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A Page about me, my life and my interests

Myself, my sister Lena and my cousin Elina, Russia, November 2001.

Hi! My name is Alex Mnatsakanov and I am 27. Welcome to my web page! I am originally from Baku, Azerbaijan (part of former USSR), but emigrated to US in 1991. I used to live in Rocky Hill, CT(click here to see my parent's house). In November of 2000 I moved ot Queens, NY. I graduated from Bulkeley High School in Hartford, CT, and then got my degree at American International College in Springfield, MA. This page is about my interests, it includes photos of family, friends and of Russia. I hope you enjoy it. Drop me an email or sign the guestbook.

Now a little about my family. My parents had 3 children, me being the oldest. I also have a sister, Lena, who is 23, and a brother, Dmitri, who is 19. Until December of 2000, I had 3 grandparents. However, my grandfather passed away on December 26th, 2000, and one of my grandmothers passed away on August 7, 2001, so I am now left with 1 grandmother. My mom didn't have any siblings, on my father's side I have an aunt and an uncle, and 2 cousins. Big part of our family still lives in Russia, and has no plans to move here.

Family Photos
Lena and I........My brother Dmitri.......Mom and I

Brooklyn, NY. Standing are my father, mother, sister, uncle, our friend Victoria, her mom Larisa, grandma Lidia. Sitting are myself and Victoria's Dad, Garry. (Garry and Larisa are my parent's best friends). This photo was taken outside restaurant Odessa, in Brooklyn, NY.

My sister, my new god-daughter Polina, and me. Russia, November 2001.

Inside Odessa......Lena, Dmitri and I outside my house in New York......Max, our dog
My Car.......My little cousins in Russia..............Six Flags

My brother, sister and cousins at Six Flags.

May 2000, my sister just graduated high school.
Standing are myself, Dmitri, Lena, my cousin Sergey and my parents.
Sitting are my grandmothers. The grandmother on the right is the one that passed away on August 7, 2001.

Photos from Russia

This section has photos of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, that I took on my visits there in 1994 and 2000.
MoscowRed Square

1. St. Basil's Cathedral...........2. Christ the Savior Cathedral
3. Cathedral on Kremlin grounds............ 4. One of Kremlin Towers
5. Lenin's Masoleum............. 6. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
7. Another Cathedral from the Kremlin
St. PetersburgCatherine's Palace
1. Palace Dinning Room............. 2. Palace Ball Room
3. Throne Room............ 4. Russian Throne
5. Palace Stairs............ 6. Palace Room
7. Palace Room 2............ 8. Palace Room 3
9. Palace Room 4............ 10. Hallway Wall
11. Another wall............ 12. One more wall
13. Petrodvorets or Peter's Palace............ 14. Petrodvorets2

One of my hobbies is collecting autographs of celebrities. Here is my autograph page that has most of the photos scanned, and also includes the addresses I used to write to these celebrities.

   Join Alex's Autographs    
For more addresses of any kind of celebrities, go here:
The Star Archive - Contact your star today!.

Here's a couple of my successes:

Nancy Cartwright....................Raquel Welch....................Anthony Hopkins
Daniella Pestova....................Kirsten Dunst....................Robert DeNiro

Me, Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna, Broadway, NYC, September 2001.

I am a big fan of Cindy Crawford. I have dedicated a small page to her, fact and photos.
Please go here: Alex's Cindy Crawford Page

I met Cindy on October 23, 2001 in NYC. She autographed this photo for me.

Photos of Friends

1. My friend Carmen just got proposed to, May 2000.
2. My friend Del and Kanyssa.
3. My friends Kevin and Keron, just married - 1996.
4. My graduation, Candace, Tara, Del and me, May 1999.
5. I am on a ship, during a cruise. October 1999
6. Emily and I
7. Luis and I
8. Luis and Emily just got married. May 2000
9. Chantal and I
10. On a trip to Niagara Falls with friends.
11. Cruise ship

Cookout at my house, Summer of 2001. Jay, Maria, me, Phil, Stacy and Martha.

Phil, Candace and Stacy
Luis, Candace and I.

Just to let you know I am a Democrat. The media has given Bush a free ride so far, and doesn't look like it's planning to change it, so I am forced to look for news elsewhere. Check out the link below for a different point of view towards this administration.

Only news fit to print. This site has it all: politics, humor, entertainment, sports and now even cooking. Enjoy!

Please join me in remembering the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Manhattan Skyline as seen from my house.
In the center, still standing World Trade Center - Twin Towers. On the right, Empire State Building.

[Flag Campaign icon]

September 11, I just got home from work.
September 11 in the evening.
September 12
Union Square Park - Memorial, September 22.
Army trucks in the middle of Manhattan.
Smoldering ruins of the WTS. Unbelievable!
A completely different skyline.


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