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The living, breathing reality to prove London can take it...



Marc Holmes, with his charm and dashing bravado, injects a new spirit into the hearts of a suffering people as London, the "suave, debonair protector of Britain". Marc Holmes in everyday life is a brilliant radio newscaster in war torn London England. In less than a year he was in business upon his arrival in London from America. London tossed a spanner in the the works of a Nazi gang, intent on kidnapping the Prime Minister. His sole intent was making sure the Nazi's were not triumphant in their mad grab for world domination, becoming a hero in order to inspire his fellow citizens in their battle against the Axis powers. London was also active on European continent, battling super villains, saboteurs, and Nazi spies, often dressed in a tuxedo.

Charles Biro was trying to put together an impressive package, and the reason he sought out James Robinson and George Roussos was because Batman was such a big hit. Essentially, Batman people were wanted. Jerry, George and their buddy Bernie Klein (who was killed in WWII) were all asked to put together new characters for what was going to be Daredevil #1. (We all know it as Daredevil #2, but this was really the first issue. What we know as Daredevil Verses Hitler was really intended as a Silver Streak special using the Funnies Inc. staff.) Jerry created London, George created Blackout and Bernie created Whirlwind. The last of these features left the book by issue #11.

George Roussos has written of his and Jerry Robinson's time on the strip, and others:
"Since Jerry and I had developed such a strong artistic look for Kane - always a big moon with harsh lights and shadows - they didn't want us to use that style for anyone else. We had worked with this fellow, Bob Wood, who later did the original Daredevil, on a feature called Target and the Targeteers. Bob was just starving at the time trying to meet his deadlines, so I used to stay up all night for 2 or 3 days in a row while everyone else fell asleep, helping out."


Daredevil Comics #'s 2 through 11
First Appearance
Last Appearance: 06/42


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