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Bombshell and Young Robin Hood

illustrations copyright Richard Boucher

Bombshell, the Son of War

Secret Identity: Dryas
Tools & Weapons: Magic sword which has the power to "destroy the machines of war but which can not take human life"; mystical golden shield.
First Appearance: Boy Comics #3, April 1942
History: Looking down at Earth, the Roman god of war, Mars, deciding that "war was never meant to reckless slaughter", sends his teenage son to Earth to battle the battle saboteurs and Nazi spies, often with the aid of his sometimes ally, Young Robin Hood. Brave and fearless, Bombshell is very effective in defeating the enemies of America, his newly adopted country which he calls home.
Created by Mort Meskin

Young Robin Hood & His Band

Secret Identity: Billy Lackington
First Appearance: Boy Comics #3, 1942
History: Billy Lackington had a hankering to aid the war effort. Adept with a bow, like his hero of old, the legendary Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, Billy decides to emulate his hero's deeds and takes his bow and arrows up in the cause of right as Young Robin Hood, fighting injustice with his modern-day Merry Men (Fatso, Squeeky, and Freckles; later Friar Tucker, Shorty, and Little John).
Created by Alan Mandel