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Pat Patriot - America's Joan of Arc

Secret Identity: Patricia Patrios Costume: Blue blouse, boots; red and white striped skirt; wide belt buckled with a white star
First Appearance: Daredevil Comics #2, August 1941
Created by Charles Biro, Bob Wood (as Chuck Woodro) & Reed Crandall

In 1941, the writer of "Pat Patriot, America's Joan of Arc", didn't name the enemy .... When the heroine ... catches a gang which has attempted to blow up a dam, they are described as "wanted by the F.B.I." But a year after Pearl Harbor, in Daredevil Comics #10, the heroine, in a story drawn by Lin Streeter, stars in a nightclub benefit for government defense and sings ... German agents try to kill her because "Too much good will she is winning! Der future of Germany demands dat she be put oudt of der way!" Pat Patriot has no super powers, with the strength of her fists alone she puts the Nazis out of commission, and actually finishes her song in the last panels: "America for the Americans and to heck with the Nazi blitzkrieg!" It doesn't rhyme, but the audience loves it. "What a show!" they shout. "Hooray for Pat!" "Colossal!" "Wow!" "Bravo, Pat!"

Pat was working in an aircraft factory when, suspecting her bosses of sabotage, she donned her patriotic costume. In addition to Reed Crandall, Frank Borth worked on the series in 1941, and Lin Streeter in 1942 for Pat Patriot's Daredevil #2-11 run.

Text and reproductions from The Great Women Superheroes by and copyright Trina Robbins. Used by permission.