The Pink Flamingo, A National Archive

what were you expecting? flamingos don't talk!

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You know those really ugly flamingos that are in people's yards in those movies that make a typical American home seem too perfect? well, i love 'em! The way they make you look like the kind of person who can only afford TV dinners and watches Oprah. They light up the yard in such a way that it makes you look like you have a dog named Snookums and your job is sitting at home and reading the paper. Yes sir, the pink flamingo really says something about your sense of decor. the main purpose of this page is to promote the misunderstood pink flamingo.

One thing in the news really bothered me. a town in California banned the pink flamingos. So, people there, being the intelligent folks that they are, painted them blue in hopes of fooling the authorities. (i personally would've gone with black, but that's just me.) well, that forced the authority to ban all flamingos. that is just SO un-american! i mean, the pink flamingo should be treated as a national archive, not as the tacky lawn-decorations that they appear to be! i say we take a stand, and get the pink flamingo a spot in the Smithsonian Museum! They have other reminants of our national history! why not pink flamingos? What in this world symbolizes America more? Have you seen the way some Americans dress? how tacky can you get? but yet that is concidered "socially acceptable" and pink flamingos are still tacky? What are we thinking??? The pink flamingo has been a tacky lawn-decoration since the 1950's! E-Mail me if you want to be a part of this cause.

I'll get off my soap box now. And remember, nothing says America quite like a pink lawn flamingo!

If you want to see the names of the people who like my cause, and are obviously weird,Check out the Petition . E-mail me if you would like to add your name to the list. and also, whether if you want me to put your real last name, or a fake one on the list to protect you from internet wackos.Thanx!!!