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  There was indeed something Bill Reed could do for humanity... in the eventful years to follow... brazen criminals felt the touch of fear and terror... a startled nation shouted questions... Who was this winged figure of doom that purged the country of evil? His name or background none knew, but even the lowliest pavement vagabond soon learned to call him the War Eagle!

Also U.S., were rumored headlines, dating back to 1929... "The era of illegal alcohol and gang wars starts the War Eagle's momentous career."... and another in 1932, "Public Enemies rounded up by weird winged crime fighter.", also in 1936, "Bond thieves lose battle with War Eagle." and again in 1941... "WAR... Eagle seen at Uner explosion scene of sabotage... daring rescue at sea by War Eagle...". These were some of the screaming headlines of the War Eagle.
Crime Does Not Pay Comics # 22
Only Appearance
: 07/42


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