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In loving memory of Aneo

Welcome to Markham's Norn Land!

Hi! My name is Markham Carroll and I'm 12 years old. I am on my 1st generation of Norns. My world was deleted. I had to restart.

News from P.F. Magic: Petz III is coming out in fall.

Chat times: Friday 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM, Saturday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Last updated: Saturday, August 22, 1998
What's New:
New COB!
Took out most frames around links.
Removed Steer Pike's COBS Page.
Coming Soon:
Dwarf/Grorn/Bunny/etc. mixes
Awards page
Hyper Carrot Vender without time limit.
Norn Storys E-mail me a story
Bibble! Bibble! Bibble! Hand push Bibbler!! Hee hee hee...


MNLC1 has an official mascot! Zho!

E-mail me your site address, and you could win an award! So far I have gotten 1 entry for August. Submit your site NOW!
You have permision to use the Creatures 2 pictures your websites. Just right click and save the pictures and then upload them to your webspace.
Visit the Chat House to chat with other Creatures breeders. (Bibble!) Ettin are nice... Get Dwarf Norns! Also there are Dwarf Norn hybrids on this page COBS Need some names? Join the Creatures 2 Nornring!
I Support Equal Rights For Norns! I Support Equal Rights For Norns!
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This Creatures 2 Nornring site is owned by
Markham Carroll.

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