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The following is the so-far canonical fanfic list of Golden Age characters, including many not created by me. Graphics (mainly) by Skullogeist. For more information cf. Amalgam Universe Chronology: The Golden Age - The Silver Age.

Other Characters who have received bios but neither appeared in canon nor in fanfic are in the Other Heroes page.

THE FIGHTIN' FIVE, heroes of WW I (name comes from Charlton war comic), created by Mikel Midnight:

  • The Coloradan ('Gladiator' + 'Man-God') - USA, hyperlink to Marvel Appendix
  • The Crimson Musketeer (the Musketeer + Crimson Cavalier) - France
  • Squire of Albion I - England
  • Union Jack I (Starman I + Union Jack I) - England
  • Yellowjacket (Yellowjacket [grandfather of Merryman] + Yellowjacket [Marvel villainess]) - USA (grandmother of Mr. Merry from the Great League of Inferiors)

    ALL STAR WINNERS SQUADRON (All-Star Winners Society changed its name to All-Star Winners Squadron when the Judgment Society Invaders was formed), membership refined by Mikel Midnight, historical notes by Ultro, hyperlink to Marvel Appendix :

  • Super-Soldier*Leader (Superman + Captain America)
  • American Belle*Co-leader (Liberty Belle + Miss America)
  • Aqua-Mariner (Aquaman + Sub-Mariner)
  • Black Scorpion (Black Canary + Silver Scorpion) - also proposed: Sand Scorpion (Sandman + Silver Scorpion)
  • Human Lantern (Human Torch + Green Lantern)
  • Minuteman (Flash + Captain America) - reserve member only, disappeared during the war
  • Red Vision (Red Tornado I + Vision I) - frumpy housewife from another dimension
  • Speed Demon (Flash + Blazing Skull + Etrigan and Ghost Rider elements) - Jay Garrick
  • Spitfirebrand (Spitfire + Firebrand) - Churchill's representative
  • Union Jack I (Union Jack I + Starman I) - Churchill's representative, perished during the war, lineage continued by Ensign Jack
  • The Whiz (Flash + Whizzer) - Jay Stewart
  • 'Brooklyn' Barnes ('Brooklyn' + Bucky Barnes) - mascot, hyperlink to Marvel Appendix
  • Dan Lance (Larry Lance+Dan Hurley) - boss and fiancee of Black Scorpion, occasional hanger-on at meetings - created by Ultro

    CLUB OF ALLIES (Club of Heroes + Young Allies + assorted Marvel heroes), created by Mikel Midnight:

  • Blizzard (Ice Maiden + Hurricane) - Norway
  • Dream Ranger (Ranger + Dreamwalker) - Australia
  • Fantasmo (Phantasmo + Fantomas) - France
  • Flaming Arrow (Bowman of Britain + Captain Kerosene) - England
  • Phantom Eagle (Phantom Eagle + Phantom Eagle) - Germany
  • Red Fox (Flying Fox + Red Wolf) - Canada
  • Rocket Red Guardian (Rocket Red + Red Guardian I) - USSR
  • The Squire of Albion (Squire Butch + Albion) - England
  • Starfireball (Starfire + Fireball) - USSR

    CREATURE COMMAND, created by Crazy Ivan, membership refined by Ultro

  • John Morbius [Velcro?/Morbius]
  • "Lucky" Golem ["Lucky" Taylor/Golem]
  • James Talbot [?/?]
  • Medusa the Inhuman [Medusa]

    THE FREEDOM CRUSADERS (Freedom Fighters + Crusaders) - also proposed by Omegabeast: Liberty Fighters (Liberty Legion + Freedom Fighters), created by Crazy Ivan

  • Apollo I (Ray I + Corsair) - ally
  • Blonde Phantom Lady (Phantom Lady + Blonde Phantom)
  • Blue Atom (Atom I + Blue Diamond)
  • Ensign Jack (Green Arrow + Union Jack, son of Union Jack above) & Arrowcaster (Speedy + Nightcaster)
  • Johnny Frost & Winterbolt (Johnny Thunder + Jack Frost)
  • Johnny Quicksilver (Johnny Quick + Quicksilver)
  • Paper-Man (Plastic Man + Thin Man)
  • Spider (The Spider + Jewel) - reserve member only

    THE YOUNG COMMANDOS, membership refined by Mikel Midnight and Crazy Ivan

  • 'Brooklyn' Barnes ('Brooklyn' + Bucky Barnes)
  • American Girl (Bucky + Supergirl), Super Soldier's sidekick, disappeared during the war
  • Arn "Hercules" David (Arn Munro + Hercules)
  • Dyna-Flame (Dan the Dyna-Mite + Toro), Human Lantern's sidekick
  • Golden Ray (Golden Girl + The Ray) - also proposed: Golden Tsunami (Golden Girl + Tsunami)
  • Human Tsunami (Human Top + Tsunami) - also proposed: Amazing Top (Amazing Man + Human Top)
  • Rusty (Rusty), Americommando's (Mr. America + The Defender) sidekick
  • Subbie Perkins (Neptune Perkins + Subbie)

    JUDGEMENT SOCIETY INVADERS - also proposed: Justice Society of Invaders
    -- Formed when the All Star Winners teamed up with the Freedom Crusaders for the first time to rescue Johnny Frost and Paper-Man from the icy clutches of Baron Zero, they banded together under the banner of the Judgement Society Invaders at Roosevelt's request, to act as an umbrella organisation for all the American superheroes, including the members of the All Star Winners Squadron, the Freedom Crusaders, the Young Commandos, and most of the unaffiliated heroes. Chaired by American Belle.

    SMALL STAR WEINERS SQUADRON (OF UNIVERSE-C), created by Mikel Midnight and Crazy Ivan

    SPITFIRE & THE BLACKHAWKS (OF UNIVERSE-2), membership refined by Mikel Midnight

  • Spitfire - England
  • The Golden Centurion - Poland
  • Dr. Hands - China
  • The Leaper - Sweden
  • The Listener - USA
  • M'sieu Machine - France
  • The Weapons Master - Holland

    THE TOUGH NEWSBOY KID LEGION [Newsboy Legion/Tough Kid Squad] Star-Spangled Marvel Comics #7, membership refined by Ultro

    -- Tommy Danger and Big Words Wally Danger, Gabby Butch, Derrick crapperDawes, and the Native American/African American Flip Eagle four tough and cunning street kids from Suicide Slum, discovered that tough rich man Tom Harper was actually the costumed crimefighter called The Guardian Angel. They became his sidekicks and had many adventures with him and alone against the evil Dr. Klutch. Grown up, the kids from Suicide Slum became scientists and created Project Cadmus, funded by the US Government. The Project specialized in genetics and its technologies were used to clone a new body for Tom Harper and offer the Guardian Angel a second take on life as Warren Harper. During a takeover of Cadmus by the Apokoliptian creature named Sleez, the directors were cloned, thus giving birth to a new, teenaged, Tough Newsboy Kid Legion (II).

    Agent X: Dark Claw [Wolverine / Unknown Soldier + Batman elements] First Appearence--Sleuth Comics #27

    -- Description (retconned version, by Mikel Midnight): A powerful looking man clad in a military jacket and riding trousers. His features are covered by a feral-looking mask, but he is grinning widely. From the back of each glove protrudes a snap-on attachment: a single long, curved, clawlike blade.

    American Belle [Liberty Belle / Miss America] First Appearence--Young Commandos Mystery #1

    -- Madeline Lawrence, while visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia during a thunderstorm, was walloped by lightning conducted through the metal bell. When she awakes a week later, she finds that she possesses the ability to manifest a psychic adrenal rush which she turns against the enemy. Creating a costume and calling herself American Belle, using the Liberty Bell icon as a symbol, she fought the Nazis alone and as a member of the All Star Winners Squadron, as well as acting as chairman for the Judgement Society Invaders. Her children Jesse Quicksilver (who uses the name 'Jessica Pietro' professionally) and Nuklon [Nuklo + Atom-Smasher] are currently active as crimefighters. - written by Mikel Midnight

    American Girl [Bucky / Supergirl] First Appearance: Super-Soldier Action #1

    -- Carol Barnes was the wartime partner of Super-Soldier [Superman/Captain America] and member of the Young Commandos [Young All-Star/Kid Commandos]. Recently discovered to be the modern-age American Girl suffering from amnesia. - written by Ultro

    Aqua-Mariner [Aquaman / Sub-Mariner] First Appearence--Marine Mystery Comics #1 (published by All Timely Magazines before its amalgamation with National Atlas Comics in 1940)

    -- Born a metamutant to Tom McKenzie [Tom Curry/Leonard McKenzie] and Fenna [Alanna/Fen], Namorin was an outcast for he had Caucasian skin as compared to the rest of the Atlantian people who had blue skin. He was referred to as 'the bastard son', as many of the populace of Atlantis would not even acknowledge him, but this did not seem to really bother Namorin, as he found at a young age that he possessed the ability to communicate with sea life and as such, Namorin spent most of his time with the seas other species learning their ways. It was at this time that he became friends with two dolphins who in many ways he would see as his mentors for they taught him right from wrong and the ways of justice.
    -- When he was a young teen, Namorin was sent to the surface would where he became the close friend of a lighthouse keeper who helped him learn the way of surface dwellers, it was at this time that World War 2 broke out and Namorin felt an obligation to fight for the oceans inhabitants and so he joined the All-Star Winner Squadron. He served with them for many years becoming close friends and having great respect for them as they did for him. He would continue his friendship with them even after the war, but moving to reserve status as he felt more and more of an obligation to defend his - written by Ultro, hyperlink to Marvel Appendix.

    Arn "Hercules" David [Arn Munro / Hercules] First Appearance -- Young Commandos Comics #1

    -- Description: A well-built young man, with blond hair. His eyes are brown, and he is wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. He doesn't look like a mystery man really, more like someone who just got involved. - created by Crazy Ivan
    -- Originally, Arn " Hercules " David (Hercules was his middle school baseball nickname ), knew he was faster and stronger than any three of his classmates combined. Growing up in Indian Creek, Colorado, he was ready to leave the small town behind and seek his fortune in the world when during a date in May of 1942, he aided the young hero Dyna-Flame against some Nazi sabatours and Valkyrie Queen. Stretching his abilities to their limits, Arn found that even small arms fire could not harm him and he could leap nearly an eighth of a mile. Unable to save Dyna-Flame's partner, Arn accompanied him back to New York and found himself united along with the All-Star Winners Squadron against Battle-Axis America and fought Ubermeister, who had similar powers and abilities to his own. Wanting to join the Army, but unable to since he was only 17, Arn took up with several other young heroes in the (mostly) Public Relations oriented group The Young Commandos. Arn resisted wearing a "super-hero" costume (except for a brief time). Arn found out the reasons for his superior abilities after reading the diaries prepared by his true father, Hugo Danner. Danner's own father created a series of chemical additives that were administered to him in vitro, and after Hugo grew up, he roamed the world, eventally dying in a tragic accident, but in his teens he had fathered Arn with his highschool sweetheart, Anna Blake. Anna was married to Dr. John David at the time and kept the brief liason from him. Dr. David, idealistic master of science, left civilization twenty years ago - to rear his baby son as a perfect phyysical and mental specimen! On a lonely Arctic island, the boy learns to stand hard weather and great labor - and his increase in size and strength is matched by his incredible the boy becomes a huge powerful man, the doctor returns Arn back to Colorado and dies.
    -- Arn's activities from 1942 through the late 1950's are unknown, but he later joined the US government's secret Task Force X's Argent division, teaming for a time with The Phantom Lady, marrying her and fathering a child that was stolen while still in its mother's womb by Baron Blitzkrieg, a former Nazi super-soldier now working for the USSR. Arn lost contact with Sandra Knight and has been searching for her since that time. The group Argent also went underground several years later, hindering Arn's search efforts. Arn continued to work for the US government for a time, but he is now mostly retired, and he has been married and divorced at least two other times. - written by Ultro.

    Black Orchid the Unknown [Black Orchid / The Unknown]

    -- Black Orchid worked as secretary Judy Allen to the district attorney in Detroit Michigan. She frequently fought crime alongside The Scarlet Avenger, before being slain by The Python.

    Blizzard [Icemaiden I/Hurricane I] First Apearance -- Red Hawk #1

    -- Blizzard is the "daughter of Thor, god of Thunder, and the last descendant of the ancient Greek immortals," who returned to Earth to fight her ancestral enemy, "Pluto, the Devil." She has cold and ice generating abilities. She is a member of the Club of Allies [Club of Heroes, Young Allies/Marvel heroes] and in the late 20th century is a close friend and mentor to Iceberg [Ice/Iceman]. - created by Mikel Midnight, written by Ultro

    Blonde Phantom Lady [Phantom Lady/ Blonde Phantom] First Appearance -- Mystic Police #1 (Quality)

    -- Sandra Grant is inspired to fight crime when she is waiting for her Senator father in Washington when she sees two bad guys try to kill him. She thinks quickly and foils the attack with a rolled-up newspaper. Her civilian identity is the secretary for the Mark Mason Detective Agency, and she is in love with her boss, Mark Mason, although he only has eyes for the Blonde Phantom Lady. She has no superpowers but is a good fighter and uses the black light ray (an invention that Professor Davis) to project darkness and make herself invisible. - created by Crazy Ivan, written by Ultro

    Blue Atom [Atom I / Blue Diamond] First Appearence--All American Daring Mystery #17

    -- Al Morrow was a brilliant scientist who secretly split the atom in mid-1939. Over the next few years he continued his atomic experiments. In late 1941 he undertook a mission to the Antarctic in search of rare isotopes. He brought back a huge blue diamond which he intended to useas part of a lens. Unfortunately, a flaw in the diamond caused it to shatter, irradiating Morrow and causing him, as a result of a freak accident, to compress a full foot in height, making him super-dense. Brooding for days, he gets so down that at one point he buys a bum dinner just for the company. As it happens, the bum turns out to be a former fight trainer, who teaches him combat technique. Al became inspired to become a mysteryman and join the Freedom Crusaders. Now deceased. - created by Crazy Ivan

    Blue Jacket I [Fox's Blue Beetle I / Frank Communale's Yellowjacket I] First Appearence--All American Marvel Mystery #1

    -- Vince Garrett, a police reporter, is assisting the police on a case when would-be thieves knock him unconscious and then use a carton of angry bees to finish him off. Hundreds of bees swarm over his prostrate body. Near death, he is rescued by neighborhood pharmacist Dr. Franz, who feeds him Vitamin X2 which cures him and grants him heightened physical prowess; as a result of his harrowing experience, he also has acquired the power to direct bees to help him in his crime-fighting chores. We have seen him in his later years, retired and running a small apartment building in Elmond, California. Now deceased. - created by Mikel Midnight
    -- Many years later, Henry Kord, CEO of Kord, Inc., is inspired to become the second Blue Jacket. Lacking the powers of the original, he uses his technological skill to create microminiaturised weaponry and battle crime as the second Blue Jacket. He was briefly a member of the Judgement League Avengers.

    Captain Albion & Kid Albion First Appearence -- Justice League Excelsior #?

    -created by Jac Milnestein

    Captain TNT [Captain Wonder / TNT] First Appearance -- Star-Spangled Marvel Comics #7

    -- While working on an experiment, Tex Jordan and his youthful assistant Tim Dunbar are trapped in an explosion. Realising that the accident has multiplied their physical strength many times over, Jordan also develops rings which, when worn by the pair, envelop them in an explosion when the rings touch. The pair go into battle as Captain TNT and Tim the Ther-Mite. The older hero was killed trying to protect the Boulder Dam from a team of villains; his sidekick found his own powers effected by his mentor's absence and donned the new appelation of Dyna-Flame. - created by Mikel Midnight
    -- Description: Captain TNT is a man wearing a red bodysuit with blue shoulders and a black "TNT" on his chest. Blue gloves cover his hands. The blue top of his cowl hides his hair, if any; to further disguise his features, he wears a red mask. He wears blue trunks on the outside of his body-suit. Blue boots complete his outfit..

    Citizen Glory [General Glory / Citizen V] First Appearence--All American Daring Mystery #8

    -- Joseph Watkins was a British officer with the aid of his Glory Battalion fighting against the Axis powers in World War II. The battalion helped the Allied forces with the war effort in secret towards victory. Major Heinrich Zemo infiltrated the Glory battalion and lead Citizen V into a trap and took Citizen Glory's life with his own hands. Heinrich also managed to find many of the Glory battalion later and had them killed as well. Few were left alive but one of them was Irma Brazee who was pregnant with Citizen Glory's child. A few friends smuggled her to England through the underground where her baby was born. - written by Ultro
    -- Dressed in a blue uniform with the words 'Fair Play' emblazoned across his chest in red and white, he was the British leader of the Glory Battalion, which continued its activities after the war. Now deceased. The grandson of Major Zemo posed as his descendent, calling himself Citizen D, to lead the group Young Thunderbolts.

    Deaddevil [National Lampoon's Deadman II / Lev Gleason's Daredevil I] First Appearence--National Silver Comics #6

    -- Bart Hill LaBrea is an engineer working in Australia, whose new invention attracts the notice of crooks. They ruthlessly kill him by running the car he is driving off a cliff, orphaning his young son, Bill Hart LaBrea, who was along as a passenger. So shocking is the accident that it renders Bill mute. The car is found by aborigines and the pair is taken to Prof. Franz Tottentanz, who has taken to living in the outback. As the Professor treats the senior Hart's body with an experimental preservation treatment, Bill is raised by the aborigines and whipped into tiptop physical and acrobatic condition. Silently swearing to destroy the forces of evil responsible for his father's death, he dresses his father's preserved corpse in a superhero costume and, naming the resulting apparition "Deaddevil", uses it as a weapon to make crime pay. Bill Hart LaBrea commits suicide in the early 50's following revelations of his left-wing political background during the McCarthy witch trials. - created by Mikel Midnight

    Doc Strangefate [Nedor's Doc Strange I / Dr. Fate] First Appearence--More Thrilling Fun Comics #51

    -- Archeologist Kent Strangefate found an Egyptian tomb, and by following an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, re-invented the miraculous drug Alosin, a powerful distillate of sun atoms. He swallows it and takes on superpowers: super strength, great agility, and the ability to leapgreat distances. His costume consisted of a red t-shirt, blue breeches, and gold boots and half-helm. During the Roy Thomas-edited run of the Dr. Strangefate series, it was revealed that Nabu the Ancient One had intervened in Kent Strangefate's destiny: his heir, the true Dr. Strangefate, had not yet been created as Nabu was awaiting the arrival of Charles Xavier; however, he recognised the need for a hero to battle the evil of the Axis menace. Now deceased. - created by Mikel Midnight
    -- Description: A tall man dressed in a red t-shirt and blue breeches. He also wears gold boots. Your attention is immediately drawn to his glittering golden helm, a small crest at the top, which covers the top half of his face. From the cut of his chin and the set of his mouth you glean an impression of a thoughtful man, a man who has lost and sacrificed much, and a man who, once a decision has been made, will stand by it whatever the cost.

    Dominic Flag [Dominic Fortune / Rick Flag] First Appearance -- Amalgam Preview #2

    -- The man who turned his back on the American military to become an "adventurer-for-hire" during World War II, along with his organisation the Scorpion Squad. Now deceased. - created by Loborine

    Dyna-Flame [Dan the Dyna-Mite / Toro / Tim Mulrooney] First Appearance -- Young Commandos #1, First Appearance (as Tim the Ther-Mite) -- Star-Spangled Marvel Comics #7

    -- After the death of Captain TNT, Timothy Dunbar donned his mentor's ring to become an autonomous crimefighter, only to find that they granted him the power to project flame rather than the explosive punch he was used to. Taken on by Human Lantern who attempted to teach him to use his new-found powers, he changed his name accordingly from Tim the Ther-Mite and signed on as a member of the Young Commandos.
    -- Description: Dyna-Flame appears to be a boy in his early teens. He wears a blue bodysuit with red shoulders. Red gloves cover his hands. The red top of his cowl hides his hair; to further disguise his features, he wears a blue mask. He wears red trunks on the outside of his body-suit. Red boots complete his outfit.

    Ensign Jack [Green Arrow I / Union Jack II / Green Archer elements] First Appearence--More Thrilling Fun Comics #73, originally adapted from movie serial

    -- When Oliver Knight inherits Garr Castle in England following the death of his father (aka Union Jack, hero of WWI), his uncle Jonathan, aka Baron Blood, frames him and sends him to jail. Escaping and donning the disguise of Ensign Jack, Oliver slinks about in the shadows to prove his innocence and win back his castle (not to mention his wife Elaine, with whom Baron Blood has also absconded). Finding Elaine under Blood's possession, Oliver and Elaine's son Roy are forced to kill her in self-defense. The pair return to America where Roy Harper takes the name Arrowcaster. Ensign Jack is a member of the Freedom Crusaders. Following the war, he transports his castle stone by stone to New York State, and later marries Dinah Barstow, the Black Scorpion. - created by Crazy Ivan, written by Mikel Midnight

    Genius Taylor [Genius Jones / Taxi Taylor] First appearance--Mystic Police #1

    -- When his plane crashes on a desert island, Johnny "Genius" Taylor studies the books on the plane while he is turning the parts of his plane that survived the crash into a Wonder Car. He returns to civilization in the Wonder Car and becomes a super hero. - created by Captain Gerry

    Golden Ray [Ray I/Golden Girl II] First Appearace - Judgment Society of Invaders #26

    -- Langford Lou Sabuki was a Japanese-American citizen who like all Japanese-Americans was rounded up during WW2 and placed inside a relocation camp. From this camp he was kidnaped, along with his father, Dr. Sam Sabuki, by Agent Axis, a superpowered operative for the Axis powers. Axis placed Langford Lou Sabuki, Miya Mitchell, American Girl (I) and Dyna-Flame into a machine designed to restore Agent Axis to his normal form. Before this could take place American Girl (I) and Dyna-Flame tried to escape, and in the ensuing brawl one of Sam Sabuki's machines exploded, granting superpowers to Langford Lou and Miya Mitchell. Langford Lou was given the ability to "project radiant energy." Although he was understandably resentful of the way his family and all Japanese-Americans had been treated, he still saw that the threat of the Axis was greater still, and so he decided to put his new powers to good use. He called herself "Golden Ray," and with American Girl (I) and Dyna-Flame and Mitchell, who called herself the Human Tsunami (II), he became a member of the Young Commandos. The Kid Commandos were active throughout the war. After the war Golden Ray was a founding member of the Penance Council, the leaders of the Glory-Battalion. The post-war history of Langford Lou Sabuki is not known, but it is known that he died in 1961; the circumstances of his death are not known. Sabuki's daughter was the Golden Sunburst, and his granddaughter was Goldray, who served with the Glory-Battalion until her recent death.

    Ben "Guerilla" Grimm [Ben Grimm/Mike Gibbs, Guerilla] First appearance--USA Action #4

    -- During World War II, Ben Grimm was a one-man army performing dangerous missions. At one time, he crash-landed on an island that was a strange pocket in time where dinosaurs still existed and that Japanese soldiers had occupied. He had to fight a two-front war against both menaces until Allied forces could arrive to aid him. - written by Captain Gerry

    Guardian Angel [Guardian / Angel I] First Appearence--Star-Spangled Marvel Comics #7

    -- Tom Harper was born in New York City's "Suicide Slum", but used his scientific genius to become a billionaire. After years of the high life, he returned to Suicide Slum to learn what happened to his childhood compatriots. Seeing many of them dead or involved in criminal activity, he vowed to do his best to make sure that the slums didn't cause other young boys to go bad. He underwent intense physical training to become the Guardian Angel, using his resources to sponsor an alternative to the criminal youth gangs: the Tough Newsboy Kid Legion. His brother is the late Will Harper; his nephew is Roy Harper, aka Arrowcaster, who during the war assisted Ensign Jack. - hyperlink to Marvel Appendix

    Human Lantern [Green Lantern I / Human Torch I] First Appearence--All American Marvel Mystery #1

    -- 1st century B.C, in Tibet, a meteor falls and breaks open, revealing its core, a pool of hot, liquid metal. Eventually, a lantern made from the metal passes into the hands of Professor Phineas T. Horton. His sanity restored by the lantern's glow, he uses it the metal to create an android which, when exposed to oxygen, turns into a living fireball. Adopting the human identity of Jim Scott, the android learns to control his power and becomes a construction engineer. When a train on which he's riding is blown up by a saboteur, the Emerald Beacon of Justice decides to use his powers to fight crime alone and as a member of the All Star Winners Squadron. In his later years conflict with a rogue time traveler stranded him on Universe-2 where he chose to remain.- written by Mikel Midnight

    Human Tsunami [Tsunami/Human Top II] First Appearance- Judgment Society of Invaders #26

    -- Miya Mitchell was born in the United States of Japanese immigrant mother and African-American father, and sent back to Japan for her formal education, as was the custom among many Japanese-Americans before World War II. Miya Mitchell, a teenager, was kidnaped by Agent Axis, a superpowered operative for the Axis powers. Axis placed Mitchell, a Japanese-American teenager named Langford Lou Sabuki, American Girl (I) and Dyna-Flame into a machine designed to restore Agent Axis to his normal form. Before this could take place American Girl (I) and Dyna-Flame tried to escape, and in the ensuing brawl one of the machines exploded, granting superpowers to Langford Lou and Miya Mitchell. Mitchell was given the ability to spin at super speed turning into a whirling column of water. She put on a costume and called herself the "Human Tsunami," and with American Girl (I), Dyna-Flame, and Sabuki, who called himself Golden Ray, Mitchell became a member of the Young Commandos. Battling the predudice within and without, Tsunami aided the Allied war effort at least until mid-1942. It was revealed that later, she wed her friend Subbie Perkins. The Young Commandos were active throughout the war. After the war Mitchell was a founding member of the Penance Council, the leaders of the Glory-Battalion. The post-war history of Miya Mitchell is not known, but Mitchell appeared in the Citizen Glory miniseries, so we know, at least, that she's still alive. Mitchell's son was Twister (he din have the water part of the powers). Mitchell's granddaughter is Deborah Mitchell, aka Deepspin, and is active with the Glory-Battalion. Until recently, she believed that Subbie Perkins was the father of their daughter, Deborah, but it was discovered that the biological father was Rhombus, a mystical enemy from earlier in their careers. The Perkins split up over this discovery. - written by Ultro

    Johnny Frost & the Winterbolt [Johnny Thunder & the Thunderbolt / Jack Frost] First Appearence--Speed Demon Comics V1#1

    -- Member of the Freedom Crusaders who is mystically linked with a magic being of sentient cold. - created by Crazy Ivan

    Johnny Quicksilver [Johnny Quick / Quicksilver] First Appearence--More Thrilling Fun Comics #73

    -- Movie maker Johnny Maximoff stumbled upon his speed when he learned a mathematical formula for a 4th-dimensional construct. He became Johnny Quicksilver and his never-say-die attitude endeared him to the American public and his fellow heroes. Drummed out of Hollywood during the McCarthy witch trials, he took his fortune and founded a promotional company. - written by Panda7I0
    -- A founding member of the Freedom Crusaders. His daughter Jesse Quicksilver (who uses the name 'Jessica Pietro' professionally) is currently active as a crimefighter.

    Minuteman [Captain America / Flash I] First Appearance -- Minuteman Comics #1

    -- Wally Rogers was a scientist working for the United States government when a lab accident made him one of the the fastest men alive. He offered his services as a superhero to the USA to help with the war effort. An attempt to defeat the Japanese creation known as The Yellow Light led to the speedster's inadvertant time jump to the 1990's. - created by That Guy

    Miss Wonderly [Miss America / Captain Wonder / Maltese Falcon elements] First Appearence--Military Kid Komix #1; the character originally appeared (as a reporter) in a serial published by All Timely Magazine's pulp fiction branch, written by Peter Collinson.

    -- Professor Samuel Mazursky showed reporter Brigid O'Shaughnessy (who usually wrote under the less ethnic pen-name of Joan Jordan) a vial of a "wonder drug" he was working on in his secret laboratory underneath the Statue of Liberty. As they debated how to best test the drug, she accidentally broke the vial, and trapped herself in an explosion. Realising that the accident had given her the super-human power to rearrange the atomic and molecular structure of matter and to transmute it, she decided to use her abilities to fight crime. - created by Mikel Midnight & Crazy Ivan

    Moon Man [Moon Knight / Batman I] First Appearence--Mystic Police Comics #5

    -- Millionaire playboy Bruce Spector takes up crimefighting as Moon Man. He only comes out on nights when the moon is full, and he is "hunted alike by the underworld and the police."

    Moon Spirit (of Universe-2) [Moon Knight / Eisner Studio's The Spirit] First Appearence--Moon Spirit by Night #1 (newspaper supplement)

    -- Criminologist Denny Spector takes up crimefighting as Moon Spirit after being apparently slain in a battle with a mad Egyptologist. He is accompanied by his sidekick Ivory, and he is "hunted alike by the underworld and the police." - written by Mikel Midnight

    Nick Fury & Company E-Z

    The Owl [Dr. Mid-nite I / the Falcon II] First Appearence--Super Soldier Comics #25

    --In 1941, Sam McNider was a street hood turned accomplished physician and researcher in New York City. Late one evening he was called upon police to treat a mob informant by the name of Brown. Brown had run afoul of Mafia "Boss" Maroni. As McNider tended to Brown, a local ganster threw a grenade into the room. The explosion killed Brown, his nurse and an attending police officer. As a result of the explosion it left McNider blinded for life. He abandoned his medical practice at that point, devoting himself to research to cure his blindness. As a side, he resolved to battle crime through the media by writing scathing editorials and detective stories based on figures in organized crime. One night, McNider was meditating in his study when an owl broke a window, startling the physician. In his haste, his bandages fell off and he discovered that he could see. However, upon turning on the lights, he was blinded again. His vision was only functional when there was no light. Energised by this discovery, McNider studied a variety of lenses in an attempt to find a kind that shielded him from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and heightened infrared in the darkness, and equipped himself with a pair of anti-gravity wings that allowed him to fly. He also adopted the owl with whom he now had a psychic link; he named this owl Hooty. For much of his early career he operated as a companion to Super-Soldier. - created by Nilescable

    Paper-Man [Plastic Man / Thin Man] First Appearence--Mystic Police #1

    -- Criminal escaping the authorities found lost civilization in the Himalayas. They taught him self control and gave him a formula that allows him to constrict his body to paper-thinness, and use his leftover mass to extend any part of his body. He was a founding member of the Freedom Crusaders. - created by Crazy Ivan

    Poseidon [Greek mythology] First Appearance - Adventures to Astonish #70

    -- Poseidon, god of the seas, descended from Eternolympus, took on human form and made an appearence as a circus strongman. When it became clear that the old gods were being ignored, he left in a snit and retreated to his underwater kingdom. Hyperlink to Marvel Appendix.

    Red Hawk [Red Raven I / Hawkman I] First Appearence--Red Hawk #1 (only issue, character later switched to Speed Demon Comics)

    -- Explorer who finds ancient city built by Egyptian descendants, where everyone uses Nth metal for anti-grav & wings to navigate the air.

    The Scarlet Avenger [Mr. Scarlet / The Black Avenger]

    -- The Scarlet Avenger worked as district attorney Brian Carstairs in Detroit Michigan. He frequently fought crime alongside Black Orchid the Unknown. In later years he was accompanied by Pinky Bryon, aka the Pink Avenger [Pinky / Young Avenger].

    The Saint [The Saint / Angel elements] First Appearance: National Silver Comics #18

    -- Simon Templar, better known as the Saint, fights his own war against the Nazis.

    Sargon the Mystic [Sargon the Sorceror / Merzah the Mystic] First Appearance -- All American Marvel Mystery #26

    -- John Merzah used his incredible psychic powers to aid the All-Star Winners Squadron on several occasions before turning to villainy in the post-War years just to see what it was like. Now deceased. - created by Loborine

    Seagar, the Last Viking Commando [Last Viking / Viking Commando / Popeye elements] First Appearance -- All-Out War Action #1

    -- Nordic adventurer brought to the days of WWII. Occasional ally of Sgt. Fury & his Howling Commandos, he was also instrumental in the creation of the 60's hero Thorstar. - created by Crazy Ivan

    Speed Demon I [Flash I / Blazing Skull I / Etrigan and Ghost Rider elements] First Appearence--Speed Demon Comics V1#1

    -- Description: A young, thin man attired in a loose red tunic, covered with a large white lightning bolt from the waist up. He wears tight red trousers and red winged boots with the tops folded down. Of course, you recognize his familiar scarlet winged helmet, a replica of Hermes, the messenger god's helmet. His features seem to be pale white, until with a closer look you realise you are seeing nothing more than a bare skull.

    Spider [The Spider / Jewel]

    -- Jessica Hallaway was an heiress who used her skills in archery to fight crime, and operated as a substitute for Ensign Jack on a few cases of the Freedom Crusaders. Her weaponry included the "spider seal," a solid silver disk which, fired from her bow, she used to disarm criminals, and the Black Widow, a bullet-shaped car which was one the fastest land vehicles in the world. Unfortunately, mismanagement of her assets caused her to lose her millions, and her testimony during the McCarthy witch trials in the 50's resulted in her ostracism among the superhero community. She later established herself as a noncostumed private investigator. - created by Mikel Midnight
    -- Description: The black haired woman standing before you is clad in a mystery man costume. Her feet are covered by blue boots, and a pair of blue trunks adorn her abdomen, held tightly in place by a blue leather belt. From her waist up she is clothed in a skin-tight yellow shirt, that goes up to her neck, and leaves her hands uncovered. A blue quiver is slung over her shoulder, and she has her black bow at the ready. Her face is a grim one, but there is a hint of a smile there. Her blue eyes burn into yours, and her face is unencumbered by a mask or other obscurement.

    Spitfirebrand I & II [Quality's Firebrand I & Firebrand II / John F. Mahon's Spitfire I & Spitfire II] First Appearance: Mystic Police #1 / JSI #12

    -- The original Spitfirebrand was Douglas Reilly, RAF pilot and son of a fabulously rich steel tycoon. A yen for adventure leads him to decide to become a superhero; having no superpowers he is armed with a flaming torch, a lariat, and a rapier. During one battle he is wounded and believed dead.
    -- Douglas's sister Jacqueline Reilly, while conducting research on a volcanic isle, is captured by Baron Blood as part of a gang of supervillains led by a time-traveling criminal. Bitten by the vampire, she is found and saved by being given a transfusion from the Human Lantern. The transfusion does more than save her however; it gives her super speed and a flame aura. She takes the name of her brother and becomes the second Spitfirebrand, eventually joining the All-Star Winners Society.
    -- In fact, Douglas had not died. After his recovery in secret, he moves to Germany, convincing the Nazis that he intended to betray his country while secretly acting as a double agent. While he was reviled by the press as a traitor, his sister long believed that his adventures evidently in support of the Axis were in fact being carried out by a Nazi wearing her brother's costume. - created by Mikel Midnight

    Sgt. Rock & the Howlin' Commandos

  • Bulldozer Gabriel
  • Dino Four-Eyes
  • Ice-Cream Cohen
  • Little Dum-Dum
  • Jackie Juniper [Jackie Johnson/"Junior" Juniper]
  • Pvt. Eric "Worry Wort" Koening [Worry Wort/Pvt. Eric Koening]
  • Rebel Farmer
  • Sgt. Jim "Shaker" Morita [Shaker/Sgt. Jim Morita]
  • Wildman Percy

    Steel Phantom (of Universe-2) [Superman I / Fox's Blue Beetle I] First Appearance -- Hurrah #1

    -- "The Space Rocket landed in the French countryside in 1938. No one knew where it had COME from. Nothing in it SURVIVED. Still, the Parisian drugstore proprietor Dr. Allemanz took CELLULAR SAMPLES from the corpse WITHIN -- EXPERIMENTED with them -- and -- by the time WORLD WAR TWO began -- ADDED them to his experimental 'VITAMIN 2X,' hoping to create a champion of LIBERTY, FRATERNITY, and EQUALITY. Realising that it must be taken only by a person of impeccable integrity, he offered it to rookie gendarme Daniel Yordi, the officer who walked the beat by his pharmacie. He handed the tablets to the volunteer and exposed him to a massive jolt of Solar Radiation. Given what he knew of the alien cells, the scientist had some clue as to how this might affect the test subject -- but did not expect him to be granted powers and abilities -- so far beyond those of mortal men." - excerpted from the journal of Jacques Olsen, copain de Steel Phantom.
    -- Description: A tall man in a red bodysuit, on the chest of which is an inverted yellow triangle with a red circle inside it. He wears a red cowl, and his steely-blue eyes are visible through his black domino mask. The rest of the uniform consists of red gloves and boots, a red belt with a yellow buckle, and a red cape with a blue lining. - written by Mikel Midnight

    Clark St. Ives [Control / St. Ives, General Clarke] First Appearance -- G.I. Combat #192

    -- Former Canadian General, OSS Control during World War II, unofficially in charge of the Club of Allies.

    Subbie Perkins [Subbie / Neptune Perkins] First Appearence--Young Commandos Mystery #1

    -- Description: A young boy in his early teens, with shoulder-length black hair which barely conceals his pointed ears, wearing blue-black shorts with yellow stripes on the sides. His muscles are trim and strong and he has the broad shoulders and narrow hips and waist of the expert swimmer. - created by Mikel Midnight

    Super-Patriot [Super Sam / The Patriot] First Appearence--Yank Premiere #3 (sold to Armed Forces only)

    -- When reporter Sam Mace was nearly killed investigating a spy ring headed by Baron Zero, he received a blood transfusion from Super-Soldier which granted him abilities which resembled his hero, inspiring him to don a costume and fight crime on US soil. - created by Mikel Midnight

    Super-Soldier [Superman / Captain America] First Appearence--Super Soldier Action #1

    -- In 1938, a mysterious Space Rocket crash landed on Earth. The U.S. government opened the craft and found nothing but a baby's corpse inside. Cellular samples were taken from the corpse and added to the Super-Soldier formula, a secret serum being developed by the U.S. government in an attempt to create the perfect World War II soldier. Clark Kent, a volunteer candidate, was injected with the formula and exposed to a massive jolt of solar radiation, turning him into Super-Soldier. With superhuman strength and hearing, heat vision, and the ability to fly, Super-Soldier almost won World War II for the Allies single-handedly. Unfortunately, Super-Soldier fell into the North Atlantic Ocean while battling the Nazi super-robot known as Ultra-Metallo. Presumed dead by the world, Super-Soldier was actually in a state of suspended animation. During this time, a second hero calling himself Super-Soldier and using the costume of the original, operated as a hero before his increasingly unbalanced mental state resulted in his capture and restraint by government forces.
    -- The original Super-Soldier was discovered and thawed out after 50 years by future members of the Judgment League: Avengers. Super-Soldier now battles crime in the present, but finds himself gradually getting weaker, as the K-bombs that ended World War II created a blanket around the world that slowly depletes Super-Soldier's energy. Super-Soldier's one weakness is the radioactive element known as Kansan Lode (Green K). Super-Soldier's arch enemy the Green Skull is well aware of his weakness and is more than willing to exploit it. - written by Skullogeist

    Terror-Cat [Wildcat / the Terror] First Appearance - Mystic Police #5

    -- Description: A large, VERY muscular cat-like creature with feral red eyes. His black fur seems to bristle with every step he takes.

    The Whiz [Flash / The Whizzer] First Appearence--USA Action Comics #1

    -- Jay Stewart was a physics instructor in the late 1930's when an experiment gone wrong granted him superspeed. A founding member of the Judgement Society Invaders and All Star Winners Squadron, Jay was a renowned hero and would continue his career for decades to come. - written by Panda7I0.
    -- His son Nuklon [Nuklo + Atom-Smasher] is currently active as a crimefighter. - created by Omegabeast
    -- Description: A man attired in a yellow tunic with a small red lightning bolt on his chest, and a yellow winged helmet. He wears tight blue trousers, and a red belt and red winged boots.



    Historical notes:

    The first modern comic was National Atlas Comics' New Thrilling Fun Comics #1 which appeared in 1938. It consisted of newspaper reprints and the occasional new series such as the proto-superhero 'Strange Occult' (by the creators who went on to do Super-Soldier) and adventure strips like 'Ace Eagle', 'Brave Joe', 'Paul Power', and 'Captain Phantom, Man of a Thousand Disguises'. The format proved to be a popular one, and pulp publisher All Timely Magazines followed in 1939 with Marine Mystery Comics #1, which featured the first appearence of Aqua-Mariner as well as comic adaptions of other All Timely sailor and acquatic adventure characters. By the end of the year, the two companies decided it would be in their best interest to merge, and so Amalgam Comics was born. National Atlas' main title was renamed More Thrilling Fun Comics and the popular character Dark Claw premiered in Sleuth Comics #27, the title previously having been devoted to private eyes and sports stars. 1940 saw the new company's premiere character debut in the eponymous Super Soldier Action #1. So popular was Super-Soldier that he spun off into the anthology title USA Action Comics which also featured new characters such as Americommando and The Whiz. The next milestone was the publication of All Star Winners Comics; originally just another anthology title, it soon featured the first modern superhero team, The All Star Winners Squadron. 1941 saw Amalgam Comics negotiate for the reprint rights of the Moon Spirit By Night newspaper supplement, and the following year saw them publish the first Negro superhero, The Owl, in Super Soldier Action #25. Before the war, the company branched into overseas publishing, and set up a British branch (Amalgamated Press) which reprinted its own titles as well as featuring the occasional homegrown character such as The Falcon, Robot Archie, and Thunderbolt Jaxon; this line was abandoned in later years as sales dropped and the characters were sold to a British conglomerate. An earlier overseas operation in France, which gave rise to the character Steel Phantom, was unfortunately dropped due to the Nazi occupation of that country and not many records of the character still exist. As the 40's waned, public interest in superheroes waned as well. Your Quality Lampoon Publications, who published National Silver Comics and other titles, sold their characters to Amalgam who continued the Spitfire and the Blackhawks series and later revived many of their other heroes in one of their annual Judgement League Avengers / Judgement Society Invaders crossovers.