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Heaven's Light Webring

Hello and welcome to the Heaven's Light Webring!

The Heaven's Light Webring consists of a circle of many nice and lovely people and their wonderful pages that are spiritual in nature. Any and all who praise and walk in the light of God are welcome to join. Also, if you were a reader from the ADC website, you are more than welcome to join!

To apply to join the Heaven's Light Web Ring, please fill out the form below with all the necessary information. You will recieve an e-mail explaining the necessary steps to be taken to be added to the web ring and when you have completed those steps, you are to e-mail the ringmaster to have your web site activated into the web ring.

What is Allowed: Web Sites of a spiritual/metaphysical nature, sites that teach and inform about spiritual/metaphysical nature, religious (non-lunatic elements only) sites, angel sites and sites of such nature, sites about good Godly things basically. Being a former reader from the ADC site helps too ; )

What is not be allowed: Websites of an adult nature, non-spiritual sites that are of a commercial/solicitious nature, non-spiritual sites.

Also, the coding must be correct before I can activate it, so follow instructions carefully when inserting the HTML into your webpages. We will hand out awards to sites we feel have superior design and content. So if you feel your site fits the above criteria and wish to join, please fill out the form below and you will recieve and e-mail with further instructions. :-)

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