Encore's Mystery Channel

2006 Month and day listed, all times EST

Past movies have included Westworld and Futureworld, Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Squirm (attack of the killer worms), A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Vincent Price), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey vs. vampire), Flowers In the Attic, Running Man (Schwarzenegger), Night Of The Living Dead, Pulp Fiction, Dr. Who, The Horror Show: House 3, the Mike Myers comedy So I Married An Axe Murderer, Child's Play, Spawn (from Hell), Dick Tracy (Pacino, Madonna), Hitchcock films, Twilight Zone: The Movie, RoboCop 2 (Robo vs. the new, improved, merciless model), James Bond 007 and Matt Helm movies
Friday, 12򈚐6
8:20a Frank McKlusky, C.I.
9:50a The Brink's Job
11:40a Millennium
1:30p Dark Skies
3:05p Frank McKlusky, C.I.
4:35p Duel (Dennis Weaver vs. a truck from the twilight zone)
6:10p The Brink's Job
8:00p Dark Skies
9:35p Millennium
11:30p Frank McKlusky, C.I.
1:00a Duel
2:35a Poe's The Tomb Of Ligeia (1965, Vincent Price)
4:00a Dark Skies
5:35a Bullets Over Hollywood (2005 docu on gangster movies from the silents to The Godfather)
Saturday, 122
6:45a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All (1989, a singer is killed during a telethon)
8:20a Jaws 4: The Revenge (Joe Bob checked it out and is still laughing)
10:00a Boys
11:30a Darkman "Justice has a new face" (Joe Bob says it's what can happen when surgery goes wrong)
1:10p Deep Rising
3:00p Dark City
4:45p Point Break (undercover surfer FBI agents, MST3000's Mike checked it out)
6:50p Darkness
8:20p Darkman
10:00p Jaws 4: The Revenge
11:35p Deep Rising
1:30a Nightwatch
3:15a Dark City
5:00a Darkness
Sunday, 123
6:35a After The Sunset
8:15a Encore Cinenews (E49)
8:45a Hitchcock's The Birds (Joe Bob checked it out with MonsterVision guest Tippi Hedren)
10:50a Cujo (Stephen King)
12:30p Cape Fear (Martin Scorsese's 1991 remake)
2:40p After The Sunset
4:20p Alien Resurrection: Alien 4
6:10p Desperate Hours
8:00p Miami Blues
9:40p After The Sunset
11:20p Cape Fear
1:30a Alien Resurrection: Alien 4
3:20a Miami Blues
5:00a Cujo
Monday, 124
6:35a Dead Reckoning
8:20a Out Of The Darkness
10:05a Do Not Disturb
11:50a Starkweather
1:30p Boogeyman
3:00p Sin City
5:05p The Crow: City Of Angels
6:35p The Public Eye
8:20p Starkweather
10:00p Sin City
12:10a Boogeyman
1:45a Secuestro Express
3:15a Sin City
5:20a Dr. Phibes Rises Again
Tuesday, 125
6:50a Boys
8:20a After The Fox
10:05a Encore Cinenews (E49)
10:35a Raising Cain (John Lithgow as his own evil twin)
12:10p The Mighty Quinn
1:50p When The Bough Breaks
3:40p Devil's Advocate
6:05p The Omen "Look at me, Damien!"
8:00p The I Inside
9:35p The Mighty Quinn
11:15p Devil's Advocate
1:45a Night And The City
3:30a The Big Sleep
5:15a Bullets Over Hollywood
Wednesday, 126
6:30a Darkness
8:05a Flowers In the Attic
9:40a The Dark Half
11:45a Session 9
1:30p Darkness
3:00p The Last Shot
4:35p Flowers In the Attic
6:10p Blow Out
8:00p Darkness
9:35p The Last Shot
11:15p The Falcon And The Snowman
1:30a My Cousin Vinny (comedy)
3:30a Rebecca
5:45a Encore Cinenews (E49)
Thursday, 127
6:15a The Forgotten
7:50a The Deep
10:05a Darkman
11:45a Alien Resurrection
1:35p The Forgotten
3:10p V.I. Warshawski (Kathleen Turner as a private detective with gonades)
4:40p Darkman
6:20p Alien Nation (Alien cop teamed James Caan to find a killer on Earth)
8:00p The Forgotten
9:35p Alien Resurrection
11:30p Nightwatch
1:20a Point Break
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E49)
4:00a On The Beach
Friday, 128
6:20a And The Sea Will Tell 
9:35a Shadow Of Fear
11:10a Dune
1:30p The Long Island Incident
3:05p Throw Momma From the Train
4:40p And The Sea Will Tell 
8:00p Dune
10:20p Shadow Of Fear
11:50p The Long Island Incident
1:30a The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case
4:00a Encore Cinenews (E49)
4:30a On The Set: National Treasure
4:50a National Treasure
Saturday, 129
7:05a Throw Momma From the Train
8:35a The Cosby Mysteries
10:10a The I Inside
11:45a National Treasure
2:05p Birth
3:50p The I Inside
5:30p Silver City
7:45p National Treasure
10:00p The Crow 2: City Of Angels
11:30p Cube Zero
1:10a Birth
3:00a Silver City
5:15a Hitchcock's Spellbound
Sunday, 1210
7:10a Flowers In the Attic (whatever happened to those kids?)
8:45a Psycho
10:40a The Last Shot
12:20p When The Bough Breaks
2:05p Sin City
4:10p Encore Cinenews (E50)
4:35p Night And The City
6:20p The Last Shot
8:00p Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne
10:15p Sin City
12:30a Session 9
2:15a The Amateur
4:10a Night And The City
Monday, 1211
6:00a On The Set: National Treasure
6:15a Rollercoaster
8:20a Matt Helm in The Silencers
10:10a Cape Fear (1991 remake)
12:20p The Omen (1976)
2:20p The Mighty Quinn
4:05p The Falcon And The Snowman
6:20p Raising Cain
8:00p The Omen
10:00p Cape Fear
12:10a The Mighty Quinn
1:50a Nightwatch
3:35a Brian DePalma's The Fury
5:40a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
Tuesday, 1212
7:20a Shadow Of Fear
8:50a Millennium
10:40a Dune
1:00p Blow Out
2:50p Alien Resurrection
4:40p Millennium
6:30p Shadow Of Fear
8:00p Do Not Disturb (1999)
9:40p August Fires
11:15p Alien Resurrection
1:05a Shadow Of Fear
2:35a Creature Unknown
4:50a Duel (Dennis Weaver vs. a really big truck from the Twilight Zone)
Wednesday, 1213
6:20a Encore Cinenews (E50)
6:45a On The Set: National Treasure
7:00a Matt Helm in The Ambushers
8:45a Boys
10:15a The I Inside
11:50a V.I. Warshawski
1:20p Desperate Hours
3:10p The Crow: City Of Angels
4:40p Deep Rising
6:30p Boys
8:00p V.I. Warshawski
9:35p The I Inside
11:10p Desperate Hours
1:00a Deep Rising
2:50a Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
4:20a Secuestro Express
5:50a After The Sunset
Thursday, 1214
7:35a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
9:10a Hitchcock's The Birds
11:10a Miami Blues
12:50p After The Sunset
2:30p The Public Eye
4:10p Sin City
6:15p Session 9
8:00p After The Sunset
9:45p This World, Then The Fireworks
11:30p Sin City
1:45a Miami Blues
3:30a Encore Cinenews (E50)
4:00a After The Fox
5:50a Jaws 2
Friday, 1215
7:50a The Squeeze
9:40a Menendez: A Killing In Beverly...
12:50p Crowned And Dangerous
2:20p The Spanish Prisoner
4:15p The Squeeze
6:00p Jaws 2 "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water"
8:00p Menendez: A Killing In Beverly...
11:10p The Spanish Prisoner
1:05a Crowned And Dangerous
2:40a Dressed To Kill
4:00a A Killing Affair
5:40a The Spanish Prisoner
Saturday, 1216
7:35a Crowned And Dangerous
9:05a The Canterville Ghost
10:45a The Mighty Quinn
12:30p Starkweather
2:05p Devil's Advocate
4:35p The Good Son
6:05p The Mighty Quinn
7:50p The Dark Half
10:00p Devil's Advocate
12:30a Ghoulies II
2:05a Starkweather
3:40a The Good Son
5:10a Audrey Rose
Sunday, 1217
7:10a Dune
9:30a Jaws 4: The Revenge
11:05a Dark City
12:50p The Forgotten
2:30p Do Not Disturb
4:15p Raising Cain
5:50p Point Break
8:00p The Forgotten
9:35p Darkman
11:15p Do Not Disturb
1:00a Point Break
3:05a Dark City
4:50a The Forgotten
Monday, 1218
6:30a Millennium
8:20a Encore Cinenews (E51)
8:50a National Treasure
11:05a Flowers In the Attic
12:40p The Last Shot
2:20p When The Bough Breaks
4:05p National Treasure
6:20p Millennium
8:15p Night And The City
10:00p Miami Blues
11:40p National Treasure
2:00a The Last Shot
3:40a Big Trouble
5:20a Flowers In the Attic
Tuesday, 1219
7:00a Encore Cinenews (E51)
7:30a And The Sea Will Tell 
10:40a After The Sunset
12:20p Sin City
2:30p Deep Rising
4:20p Desperate Hours
6:15p Leviathan
8:00p Sin City
10:10p After The Sunset
11:50p Deep Rising
1:40a Desperate Hours
3:30a Alien Nation
5:05a After The Sunset
Wednesday, 1220
6:50a The Brink's Job
8:35a The Spanish Prisoner (nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition)
10:30a Encore Cinenews (E51)
11:00a Starkweather
12:35p The Public Eye
2:20p Dolores Claiborne (Stephen King)
4:35p Darkman
6:15p The Mighty Quinn
8:00p Nightwatch
9:45p Dolores Claiborne
12:00a The Spanish Prisoner
2:00a Vampire's Kiss
3:45a Cube Zero
5:30a On The Set: National Treasure
5:50a Dune
Thursday, 1221
8:10a Jaws 4: The Revenge
9:45a The Dark Half
11:50a Lone Star
2:15p Raising Cain
3:50p Blow Out
5:40p Dune
8:00p Lone Star
10:20p Cape Fear
12:30a Jaws 4: The Revenge
2:05a The Amateur
4:00a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer:...
5:30a The Man Who Knew Too Little (Bill Murray spoof of Hitchcock)
Friday, 1222
7:10a Agnes Of God
8:50a Hitchcock's The Birds
11:00a The Deep
1:10p Flowers In the Attic
2:45p The Advocate's Devil
4:20p The Man Who Knew Too Little
6:00p Hitchcock's The Birds
8:00p The Advocate's Devil
9:35p Flowers In the Attic
11:10p The Man Who Knew Too Little
12:45a Agnes Of God
2:30a The Advocate's Devil
4:00a The Deep
Saturday, 1223
6:05a Encore Cinenews (E51)
6:35a Matt Helm in The Ambushers
8:20a Millennium
10:10a My Cousin Vinny (comedy, judge Fred Gwynn vs. Brooklyn wiseguy Joe Pesci)
12:15p Alien Resurrection
2:05p When The Bough Breaks
3:50p Desperate Hours
5:45p My Cousin Vinny
7:50p Sin City
10:00p Alien Resurrection
11:50p The Omen (1976)
1:45a Desperate Hours
3:35a Sin City
5:45a The Other
Sunday, 1224
7:30a Hitchcock's Spellbound
9:30a Shadow Of Fear
11:00a The Public Eye
12:45p The I Inside
2:20p The Crow 2: City Of Angels
3:50p Sunset
5:45p The Falcon And The Snowman
8:00p The I Inside
9:35p Nightwatch
11:20p Shadow Of Fear
12:50a Noise
2:20a Alien Nation (cop James Caan paired with alien cop to find killer on Earth)
4:00a Alien 51
5:30a The Fury (Kirk Douglas wants his psychokinetic kid back from the government)
Monday, 1225
7:30a After The Sunset
9:10a Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All (1989)
10:45a Alien Nation
12:15p Frank McKlusky, C.I.
1:40p After The Sunset
3:20p The Good Son
4:50p The Forgotten
6:30p Deep Rising
8:20p After The Sunset
10:00p Light Sleeper
11:50p The Forgotten
1:30a V.I. Warshawski (Kathleen Turner as a private eye with gonads)
3:00a Madhouse
4:35a The Forgotten
Tuesday, 1226
6:10a Frank McKlusky, C.I.
7:40a Flowers In the Attic
9:15a Encore Cinenews (E52)
9:45a The Advocate's Devil
11:20a Cape Fear
1:35p The Last Shot
3:15p Starkweather
4:50p Darkman "Justice has a new face"
6:30p Boogeyman
8:00p The Last Shot
9:40p Cape Fear
11:50p Darkman
1:30a Infection
3:15a Secuestro Express
4:50a Boogeyman
Wednesday, 1227
6:20a Still Crazy Like A Fox
8:00a Encore Cinenews (E52)
8:30a Hitchcock's The Birds
10:35a When The Bough Breaks
12:20p Sin City
2:35p Do Not Disturb
4:20p Dark City
6:10p Alien Resurrection
8:00p Sin City
10:10p Point Break (undercover surfer FBI agents)
12:15a Miami Blues
2:00a Night And The City
3:50a Timebomb
5:35a Encore Cinenews (E52)
Thursday, 1228
6:05a The Other
7:50a Millennium
9:40a The I Inside
11:15a Shadow Of Fear
12:50p The Omen "Look at me Damien!" (1976)
2:45p Point Break
4:50p The I Inside
6:30p The Crow 2: City Of Angels
8:00p Desperate Hours
9:50p The Omen
11:50p The Mighty Quinn
1:35a Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne
4:00a To Kill A Cop 
Friday, 1229
7:30a Rollercoaster
9:30a Audrey Rose
11:30a The Cosby Mysteries
1:10p Boys
2:45p Jaws: The Revenge
4:20p Audrey Rose
6:20p The Canterville Ghost
8:00p Boys
9:30p The Cosby Mysteries
11:05p Jaws: The Revenge
12:40a The Canterville Ghost
2:20a The People That Time Forgot (sequel to Land That Time Forgot)
4:00a Silent Running (Bruce Dern and 2 robots in space)
5:35a Dead Reckoning
Saturday, 1230
7:20a Encore Cinenews (E52)
7:50a Dune
10:10a The Forgotten
11:45a Raising Cain (John Lithgow vs. his evil twins)
1:20p After The Sunset
3:00p The Last Shot
4:35p Cape Fear
6:45p The Forgotten
8:20p After The Sunset
10:00p Raising Cain
11:35p Madhouse
1:10a The Forgotten
2:45a The Last Shot
4:20a After The Sunset
Sunday, 1231
6:00a National Treasure
8:15a Frank McKlusky, C.I.
9:40a Lone Star
12:00p V.I. Warshawski
1:30p National Treasure
3:45p The Spanish Prisoner
5:40p Lone Star
8:00p Devil's Advocate
10:30p National Treasure
12:45a The Spanish Prisoner
2:40a V.I. Warshawski
4:10a Stormy Weathers
5:45a So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers comedy)
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