Connected Recollections (an off-shoot of the webring, Memoir Journals) is a journal collaboration project for which a monthly topic will be chosen for participating journallers to write about. (You do not hav to be part of Memoir Journals to participate.) Each topic will be evocative of a childhood memory. And ideally, the journal entry should incorporate the memory as well as a reaction to the memory from the journaler's present state of mind.
(As more journallers participate, the writers may take turns introducing a topic to be written about.)

November Topic:

Comfort Foods

Most people have a favorite food. Maybe your favorite food now is your favorite food from when you were a child. Sometimes, people use food not only for nutrition and taste, but for comfort.
I'll say no more.
Go write!

After you have written your entry on this month's topic, Email me the name of your journal, the URL of the collaboration entry, and your name. Then, on the first of the following month, I'll post the a link to your entry from this site.

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