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I know that it's been a minute since I posted news last, and it will be a little longer. This is totally going to be commentary on the DNC and RNC, so here goes...

I am totally sick of this year's nominees for president. Let me start with one that really burns me, the only convention that has happened yet that I can talk about, the Democratic Convention.

Is it just me, or has the issue at hand become race? Mrs. Obama spoke of how great this country is that she and Barrack were afforded oppurtunities to excell because of their parents. That was okay, but did anyone get the hint she was saying her and her husband's oppurtunities were only awesome because of her skin color? Their were major network commentators that said it was so spectacular that a black woman was able to give that speech. My question is, why? Why is it that this was so spectacular? Is it great? Yeah, but we shouldn't act like it never could have happened. The United States is the greatest country on earth, if you don't agree, tough crap, because it is. The great thing about this country is that ANYBODY regardless of race, creed, color or religion can run for president. We shouldn't be putting all of this weight behind it because your skin color doesn't make you what you are. Your character is what makes you what you are, what you believe, what you stand for, what drives you, what makes you do good things, what makes you a great person.

The DNC is taking a swing toward seperating us into groups. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, young, old, poor, rich, right, left, and all for what? Just to win you and I over for power? What I would like you to ask yourself is, is that the direction you want your country to go? How can we treat each other equally if we continually seperate ourselves? There are so many in this country that benefit from us when we label each other, when there is undue and unwarranted tension between us, when we split ourselves off from each other and not continually accept who each individual based on their merits and character. These same people want you to believe that we all don't have the same rights, the same oppurtunities, the same chance in a country that is ours and the only thing in it that stands in our way is ourselves.

It is time we set aside our pettiness. It is time we forget about labels. It is time we really look at a person on who they are. I may not like Sen. Obama, but its not because of a skin color, not because of his upbringing overseas, no; I don't like the man based on his views, his merits and his character (which I am having a hard time trying to figure out because he flip-flops so often). I know that many of you will still lable me a racist, a bigot, but I challenge you to really look past those labels, shed the blinders that the Democrats have put on some of you that you to have about people like me. The second they are able to convince you that the only reason people wouldn't vote for Obama is because of race have already got you to seperate yourself from the idea that we can all live in equality, because if you can't look a man's character and disagree with him based on character because he is black, you can't be one nation united.

I will comment on the RNC once I see it, but I have some bones to pick about Sen. McCain also.

So, thats the big psycho news for . Remember that these news stories are real, citied from the noted news association. My own opinions are in orange and are not necessarily the truth or right.

Tell me all of your strange, crazy, or just plain wierd events; or, if you have suggestions, complaints, or comments, please let me know.

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