10:15 Saturday Night (the website of champions)
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10:15 Saturday Night (the website of champions)

Hi everyone!!!well this is the start of my webpage!!It's still under construction so give me a break!!!So How'm I doing??COMING SOON: All THE CURE you could want (including:news,updates,discograpy,bootlegs). Information on my three favourite shows("Mystery Science Theater 3000", "The Simpsons", and "Absolutely Fabulous" and hopefully a little info about me!!!so I hope you enjoy what I have up here so far!hopefully as we all grow the page will too!!!

This is just an example of the things to come!!!

I will soon have things up here about "simpsons" as soon as possible!!The Fox co. keeps such a tight grip on the photos and icons that very few are allowed out to public!!

Well, you came here for a reason so choose!!!!!!!!!

Oh the Places You'll Go...(Some of My Favourite Links!):

A Foolish Arrangement:one of the best new Cure websites.It gets an A+ in my book
the official CURE page:It doesn't get any better than this
A Chain Of Flowers:the best way to get your CURE news and updates!!!
Stiff as Toys and Tall as men:the most comprehensive CURE site on the web.has the lyrics and stories(told by Robert S. himself)to every CURE song.also go here for bootleg reviews!!!

Email: catch97@hotmail.com