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If you wish to download these collages as wallpaper, go for it, you know the drill.

These collages are the property of Tracy Cruze, If you wish to display these on a site, please e-mail:

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I also want to say thank you to Celedon, who has kindly supplied plenty of the pictures (Gorgeous screen caps you can't find anywhere else) to feed my desire to make these collages! You also ought to check out her terrific Highlander site (She has some awesome fan fic there as well as oodles of other things.)
Celedon's Chambers

AND another thank you goes to Edith who has taken some lovely screen caps as well, and she too, makes collages, and because of this, I have put hers up as well, so please, take a look at hers, too!
Edith's Collages

Disclaimer: Highlander and the characters are property of Davis/Panzer and or Rysher. The pics used from the collages came from various sites and scans that were sent. No money off of these and they are here for entertainment and viewing pleasure.