The Charismatic Movement

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" (2Tim. 3:16)

"At the turn of the century, the Pentecostal Movement came into being, emphazing "SPEAKING IN TONGUES" and "DIVINE HEALING".Their failure to "rightly divide the Word of Truth" led to many false teachings regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit and produced confusion in the minds of many believers. This Pentecostal Movement arose mainly from within various Protestant churches but they were forced out,...because of their unusual beliefs and practices..."

"In the past few years a new movement has taken shape, sharing the basic doctrines of Pentecostalism ...This movement is commonly known as the CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT. It involves not only various Protestant churches but Roman Catholic churches as well. In fact, if one is able to "speak in tongues" or if he has experienced a "healing", he is accepted by the Charismatics with little or no regard to his church affiliation or doctrinal deviation. When you hear Roman Catholics talk about how their "baptism in the Holy Spirit" has given them a greater love for the Mass, you know this cannot be attributed to the Holy Spirit but to a false spirit."


"It is willing to accept tongues, interpretation of tongues, visions, dreams, prophecies, etc., as being a message from God to His children. This is a very grave danger. Once you accept "extra biblical messages"... it is not long before you will be accepting "anti-biblical messages" as being valid... The Charismatic Movement has done and is doing exactly that! In reality, all "extra biblical messages" are anti-biblical messages" because God's Word specifically warns against adding to the scriptures. (Deut.4:2 Rev.22:18-19)

"The Charismatic Movement defends these "extra biblical, anti-biblical messages" on the basis that "NEW WINDS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ARE BLOWING". They say "Who knows what the Holy Spirit may do?" Let no one forget, however, that the Word of God is a completed revelation and was given by the Holy Spirit (2Pet.1:19). (who is Jesus Christ our Comforter) We can be sure of one thing - the Holy Spirit (Jesus Christ) will never contradict Himself.... Therefore, those who add to God's Word cannot claim to be authorized or empowered by the Holy Spirit.

"It encourages its followers to stay in apostate Protestant churches as well as Roman Catholic churches and other churches which preach and teach a false gospel. God's Word plainly tells believers that those who preach another gospel are"accursed" (Gal.1:6,9) and that those who fellowship with false teachers are partakers of their evil deeds (2John 1:10-11) The Charismatic Movement is promoting the Ecumenical Movement and the Roman Catholic Church. This is very dangerous!"

"It like the New Evangelical Movement, uses, sells and promotes most of the new Bible versions and translations,... which add to or take from the Word of God. This also is very dangerous!"

"It places undue and unscriptural emphasis on PHYSICAL HEALING. This stumbles many precious believers who are falsely taught that it is ALWAYS God's will to heal. Both the scriptures and experience teach that God may use physical afflictions for refining, correcting, and chastising (2Cor. 12:7-10 Heb. 12:3-11 Job 23:10). The scriptures leave no doubt as to the ability of God to heal. But it is wrong and dangerous to teach that God MUST ALWAYS heal.

"It... fosters and encourages a spirit of worldliness in the church and individual believer. Instead of striving for true holiness and Godliness... The Charismatic Movement seems to be trying to outdo the world in being worldly. This is very dangerous. (read 1John 2:15-17)

"It promotes and encourages what is called "coming under the power", an extremely dangerous practice in which certain leaders "lay hands" on people causing them to "swoon, faint, slump down, experience the power" ect., there-after remaining unconscious or semi-conscious for several seconds or longer. The Charismatics attempt to use john 18:6 ...This is another example of how they twist the Scriptures to justify and defend their practices. There is no Scriptural precedent, example or command for this experience which border on hypnotism and occult practices.

"It glories in "miracles" and often uses a "miracle" as the basis for validating a person's message or practices, even though the message or the practice is unscriptural. ...The Scriptures plainly teach that the last days ...the Anti-christ will usher in a time of "all powers and signs and LYING WONDERS" (2Thess. 2:9-11) ...The Anti-christ will deceive men by the use of miracles even having the power to give life to an image. (Rev. 13:11-18) The validation of a man's message and methods today in not "miracles" - it is its conformity to the Word of God. It is dangerous and wrong to accept any other basis of judgement!"

"We firmly believe that "speaking in tongues" ceased with the completion of the Scriptures. (1Cor. 13:8) We firmly believe that it is wrong to teach believers to tarry for or seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Bible clearly teaches that all the believers have been baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ (1Cor.12:13) and that those who do not have the Spirit of Christ are not His at all (Rom. 8:9). We firmly believe that the erroneous teachings of the Charismatic Movement has obscured the true teaching regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit who convicts the world of sin (John 16:8-11), uses the written Word which He gave through the apostles and prophets to guide us into all truth. The Holy Spirit would never lead us to do or say things contrary to the Bible, God's Holy, inerrant, eternal Word." (2Tim. 3:16)

"...If the Charismatic Movement is of the Spirit of God, it would be exercising spiritual discernment and calling for seperation from false prophets, apostate churches and unscriptural practices. It would be fighting the Ecumenical Movement - not helping to build it! For all of these reasons and many others like them, we sound this word of warning-

The Charismatic Movement is Dangerous - WATCH OUT!

(this tract is put out by the Fundamental Evangelistic Association)