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Updated 2/12/04


  • Melvins playing at Grumpy's Bar in the Minneapolis, MN area! Coon Rapids location on Mar. 19th & Downtown location on Mar. 20th. Opening band "The Dames". To see photos & reviews of previous Grumpy's shows click here
  • To commemorate their 20th anniversary, Melvins is releasing a 228 pg book with a Best of CD entitled "Neither Here Nor There." Release date 3/9/04. More info on
  • Buzzo is in a new project called Venomous Concept. The bank is made up of Buzzo, Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth and the bassist & guitarist from Napalm Death. Album coming in May on Ipecac
  • Check out Buzzo's new art piece here
  • It's rumored that Buzzo & Dale are working on a new project with Jello Biafra, to be released on Alternative Tentacles in the next year. No official word, yet.
  • "Melvins Mania - Best of the Atlantic Years" was released in the UK. More info at

    If YOU have any pictures of concerts or collectibles, please e-mail me. [TryChx @].

      Other bands related to the Melvins:
    • Venomous Concept (Buzzo, Kevin Sharp, Shane Embury, Danny Herrera)
    • Altamont (Dale Crover's side-band)
    • Fantomas (Buzzo, Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo & Trevor Dunn)
    • Tomahawk (Rutamanis, Patton, Denison, Stanier)
    • Nirvana (Dale was guest drummer on many albums)
    • Obsessed (Doom metal... Dale was a guest drummer)
    • Hank Williams III (Country... again, Dale was guest drummer)
    • Earth (1st album has Kurt Cobain and Joe Preston)
    • Thrones (Joe Preston's solo band)
    • Mark D (Mark D's solo band)
    • Clown Alley (pre-Melvins Mark D. & Lorax)
    • Mudhoney (Matt Lukin's band)
    • Get Hustle (Mackie Osborne's emo-noise band)
    • Acid King (Lori Crover's band, toured w/Altamont)
    • Flipper (Raw early 80's grunge)

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