Welcome to where ever you are!?!
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Welcome to where ever you are!?!

Hello and, "Welcome to where ever you are!?!".This page is dedicated to my life and the things surrounding my life!But mainly this is a page to make my friends laugh!!It will include:My life, dedications to all my friends that are leaving(and some that aren't), essays on how I look at things(like:Coffe shop life, My high tollerance for REALLY annoying people, and why I blame "Marilyn Manson" and "Hansen" on teeny bopping Junior High Kids),and everyone's favorite activity:"WHERE'S KACIE NOW!?!"

Before we get into the heart of this page I want to do this:

I would like to dedicate this picture to someone who's always been there for me and to let her know that she will be missed!thanks Becky!!!

O.K!!!!now that I got the mushey stuff out of the way we can continue!!!!

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Email: catch97@hotmail.com