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Welcome to Rudy's Fabulous Home Page

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me (but were afraid to ask)

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Rodessa's Home Page
Roberto's Home Page
Cambria Bicycle Outfitters - My favorite mail order bike place.
One of several bike polo sites
The bike store in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) where my brother Rodel is a manager (he can get you great deals!!!)
An online bike repair shop.
Rocky Mountain Bicycles - they build the best damn bikes in the World!!!
2 Chicks, 2 Bikes, 1 Cause - Very insightful look at the survivors of breast cancer.
Tour de France - The world's greatest bicycle race

Welcome to my home page. It's still under construction so be patient. I'd just like everyone to know that a group of avid cyclists including myself play bike polo at Van Cleve Park (13th Ave. SE and Como Ave. SE) near the University of Minnesota. We play every Sunday at 5 pm. All you need is a bicycle, helmet and an attitude and we provide the rest. See you there.

Michelle (my sweetheart) and I at the 1997 Chequamegan Fat-Tire Festival

Pics of Roberto and Rodessa

My bikepolo page - lotsa pics of the greatest sport in the world

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