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The Bronze Terror - Real American #1

First Appearance: August 1941, Daredevil Comics #2

Costume: Feathered headdress, skull-mask, bare chest with bone design painted thereupon, buckskin pants and shoes.

"Jeff Dixon, full-blooded Indian and prominent lawyer, becomes the Bronze Terror in order to save his people from the corrupt vermin who are oppressing them."

From Ron Goulart's book: Jeff graduates from a midwestern law school, then returns to his reservation when he discovers that his father, Chief White Falcon, has been framed for murder. Rather than relying on his legal training to save his father from the clutches of the corrupt town officials, he whips up a disguise -- which includes a skull-mask for his gray stallion -- and goes after the real killers as the Bronze Terror. Afterwards, he sticks around to protect his people from others who would take advantage of them. The vermin the Bronze Terror specialised in exterminating were almost always crooked civic officials and government employees, the sort who accused Indians of un-American activities and then put them to work on road gangs, or who mismanaged natural resources. He lasted through Daredevil Comics #11 (June 1942).

Created by Dick Briefer