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Captain Battle - the One Man Army

Secret Identity: Jonathan Battle
Tools & Weapons: Curvoscope, which allows him to see anywhere on Earth; Dissolvo gun, which projects "a color concentrate, the vibrations of which melt down nerve and bone tissue into a gelatinous mass"; the Luceflyer, a jet backpack which allows him to travel near the speed of light.
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #10, May 1941
History: A wounded World War I veteran (having lost his left eye) devotes his life to putting an end to the horrors of war. Setting up a mountaintop laboratory, he develops various tools which he uses in his crusade. Battle's first junior sidekick is Hale Battle, formerly Nathan Hale (July 1941); his second is named Kane. Jane Lorrain is the secretary of this "one man army" (who, in one adventure, does the job of six men in running a submarine). One of the titles inherited from Rhoda Publications, Captain Battle Comics was succeeded by Boy Comics after the second issue.
Created by Carl Formes & Jack Binder

Captain Battle, Junior

Secret Identity: William Battle
Costume: Green breeches; blue boots; brown flight jacket; red scarf; brown flight helmet.
History: While Captain Battle was recovering from injuries sustained in battle, William Battle took some of his father's equipment and began a mystery man career of his own. When his father recovered enough to find out about his son's activities he took the equipment away but promised to train him and return the equipment when he reached 18. Captain Battle Junior serves his country on special undercover assignments in the European theater of military operations, relying more on fisticuffs than super science. His comic ran for three issues, published at irregular intervals between 1942 and 1944.