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Welcome toTomer's Fudd HQ

Welcome to the Edderville Fudd HQ! My name is Tomer Levinson, and I'll be your guide through this page.

My friends are Tim Sanders, Dave Cage, Chris Anderson, and Joey Beckman. We are (to our knowledge) the only survivors of East Fudd Junior High. Oddly enough, it isn't even a school for actual Fudds! East Fudd Junior High was an ordinary junior high school, but its name was misinterpreted by the buns. On the first day the school was opened, the devilbunnies swept through the school, killing almost everyone inside. Just look at what they did to Chris's toes!

Isn't that sick!? Anyway, we're just getting started, so we're open to suggestions and help from anyone on the Fudd side.

By the way, you'll find my story below. Hope it lets you in on my own perspective on the Devilbunny war.

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