it when someone kills a cop. I can't wait until this guy gets a speeding ticket; he'll probably get pulled out of his car and beat by 5 or 6 cops. I would gladly help out, being in the "law enforcement" field myself. God I hope this guys family gets attack by some criminals, then let him bitch about the cops for not doing their jobs then, and let the cops just turn thier backs to him.

Mysterious monolith appears in Seattle


A 9-foot-tall steel monolith mysteriously appeared in a city park, just in time for 2001.

Denny Sargent couldn't resist humming the theme to ''2001: A Space Odyssey,'' when he walked up to touch the imposing object, which stands on a grassy knoll in Magnuson Park like the movie's enigmatic extraterrestrial guardian.

''I feel my intelligence increasing by the moment,'' he said.

The unmarked sculpture appears to have been put in place on New Year's Eve. There is no plaque or other clue to the sculptor.

Dah, dah, dah....da-da...and then every one in Seatle started to club one another with bones.

Enhanced breasts sought as 'Sweet 16' gift


Jenna Franklin is only 15 but she thinks she knows the secret to a successful future — bigger breasts.

Jenna's parents want their daughter to be happy, so they've agreed to pay for breast enlargements as a 16th birthday present.

The unusual gift grabbed tabloid headlines and filled the airwaves Thursday, as Britons debated what kind of society places such a high value on appearance, particularly for young women.

The British Association of Plastic Surgeons stayed out of the debate, but other health specialists warned that Jenna was far too young. One Conservative Party politician proclaimed the whole matter ''shameful.''

But writing in the Daily Express — which splashed the story on its front page under the headline ''Jenna is pretty and intelligent. So why on earth is her mother buying breast implants for her 16th birthday?'' — Jenna insisted ''you've got to have breasts to be successful.''

I knew that I loved England!! Yeah, right on, bigger is always better. If thats what she wants, give 'em to her. Go JENNA!! I smell the makings of a porn star.

Sub skipper takes blame


Three openly hostile admirals will decide whether to recommend a court-martial for the skipper of the USS Greeneville after he risked self-incrimination Tuesday to give his account of the submarine's deadly collision with a Japanese fishing vessel.Cmdr. Scott Waddle told the Navy court of inquiry that he would take all the blame for the accidental sinking of the Ehime Maru on Feb. 9, which caused nine deaths. "I accept full responsibility and accountability for the actions of the crew," Waddle said.

No one ever accused the Navy of being smart. The vessel's commander is totally responsible that he is an idiot and so is his crew for having civilians on a sub. GO NAVY!!

Taco Bell and MIR


If Mir hits the bull's-eye, everyone wins a taco. That's what Taco Bell is promising 281 million Americans if the core of the Russian Mir space station hits a floating target the fast food company will anchor 10 miles off the Australian coast. One expert said the odds the station's core will come down on Taco Bell's 40-by-40 foot vinyl target — emblazoned with the company's logo and the words "Free Taco Here!" — are slim to none.

Ok, we all get a free taco if the any part of the CORE of Mir hits the target hits the target. Thats well and good, but what if some other part of Mir hits it?? Do I still get to enjoy a free taco? Probably not. But what the hell, tacos only cost like 79 cents right? Damn, why go through all that trouble and just fork out some change. I have the feeling though that there is some cheap ass sob out there that is hoping beyond hope that Mir hits target, I just know it. We're all cheap bastards.

Bush: Mideast players must reach own agreement


President Bush said Tuesday that he won't play mediator in Arab-Israeli peace talks, as his predecessor did. Instead, Bush said he would encourage the two sides to negotiate without trying to "force peace" on them. U.S. officials say they are trying to rebuild a foundation for negotiations by pressuring Arafat to end the violence and Sharon to ease an economic blockade of Palestinian territory. Bush promised to use "whatever persuasive powers I have to create an environment in which peace can flourish."

You have to love a president with a set of balls on him. He knows that we don't really need to get into the middle of any peace talks (since they never work anyway). I think that we should be there to pick up the pieces though when both sides kill each other.

Man jumps into Minnesota River during traffic stop

Mankato, Mn(Star Tribune )

Authorities searched the swelling Minnesota River near Mankato on Thursday for a St. Peter man who threw himself over a bridge after a state trooper tried to arrest him on suspicion of drunken driving.

"It's crazy -- this is a tragedy," said Kevin Smith, spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety. "It's just so unfortunate that a person would think to do this in trying to escape and then possibly lose your life."

About 1:30 a.m. a state trooper pulled over Michael Riley Jr., 24, who allegedly was speeding eastbound on Hwy. 14 just east of Hwy. 169. Riley was stopped on a bridge over the Minnesota River.

The trooper suspected that Riley was intoxicated and tested him for sobriety. He failed a breath test, said Capt. Rich Murray of the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office.

Riley was cooperative, Murray said, but when told he was being arrested he said, "I'm out of here," then hurled himself over the bridge railing into the river about 50 feet below.

"The temperature of the water was about 35 degrees, and anybody would probably lose consciousness in 5 to 8 minutes and couldn't survive more than a half-hour," Murray said. "If the person was intoxicated, the situation would be worse."

The State Patrol searched by helicopter before dawn Thursday, then by boat after daylight. The search will continue today, officials said.

"You make many, many traffic stops, and most of them are done without incident," Murray said. "And then something like this happens and it really makes you think."

You have to be a very committed person to throw yourself over a bridge where 35 degree water awaits you after a 50 foot fall. If this guy survives, and they find him, they should leave him be. For god's sake, HE THREW HIMSELF OVER A BRIDGE INTO FREEZING WATER!! I guess the possibilty of dying sounds better than a DUI.

Chinese hackers hit U.S. sites


Chinese hackers apparently got an early start on what the government and security companies are predicting will be a wave of attacks against U.S. Web sites this week.

This morning, the site for the Department of Energy's location in Albuquerque, N.M., was defaced and bore several anti-U.S. messages, according to Vigilinx Inc., a Parsippany, N.J., security vendor. Several other government sites, including the Department of Labor, have also apparently been defaced.

Among the messages left on the Energy site were: "The Great Chinese Nation Hooray!!!!," "USA Will Be With Responsibility for the Accident Total!!!" and "Protest USA sell Weapon to Taiwan Break World Peace!!!"

As previously reported, the National Infrastructure Protection Center last week issued a warning urging network administrators to be alert for organized attacks coming from Chinese crackers over the next few days, which include several dates of particular importance to the Chinese. Tuesday is May Day, the biggest holiday on the communist calendar; May 4 is Youth Day; and May 7 is the anniversary of the U.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.

The warning comes on the heels of the recent incident involving a U.S. surveillance plane in which the pilot of a Chinese fighter jet was killed. The crew of the U.S. plane was subsequently held in China for more than a week before being released.

Data compiled by Internet Security Systems Inc. of Atlanta shows that attacks originating from Chinese domains against U.S. sites increased seven-fold during the height of the crisis in China in the first week of April.

NIPC also reiterated its warning about the presence of a known worm called Lion that installs a DDoS tool on machines that it infects and also sends password files to an e-mail address in China.

Chinese hackers have made public statements about redoubling their efforts against U.S. sites this week, NIPC officials said.

"As a result of the activity already seen, together with the public statements threatening increased illegal activity, network and system administrators are encouraged to more closely monitor their Web sites and mail servers ... for attacks that could include Web page defacements and denial-of-service attacks," the warning said.

Will the Chinese never cease to piss me off? This is just adding fuel to my fire. Now, I really don't particularily want to go to war with anyone, but if the US has to, China would be a great target. Its easy to fight someone when you can imagine them as evil (they are communists, and if there is one thing I hate its communism). I don't know about anybody else, but the next war the US will involve 1 million screaming people (but that doesn't worry me, they are smaller people and 5.56 mm bullets should pass through at least 3 or 4 of 'em before it stops). All I have to say is, BRING IT ON!!

Navy searches for demonstrators on bombing range


The U.S. Navy scoured an area packed with unexploded bombs and shells Monday for demonstrators who reportedly have buried themselves there to thwart military exercises on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. As soon as the area was cleared of any protesters, destroyers and fighter jets were to resume firing inert shells and bombs into the range where protesters say they are hiding.

Let me tell you what, the US Navy has gotten away with lots of things in the past year, what makes protesters think that buring themselves won't get them blown up? Hmmmm...let me think, the navy killed 9 people during a training exercise already this year, and they said that they didn't know the boat was there. What the hell do protesters think they'll say when someone gets a damn bomb dropped on themselves because the dumb bastard protesters buried themselves? The Navy will just say "We didn't see them, the people were buried." And nothing will come from the person dying except the person dying. Some people just need to come to grips that the US military is going to do what ever the hell they please. Come on now, they protect the right for those same protesters to protest. They protect the right for me to go on the internet and put out my reterich. So what is a little area of PR really going to do for us, besides be pretty. The answer is NOTHING. Let the navy do their jobs.

Group claims responsibility for duck theft


An animal rights group claimed responsibility on Tuesday for stealing some 250 ducklings from a research laboratory, saying it had liberated the birds from "exploitation, abuse and terror."

The North American Animal Liberation Front said "all (the) ducks were brought cross-country to a sanctuary where they will live their lives on many acres in peace and serenity."

The ducklings were removed from the Cornell University Duck Laboratory, which conducts research on ways to fight diseases in ducks. The ALF claimed the research is cruel.

I cannot stress enough how much I hate these types of people. North American Animal Liberation Front? Give me a damn break!! I suppose that these people know what is best for some ducklings...yeah right! I'll bet anyone money that those ducks won't make it till the end of the year. Now, as for the experiments on the ducks, the researchers are trying to find ways to fight diseases in ducks. That will save more than just 250 of 'em. All these god damned activists need to kill themselves, plain and simple. They do more damage to animals than they do good.

Those who don't speak Spanish may be left behind


If your answer to, "Do you understand Spanish?" is "no," get ready to be left behind.

With the surge over the past decade in the Hispanic population in the United States, speaking Spanish is becoming more of a necessity than a choice in many parts of the country. From feedlot managers in Nebraska to New York City stockbrokers, Americans are scrambling to learn a language that is now spoken by many of the35.3 million Hispanics in the United States.

Americans are finding that not knowing Spanish can be a handicap, whether dealing with immigrants or schmoozing at a business lunch in the boss' native tongue. Even pop culture references sail over the heads of the unilingual — from the taco-craving Chihuahua's "Yo quiero Taco Bell" to the crazy life, "la vida loca," made famous by singer Ricky Martin.

"There's nothing foreign about Spanish anymore. It's the second language of the United States," says Sam Slick, who founded Command Spanish, the nation's largest firm specializing in teaching Spanish for the workplace.

But the rising linguistic tide also has sparked tension and resentment in many communities. Mauro Mujica, who heads the one-language advocacy group U.S. English, says it's fine for people who speak English to learn Spanish but not if it creates the notion that those who speak Spanish needn't learn English.

"The problem is we are slowing down the assimilation of new immigrants by making it way too easy to come to this country and not learn English," says Mujica, a native of Chile.

"An immigrant is an invited guest to this country," he says. "We invited ourselves. The least we can do is integrate and become part of the new country."

Type "studying Spanish" in to any Internet search engine, and thousands upon thousands of options appear.

Spanish dominates all other foreign languages in the USA's public schools. Enrollment has nearly doubled over the past two decades to about 3.3 million high school students. Similar statistics aren't available for adults in thousands of night classes and private Spanish language courses. But school owners say the numbers are soaring, even in the most unexpected areas.

Many have discovered that dim high school memories of conjugating verbs and reciting "¿Donde esta la biblioteca?" ("Where is the library?") mean nada (or nothing) in the workplace. So, in Ontario, Ore., Orchard Bank foots the bill for its staffers to study Spanish. In Washington, a teachers union offers lessons to members. And in Fountain Inn, S.C., and Detroit, law enforcement officials are lining up para habla español (to speak Spanish).

"The need is tremendous," says Conce Magaña, who teaches workplace Spanish at Garden City Community College in Kansas. Kansas has seen its Hispanic population double in the past decade, to 188,252 in 2000.

What damned country do we live in?!?!?! The last time I checked it was the United States of America where ENGLISH is the language. What the hell is with this? Spanish becoming the major language? I don't think so. We need to put an end to that. The only reason that Spanish is so widespread is that employers aren't making employees learn to speak English. Did you know that its not discrimination if you refuse a person a job if they can't speak English? This is what needs to happen. If you no habla, you no get job. I mean, its great and all that some people don't want to lose their heritage, but the line has to be drawn in the dirt. I shouldn't have to learn any other language besides English to communicate with another US citizen. This is just plain bull crap.

OPEC to leave oil output unchanged, meet in July

VIENNA, Austria (AP)

OPEC members formally agreed Tuesday to keep pumping oil at their current levels and to meet again in July to assess the impact of Iraq's suspension of its crude exports.

Delegates from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries announced the decision after a formal session at the cartel's headquarters in Vienna. They said the decision was unanimous.

By meeting again next month, OPEC is taking a highly unusual step that indicates the seriousness with which it views Iraq's action. Ministers said the group will meet July 3 to review market conditions, in the wake of Iraq's halt on Monday of its 2.1 million barrels in daily oil exports.

"We decided to meet in July because we wanted to see what the reaction of the market would be," said Qatar's oil minister, Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah. When asked if OPEC would pump more oil at that time if conditions warrant, he replied: "We will."

OPEC has an official output target of 24.2 million barrels a day, and its members pump about two-fifths of the world's crude. Although Iraq belongs to OPEC, it doesn't participate in production agreements with the group's other 10 members.

Iraq's move complicated what had been shaping up to be a straightforward decision by OPEC to keep pumping at current levels. Demand for oil historically increases in June, and Saudi Arabia is the only OPEC member able to quickly make up much of the loss of Iraq's oil.

Colorado radio station fined for airing Eminem tune


A Colorado Springs radio station is facing a $7,000 fine for repeatedly airing an edited but still racy version of rap singer Eminem's ``The Real Slim Shady.''

KKMG-FM officials said Tuesday the station has not paid the fine and is considering what to do. They have 30 days to respond to the Federal Communications Commission complaint.

KKMG operations manager Bobby Irwin said the edited version was not indecent but the station quit broadcasting it after getting the FCC's notice June 1.

A Madison, Wis., radio station paid a $7,000 fine earlier this year after it played the unedited version of the song.

The FCC said last week the edited version aired by the Colorado Springs' station ``contains unmistakable offensive sexual references.''

The ruling is worrisome to some radio station workers because the Eminem track was broadcast nationwide during the spring and summer of 2000.

``Virtually every pop, Top-40 station played that song,'' said Cat Collins, program director for Denver's KQKS-FM. ``That was a No. 1 record. It was the kind of record that stations played 65 to 70 times a week.''

A KKMG listener filed the indecency complaint in July 2000.

The FCC ruled the station played a version of the tune that was indecent and still had some expletives, as well as innuendoes to violent misogyny and graphic sex. The lyrics contain references intended to pander and shock, the FCC said.

Broadcasting the song also violated a ban on airing patently offensive material from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., when children are most likely to be listening, the FCC said.

Oh my dear sweet lord! What the hell is happening to this country?! Are we being run over by a bunch of whining little bitches? Good god, its just a song. Next thing people will tell me is that my website is offensive. Well, I have news for those people, GET A F*@KING LIFE, QUIT YOUR BITCHING, AND MOVE ON!! This radio station shouldn't have to pay a fine as long as they edit out the curse words. Other than the cussing, the song has nothing wrong with it. Oh, and to the person that filed a lawsuit, you should be drug into the street and beat within an inch of your life. Like I said before, we're being run over by a bunch of whining bitches.

Second lawsuit filed over McDonald's french fries


A second lawsuit has been filed by vegetarian Hindus accusing McDonald's Corp. of using beef flavoring in french fries despite promises that it would use vegetable oil.

The three plaintiffs asked that the lawsuit be certified as a class action on behalf of any vegetarian who ate McDonald's fries after 1990 in the belief that they contained no meat.

Another lawsuit was filed last month in Seattle on behalf of two Hindus who don't eat meat and one non-Hindu vegetarian. It seeks unspecified damages.

The Texas lawsuit contends the plaintiffs were fraudulently induced to eat the fries under the belief that they were cooked only in vegetable oil. Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, plaintiffs may be entitled to damages up to three times the amount of economic harm and mental anguish.

How are fries seasoned with beef extract even considered "meat"??? Come on now, use your brain, beef extract is not really beef, its a seasoning. And what the hell are vegetarians doing eating at a McDonald's anyway? These people should be fried in the same oil they cook the fries in (and then season them with the beef extract for flavor). Didn't these people know that Mac an Dons is famous for their BURGERS? Fast food joints all serve meat, why would a devote Hindu vegetarian even consider eating in one?? The people filing suit are a bunch of dumb asses.

Jury orders Philip Morris to pay $3 billion to smoker


A longtime smoker with lung cancer who won a record $3 billion damage award said today he believed the tobacco industry's claims that smoking was harmless.

Richard Boeken, 56, was awarded $3 billion in punitive damages and $5.5 million in general damages Wednesday by a Superior Court jury. The jury found against tobacco giant Philip Morris Cos. Inc. on all six claims of fraud, negligence and making a defective product.

``I believed the tobacco industry,'' Boeken said today on NBC's ``Today'' show. ``I didn't believe they would lie about the facts that they were putting out on television and radio.''

The award is the largest judgment against a cigarette maker in a lawsuit brought by an individual. Philip Morris said it plans to appeal.

Michael Piuze, Boeken's lawyer, argued that his client was a victim of a decades-long tobacco industry campaign to promote smoking as ``cool'' while the company concealed the serious dangers of smoking.

``I hope other lawyers step forward,'' Piuze said after the verdict. ``I hope it's given them a ray of hope.''

Boeken, of Topanga, smiled and gave a thumbs-up sign as the verdict was read. He later said the size of the award had taken him by surprise.

``I almost fell out of my chair,'' he said on ``Today.''

The largest judgment against the tobacco industry in a class-action lawsuit was $145 billion awarded last year to thousands of sick Florida smokers. Philip Morris was one of five tobacco companies in that case.

Boeken took up cigarettes at age 13 in 1957 - years before warnings were put on cigarette packs - and said he smoked at least two packs of Marlboros every day for more than 40 years. He was diagnosed in 1999 with lung cancer, which has spread to his lymph nodes, back and brain.

Attorneys for Philip Morris didn't deny that smoking caused Boeken's illness but argued he ignored health warnings and chose to smoke despite the risk.

I knew I should have starting smoking when I was a kid, just look at the money I could have made!! This whole lawsuit is a joke. Whats even more fuuny is the fact that the jury awarded this guy the money. I tell you what, if I had been the judge, I would have gotten off the bench and smacked this guy on top of the head with my gavel. Come on, he could have quite smoking years ago, people quit all of the time. He also stated that ``I didn't believe they would lie about the facts that they were putting out on television and radio.'' Well, why the hell didn't he read the pack of cigarettes? There is a surgeon general warning on them stating the health risks. What really gets me is that this guy is still smoking. Now, you'd think that the money would be taken away due to the fact that he now knows the health risks and is still smoking the product. I believe this guy is a huge a**hole.

Muslim rebels say U.S. hostages will die Sunday

LAMITAN, Philippines (AP)

A Muslim rebel leader holding three Americans hostage threatened Thursday to behead them on Sunday unless the Philippine government appoints two Malaysian negotiators to mediate their release.

But with the crisis in its 11th day, the government pledged more attacks on the guerrillas, and said foreign mediators may only complicate talks. The Malaysian government said it will not intervene.

Abu Sabaya, a leader of the Abu Sayyaf rebel group, said he would "chop the heads off the Americans in 72 hours" if his choice of negotiators are not included in talks with the government.

Sabaya telephoned Radio Mindanao Network from a hideout with the threat to behead Wichita, Kan., missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham and Corona, Calif. resident Guillermo Sobero.

I don't particularily like missionaries, but these hostages are from the United States and no one, I mean no one is going to f*ck with my countrymen. If these people are killed, I think we should go in, covertly, and do some very bad things to the terrorists. I mean, we do have some highly trained and motivated individuals in the Navy Seals. Why not give them something to do (I mean, all they do is train to kill, I say let 'em). That should put a damper on any further US personell being abducted.

Protests over anti-tobacco billboard


The billboard shows the lower half of a face with the mouth open. Black and green sores fester where the lips should be.

The message says ``Going without dip is hard, going without a lip is harder.''

The campaign is known as ``Chew'' for its emphasis on the effects of chewing tobacco. It features 140 billboards around western and central Iowa. They will remain up until the end of this month despite the complaints.

Health officials say they wanted a shock campaign to break through to young people.

Finally, some people with some fortitude. I have nothing but total respect for Iowans now. I hate those damned anti-tobbacco ads...and I don't even smoke!! I now that people mean well (they don't want childern to use tobbacco) but they need to back the hell off. If someone wants to use tobbacco, let them. Last time I checked, it was a free country. If they want to use a LEGAL substance, let them. I'll gladly protect that right for that person. Let me stress again how much hate I have for activist groups. So, if you are one of those "hard core, anti-tobbacco activists", get the hint and shut your mouth.

Yates' attorney may ask for insanity plea


The woman accused of drowning her five children remains "in a very deep psychosis," her lawyer said Monday.

George Parnham said an insanity defense is likely for Andrea Yates, who told police on Wednesday that she drowned her children one by one in a bathtub in their suburban Houston home.

Yates, 36, was charged with one count of capital murder in the deaths of Noah, 7, and John, 5. Authorities said other charges might follow. The other children found dead in the family home were Paul, 3; Luke, 2; and 6-month-old Mary.

Parnham said he is gathering background on Yates' mental health history before making a final decision on her defense.

I don't care if this bitch is in psycosis or not, they need to deep fry her ass! i take that back...what they need to do is tie her to a chair and put her into a huge glass tank. Then slowly fill the tank with water and watch her drown. "Let the punishment fit the crime".

Teen robs Taco Bell, orders chalupa

FORT WORTH, Texas (USA Today)

It was a late-night run for the border by a fast-food bicycle bandit. A 17-year-old man was arrested after pedaling up to a drive-through Taco Bell window and demanding the crew give him all their money and a chalupa. The crew handed over the money, but while the suspect waited for the chalupa, a Taco Bell worker called police. When an officer pulled up behind him, the suspect threatened her with what appeared to be a gun. She fired once, apparently missed, and he wheeled away. A backup officer then confronted the man, firing several times and hitting the suspect once in the arm and leg. The man was allegedly a former employee.

This is what you would call a d-u-m-b-a-s-s. Ok, let me sit in the drive thru. This stupid sh*t deserved to get caught.

Bank robber stashes cash in another bank

WICHITA, Kan. (USA Today)

You've just robbed a bank. Where best to stash the swag? Another bank, of course. One alleged crook did just that, and his actions are at the center of a lawsuit filed by Garden Plain State Bank, which is suing Sunflower Bank trying to recover money stolen during a heist. The suit claims a man who robbed a Garden Plain branch in February took some of the $7,165 in stolen money and deposited it at Sunflower. Garden Plain wants a court order to recoup the money, but Sunflower says it can't legally give the money back.

This is a stroke a shear brilliance! I'm sure that it has happened before, but I have never heard of such a great idea. This guy needs to be the head of any major corporation for this idea (or at least let off lightly). Good god, genious.

Iraq accepts U.N. resolution on oil-for-food


Iraq has accepted the terms of a new Security Council resolution extending the U.N. oil-for-food program in Iraq and will resume its oil exports shortly, Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations said Thursday. Iraq halted exports on June 4 to protest a U.S.-British proposal to overhaul sanctions imposed on the oil-rich nation after it invaded Kuwait in 1990.

"Everything will be normalized," Iraqi ambassador Mohammed al-Douri said before signing a memorandum of understanding with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on extending the oil-for-food program for an additional five months.

Created in 1996 as an exemption to sanctions against Iraq, the program allows Iraq to export unlimited amounts of oil to purchase food, medicine and other essentials and pay war reparations.

Oil for food? Someone in the government was actually using thier brains when they came up with this idea. You see, they can cut off our oil supply, but we can cut off their food suply. I don't know about you, but I don't really like the taste of oil. Serves those bastards right.

Yale scientist may create most precise clock ever

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (USA Today)

A Yale scientist is developing a clock for the new International Space Station that he says astronauts might have to adjust by a second — every 5 billion years or so. That would make it the most accurate clock in history.

Yale physicist Kurt Gibble's atomic clock may even redefine the meaning of ''one second.''

Since 1967, the official length of a second has been based on the rate of vibration of the element cesium. A few years ago, Gibble discovered that rubidium atoms cause fewer errors in measurement than cesium atoms, when cooled to almost absolute zero. With that knowledge, he used rubidium when he began building the new clock. Gibble's clock could prompt the world's governments to redefine the second based on the vibrations of rubidium atoms.

What kind of loser is going to waste his time making "the most acurate clock". Who cares how accurate it can tell time. This is just such a waste. People, we need to live our lives and not worry about time. This guy won't live to see his grandkids (he'll be too worried about the time)!!!

Mexico's Fox calls for U.S. to legalize immigrants


Mexican President Vicente Fox outlined what he wants from a migration agreement Tuesday: legalization for undocumented immigrants in the United States and easier access to higher education and drivers' licenses.

"Our goal is to legalize migrant flows between our two countries," Fox said in a speech at the National Council of La Raza meeting in Milwaukee.

The Mexican president said he wants "to lend greater security and orderliness to the migrant flows between Mexico and the United States."

Fox's comments came following news that the Bush administration is weighing a plan to grant amnesty to up to 3 million Mexicans living illegally in the United States.

Fox outlined several points for a potential Mexican-American agreement that would go further than just granting legal status to illegal immigrants.

In addition to that, he also called for:

Let me get this straight, the Mexican President wants us to legalize current illegal aliens??!! I don't think so. All current "illegals", need to be deported back to their home country until the time that the US either changes its laws or those individuals are ready to come into the United States legally. End of story, thats all she wrote, bring out the fat lady to sing.

Bush: 'Ready to help' on N. Ireland

LONDON (AP) Saying he stands "ready to help" with the peace process, President Bush called on Northern Ireland political parties to honor a landmark 1998 peace accord which is in danger of collapsing.

"The situation in Northern Ireland is coming to a critical stage," Bush said in an interview published Wednesday in The Times newspaper of London. "I stand ready to help."

Not to knock the Commander in Chief or anything, but you have to admit that our president isn't the sharpist nail in the box. This whole thing with him "helping" Ireland may be a bad idea, here is why. Right now our beloved president is most likely thinking about Luck Charms when he talks about Ireland (you know all he can think about is that damned leprechaun). I can see it now, Pres. Bush will go to Ireland and start asking people for his Lucky Charms "'re magically delicious!"

Forgetful thief leaves big clue


A suspect in a string of Mississippi bank heists left investigators a pretty big clue — his wallet, with his driver's license inside. The man had taken out his wallet and keys while in the process of obtaining a money order when he suddenly pulled a gun and threatened tellers, authorities said. In a hasty departure, he left his car keys and handgun as well as his wallet.

Do they know for sure that it was HIS(the thief's) wallet, keys or handgun? This guy could just be pulling a fast one on the cops. He may have stolen the car from someone, found the wallet and decided to leave it. Dupe the cops, its a plausable idea. Hell, I would do it. Just as long as you don't leave any DNA or fingerprints behind, and you cannot be identified (ie wear a mask and gloves) you are as good as gold.

You want this man's luck


Joseph Hornick Jr. just hit another lottery jackpot. If that sounds familiar, it should. Hornick won his fourth major lottery jackpot, getting $71,037 in the Cash 5 drawing. His latest good fortune came shortly after winning $103,108 in a June 12 drawing of the same game. Hornick real luck began in 1989, when he won $2.5 million in the Wild Card Lotto. Then there was a long hiatus in his luck until 1997, when he won about $68,000 in another Cash 5 drawing. He said he doesn't have a system. Hornick said although he buys lottery tickets regularly, he doesn't buy them excessively. ''You've got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them,'' he said.

If ever a person needed to be killed. Ok, you already won the lottery once, then you won again, it would be time to call it quits. Yeah, he may be lucky, but a sh*t load of people hate him 'cause he won. Crap, I hate it when I lose, but if I lost 3 times after that to the same guy, I would have to find him and beat the hell out of him.

Critics of red-light cameras laud ruling


A judge's ruling against red-light cameras lends credibility to arguments against the cameras and will encourage critics across the USA, lawyers and city officials say.

The cameras are credited with significantly cutting the number of red-light runners and increasing public safety. But the programs are under siege from critics, including House Majority Leader Dick Armey, who say they are unconstitutional and are an "Orwellian" threat to privacy.

Though the ruling by San Diego Superior Court Judge Ronald Styn can't be used as a legal precedent, it raises important issues, says Justin McNaull, spokesman for auto club AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Styn ruled that because a private company ran the San Diego program, the company had a strong motive to generate tickets for profit. That made their evidence so suspect, the judge said, that it should not be admitted into evidence. A private company installed and maintained the cameras, reviewed the film and sent out citations. The company was paid by taking $70 of each $271 fine generated.

The judge dismissed the city's argument that because the police department reviewed each ticket before it was sent out, the department was in charge of the final outcome.

Most red-light-camera programs operate the same way, McNaull says. The ruling "legitimizes the real concerns that people have about private companies getting involved in policing," he says.

However, Tuesday's ruling won't stop cities from using the cameras, says Kevin Morison, police spokesman in Washington, D.C. Cameras at 39 intersections there have cut red-light running 54%, he says.

So, someone is complaining about those cameras that are mounted above traffic lights? They said that they were unconstitutional because a private business installed and maintained the cameras and then took a piece of each citation issued. Come on now people, thats not the real reasont that these cameras are unconstitutional. They're unconstitutional because they are taking pictures of your vehicle to "catch" people breaking the law, and instead of having a policemen stop them right away, the citation is sent to the person. But the catch is, these cameras take pictures of the license plate of the vehicle, and then the ticket is sent to the address of the license plate. What a crock of shit that is!!! What if a person were to lend their vehicle out to their friend, and the friend blows the light?? The owner of the car is punished and not the driver of the car. These cameras need to be taken down.

Task force created to investigate fatal shark attacks


Gov. Jim Gilmore created a task force Wednesday to investigate the nation's two fatal shark attacks over the weekend. Experts will assess shark populations off the Virginia coast, ways to predict, prevent and respond to attacks and how to educate the public on risks.

There goes another million dollars of the tax payers money in VA!!!! They want to assess shark populations and try and predict when attacks may happen and educate redneck dumbasses that want to swim in the ocean that there are creatures that can eat you there. Why the hell does this sound stupid to me?! Here is an easy way for people not to be killed by sharks, DON'T SWIM IN THE OCEAN!!! Its just that easy. I hate to say this, but the people that were killed recently had to have been smoking crack. Did they not see the news about the boy that got his arm ripped off by the shark? Come on now, they had it comin.

Israel fires on Palestinian security building


Israel fired two surface-to-surface missiles Wednesday into a Palestinian security building outside Gaza City. The attack came after Palestinian militants set off five bombs in two days. The missiles slammed into the one-story office of the Force 17 security service in Beit Hanoun, northeast of Gaza City, sending plumes of black smoke into the air and gutting two rooms, officials said. Palestinians had evacuated the building before the attack, and the only person hurt was a civilian on the street hit by flying debris, the officials said.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, we need to let these two peoples destroy one another and keep the hell out of it!!! How many times have outside countries tried to help bring peace to Isreal? More than anyone can count. Either they kill each other, or someone needs to take 'em both out. But one of 'em needs to be totally exterminated.

Chief Taliban judge refuses to meet diplomats

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP)

The Taliban's chief judge refused to meet Wednesday with three Western diplomats who wanted information about the trial of eight foreign aid workers charged with spreading Christianity.

The diplomats waited for 30 minutes outside the supreme court in Kabul to see Chief Justice Noor Mohammed Saqib, who was inside meeting with other judges.

Without explanation, Saqib said it was not the right time to meet with the diplomats, who left frustrated. Saqib said the court would contact them if there was any need for a meeting.

The trial of the two Americans, four Germans and two Australians began Tuesday behind closed doors. It was not clear how long the proceedings would last.

"It is moving fast, but talk of what the punishment will be is premature," Saqib told The Associated Press. "We are not saying anything about the trial proceedings or about the punishment until it is finished. The great ulema (clerics) and the judges will decide the punishment according to the principles of Shariat and our Islamic laws."

They want to do WHAT to an AMERICAN citizen? Oh, so they think that they can get away with punishing us, but if we punish one of thier people its Those American devils should be killed for trying to enforce laws on our people. Anyway, is Bin Laden in Afganistan? I think we need to bomb them again, just to make sure.


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