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History Forum 3/14/98

Special thanks to GM's Mhorigan and Talairi.

Mhorigan calls the assembly to order. After a moment the crowd quiets down.

Mhorigan says, "Welcome, everyone :)"

Mhorigan says, "I'm Senior GM Mhorigan. One of my duties here is "History Guru," a position I share with Co-Guru, Talairi"

Mhorigan points at Talairi.

Mhorigan says, "Tonight, I'm not going to stand here and go over the History.. You can download the file from the file library :)"

Mhorigan says, "What I am gonna do is talk, very briefly, about how we developed it..."

Mhorigan says, "The bulk of the evening will then be dedicated to your questions and suggestions.."

Mhorigan says, "I'd like to get some feedback from you as to how you'd like to see the History developed more and integrated into the gameworld."

Mhorigan says, "Also.. Assuming we have time, I'm not adverse to talking about whatever the heck you guys want to discuss :)"

Mhorigan says, "After we get through the history Q's, I'll remove the silence effect.. When I do so, try to be aware of screen scroll.."

Mhorigan says, "If, everytime someone walks in, 25 people hug and kiss them, it'll look a heckuva lot like TSC"

Mhorigan shudders.

Mhorigan takes the lid off the question box. Use ASK to submit a question.

Mhorigan says, "Ok. Question box is open"

Mhorigan says, "Now..."

Mhorigan says, "Some of you have been around long enough to remember the pre-AOL days, back when we used the RoleMaster histories."

Mhorigan says, "The conversion from RM to our present system was.. Well, we had to do so pretty quick."

Mhorigan says, "That included redoing the History from scratch."

Mhorigan says, "The existing History basically came from myself, Sayzor and Ktrill sitting around Sayzor's living room for a long weekend brainstorming ideas.."

Mhorigan says, "Then, I spent a few months writing stuff, and ta-da, there it is."

Mhorigan says, "The Faendryl were the "root" story, the idea we started with."

Talairi smiles at Mhorigan.

Mhorigan says, "Everything else either grew forwards or backwards in time from that."

Mhorigan furrows his brow.

Mhorigan says, "We've not done a fantastic job in integrating the history into the gameworld."

Mhorigan says, "Somehow, it gets the backseat to other projects way too often"

Mhorigan says, "I think we need to improve that, as part of keeping this a roleplaying environment, not just another MUD"

Mhorigan says, "I have some ideas on that myself, but I'd sure like to hear some of yours."

Mhorigan says, "One caveat as to your questions. "When does Solhaven open," or "When do we get to face the Vvrael directly" are probably things I'm gonna be vague about ;)"

Mhorigan says, "Which should surprise none of you"

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "Feel free to fish for hints, but you'll have to be satisfied with nibbles"

Mhorigan confers with Talairi a moment.

Mhorigan says, "Cyphier says, 'Tal Ive heard tell o' a race known as the Ilvari from few sources in town. West gate guard an the Archmage have told me a bit. Who were they an what happened to 'em?'"

Mhorigan says, "Tal, that one's yours :)"

Talairi exclaims, "Ah@!"

Talairi says, "The Ivari..."

Talairi says, "Well, the guard does hint at the ivari.."

Talairi says, "Suffice it to say, more will be revealed about those sprites in days to come."

Talairi asks, "I suppose I could give a brief history of them.. shall I Mhorigan?"

Mhorigan says, "Brief :)"

Talairi says, "The ivari... there was once a settlement of elves.."

Talairi says, "They happened upon a village once.. all there had been razed except for a few helpless children.."

Talairi says, "They took pity on the poor defenceless ones.. and took them to live and care for.."

Talairi says, "Gradually.. they began to notice that unfortunate things were beginning to befall the village."

Talairi says, "The elves were falling to strange, unpredictable accidents.."

Talairi says, "Finally.. they discovered.. it was not children then had taken in. It was the Ivari."

Talairi says, "I'll leave it there... more to be discovered."

Mhorigan exclaims, "Gremlins IV: Killer Elves!"

Mhorigan coughs.

Mhorigan says, "Ok"

Mhorigan says, "Kiriane says, '1) When will the new and updated history text be released? (if this has already been answered, please scrap it) 2) When will the Dhe'nar history be added? 3) What's in the plans for allowing more...broad character backgrounds and interactions with the other parts of Elanthia?'"

Mhorigan says, "I'll take this one.."

Talairi nods to Mhorigan.

Mhorigan says, "There's no new history text in the works. Not a base document, anyway. Additions will be new files. In particular, major developments are coming for Sylvankind and Giantmen..."

Mhorigan says, "Also, of course, there will be a lot more on the Turamzyrrian Empire (Humans) soon :)"

Mhorigan says, "As to the Dhe' Nar stuff, GM Varevice is handling that. I thought it *had* been released, tho she may have it only on her own website now"

Mhorigan says, "Hmm"

Mhorigan peers quizzically at Starsnuffer.

Mhorigan says, "He'd know"

Mhorigan nods to Starsnuffer, who stands up to address the assembly.

Mhorigan asks, "Snuffy?"

Starsnuffer says, "Yes and no. . "

Talairi casually rests her arms on an ancient gnarled staff.

Mhorigan asks, "What needs to be done still?"

Starsnuffer says, "There is a website for that information currently, but Varevice and I are still working on finalizing a document for Simu's library, it should be complete by the end of spring. . "

Starsnuffer says, "There may be some circumstances surrounding the introduction of the official documents that still need to be addressed, then sent to you to finalize"

Starsnuffer asks, "do you want me to give out the url?"

Mhorigan says, "If you like :)"

Starsnuffer says, "right now it's " But in a few months it will be with a much larger format. "

Mhorigan says, "The Dhe'Nar stuff is an interesting "The Making Of" story. The players are all folks who have played for years, and who have been excellent roleplayers for years. They developed their culture on their own. Eventually, the tale got compelling enough that we sat down with Snuffy, Kree and the rest of the gang to figure out how to integrate their history into the main timeline. Varevice is in charge of making sure it all fits :)"

Starsnuffer says, "We just have to. . um. . "

Starsnuffer says, "whats a good word, censor it a bit more for the simu libaries."

Mhorigan says, "Finish up? :)"

Starsnuffer says, "Yep, I appericiate it."

Mhorigan bows to Starsnuffer.

Mhorigan says, "Thanks, Snuffy"

Having finished addressing the assembly Starsnuffer sits back down.

Mhorigan says, "Ok"

Mhorigan says, "Kiriane says, '1) When will the new and updated history text be released? (if this has already been answered, please scrap it) 2) When will the Dhe'nar history be added? 3) What's in the plans for allowing more...broad character backgrounds and interactions with the other parts of Elanthia?'"

Mhorigan says, "Hmm"

Mhorigan says, "Kiriane says, '1) When will the new and updated history text be released? (if this has already been answered, please scrap it) 2) When will the Dhe'nar history be added? 3) What's in the plans for allowing more...broad character backgrounds and interactions with the other parts of Elanthia?'"

Mhorigan fumbles with some buttons.

Mhorigan says, "Welan says, 'quest'"

Mhorigan says, "I'm not sure if that's a question, Welan :)"

Mhorigan nods to Welan, who stands up to address the assembly.

Mhorigan asks, "Did you have a Q in there somewhere?"

Welan says, "soory Mhorigan"

Welan says, "I'm used to the OLD forum mechanics"

Mhorigan says, "No problem. I know it's tough to see the keyboard in full plate ;)"

Welan says, "ok, firstly I'd like to congratulate you on the"

Welan says, "histories so far"

Welan says, "alot of it seems to be pretty ancient...though"

Welan says, "I was just wondering if your planning on doing more fleshing out of the very recent history"

Welan asks, "say right before most people here started thier careers.....and how the various Towns came to be in the state they are now?"

Welan says, "thats my question"

Mhorigan says, "Thanks"

Mhorigan says, "Well.."

Mhorigan says, "As to the Landing, its role in the world will be made clearer when Solhaven and the surrounding cities open..."

Mhorigan says, "For the other cities, hmm. What I really need to do is make the creators of each city write a brief history doc for each town. There *is* a history for each, but it's usually only disemminated 'live,' during events, particularly the opening event..."

Mhorigan says, "What I should prolly do is get the folks who "own" Icemule, KD, Pinesol, er far, and RR to write somethin' up, edit it and upload it"

Mhorigan makes a note of that.

Talairi pokes Mhorigan in the ribs.

Talairi mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Having finished addressing the assembly Welan sits back down.

Mhorigan says, "Tonran says, 'Is there any background for Solhaven developed yet?'"

Talairi mutters, 'Pinesol....??'

Mhorigan grins.

Mhorigan says, "Somebody just remarked on the GM channel that there's probably no area in the game with as much unreleased history as Solhaven.."

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "There's a *lot* of material coming on that chunk of the world, yes."

Mhorigan says, "We'll try to release the docs soon after the area opens."

Mhorigan says, "It's, uh... Hmm. What's the word."

Mhorigan says, "Big."

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan grins.

Mhorigan says, "Featherhair says, 'Can we see more libraries with things you can actually read regarding history instead of pointing to the web site?'"

Mhorigan says, "Golly, I hope so.."

Mhorigan says, "We've had a "mostly working model" of real, readable books done for longer than I want to admit..."

Mhorigan says, "The last few problems with them are significant ones, tho..."

Mhorigan says, "Once they're done, we will be putting all the IC history stuff into libraries, yes."

Mhorigan says, "That's one area that DR is way ahead of us... I love their book system. We need it here."

Mhorigan says, "I can't tell you when it'll get done.. I flat don't know. I hope soon."

Mhorigan says, "Berbatti says, 'how many turns of the globe has this land been in existance'"

Mhorigan nods to Berbatti, who stands up to address the assembly.

Mhorigan asks, "What do you mean by "this land"?"

Mhorigan says, "The History doc does contain a timeline :)"

Mhorigan exclaims, "Oh!"

Mhorigan laughs!

Talairi grins.

Talairi exclaims, "Lots!"

Berbatti says, "Like in real time"

Mhorigan says, "Hmm... 1990, I believe :)"

Mhorigan says, "There was a GemStone II live for a year or two prior to that."

Mhorigan says, "GemStone I was a demo program only."

Mhorigan says, "On an Amiga ;)"

Talairi says, "It was very different from this tho."

Having finished addressing the assembly Berbatti sits back down.

Mhorigan says, "Dilagh says, 'how long has the game been around? and how many different versions have there been?'"

Mhorigan says, "See above :)"

Mhorigan points up.

Mhorigan says, "Volkhi says, 'Will the Ice age eventually end?'"

Talairi peers quizzically at Mhorigan.

Mhorigan says, "Ok. The term "Ice Age" began as a pun..."

Mhorigan says, "Prior to our being on AOL, we were based on the Rolemaster system, a paper and pencil game published by Iron Crown Enterprises."

Mhorigan says, "When we rewrote the game and the history and everything else..."

Mhorigan says, "We started referring to the prior times as "The ICE Age""

Mhorigan says, "We don't foresee a similar disruption ever again. Not likely to have problems with the license now, since the gameworld is now proprietary ;)"

Mhorigan says, "Aurun says, 'About the impending threat of the Baron of Jantalar: First, bravo on a truly political conflict. But the Baron's motives don't seem to fit with the poll-tax/Jim Crow attitude of the empire as it's been documented. How does it fit together?'"

Mhorigan furrows his brow.

Mhorigan says, "We can't answer detailed questions on Turamzyrrian Empire politics..."

Mhorigan says, "Two reasons. First, that's gonna be the centerpiece of a lot of the events over a big chunk of months, starting..."

Mhorigan mumbles something.

Talairi glances at Mhorigan.

Talairi casually rests her arms on an ancient gnarled staff.

Mhorigan says, "Second, I'm not 100% sure on all the details, and I don't want to say something that'd conflict with Mikos' plans ;)"

Mhorigan says, "You'll know soon? :)"

Mhorigan says, "Lorennion says, 'Can we reconcider the nixing of oriental culture on part of the world?'"

Mhorigan says, "That's a tough one. We argue about it among the staff, too."

Mhorigan says, "The answer is, honestly, "I don't know." We're pretty Eurocentric now, very basic High Fantasy."

Mhorigan says, "Some games use the oriental motifs to develop different realms.. I suppose we could have had the dwarves on Teras be Samurai ;)"

Mhorigan says, "But, personally, I think that if we're gonna develop another whole culture, it's better to be original."

Mhorigan says, "Hmm. All of which can be summed up with my original reply. I dunno."

Mhorigan says, "Thomdrill says, 'Are there any plans to add to the Current History of Humans. They seem to be lacking of one all together...everything I have read has only described us humans as hiding out and being greatness at all'"

Mhorigan says, "The answer is an emphatic yes."

Mhorigan says, "The biggest, baddest empire extant in current day Elanthia is the Turamzyrrian Empire, very much human."

Mhorigan says, "Solhaven and the surrounding cities are caught up in the tale of that Empire..."

Mhorigan says, "Basically, the Elves owned the past, but the holdings of the various Houses are much in decline, and the Humans have gained ascendancy."

Mhorigan says, "Shoop says, 'the elven empire lasted thousands of years why can't we fine more relics'"

Mhorigan grins.

Mhorigan says, "When we're designing auction items, whether for the annual big auction or a smaller one attached to the Jugg/Spitfire/Something Else...."

Mhorigan says, "We try to make GM's ground at least some of their items in the History."

Mhorigan says, "Some are more responsive to that request than others."

Mhorigan says, "It's something I need to push more, you're right."

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan says, "Ylena says, 'Is it possible for you to add some of the big invasions to the official history? It seems to me that our history isn't long enough. I'd love to see more fodder for songs available.'"

Mhorigan says, "Well, hmm."

Mhorigan says, "You know, I think our bards could play a bigger role than they do."

Mhorigan says, "Make stuff up based on rumours ;) It's not unlike how real bards worked ;)"

Mhorigan says, "And that's a snap reply with which you're no doubt unsatisfied."

Mhorigan says, "Hmm."

Mhorigan says, "The fact that some GM dropped a ton of high level undead into KD just isn't something I want to be uploading files about..."

Mhorigan says, "Now, when we have major storylines going on, something might be appropriate."

Mhorigan says, "Ideally, tho, if someone wants to write a song about, for example, the battle with the Vvrael, they'd do the legwork themselves.. Ask people who'd been there what happened, etc, and write a song..."

Mhorigan says, "If it's good, submit it, and we'll get it in the File libraries."

Mhorigan says, "Now, how to submit it."

Mhorigan furrows his brow.

Mhorigan thinks.

Mhorigan grins.

Talairi says, "Okay.. if you have a piece of history regarding something going on.. and I'm not talking about individual player histories.."

Talairi says, "I'm talking about a large-range event you have a part in.. and you wish us to consider it for inclusion in the history library, you can send it to me."

Mhorigan asks, ", isn't it?"

Talairi says, "right.."

Talairi blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Mhorigan says, "Er.."

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "Padasher says, 'When we talk of history, there is a question of time references...I mean today is Saturday, what day is it in long is a we go by "Elven" time?'"

Talairi says, "That's a good question."

Talairi nods.

Mhorigan says, "We don't have a calender."

Mhorigan says, "We should. We don't."

Mhorigan says, "I'll look for a volunteer for someone to be calender guru :)"

Mhorigan says, "Starsnuffer says, 'What we need is detailed histories for each ane every race, subculture, and kingdom. Something to base things on so that people know what can and can't be roleplayed. It would help a good deal in aiding roleplaying in the lands'"

Mhorigan says, "I agree."

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "We've got more coming on sylvankind, giantmen and humans..."

Mhorigan says, "I think elves are pretty fleshed out already."

Talairi says, "And halflings.."

Mhorigan says, "Dwarves and hobbits have gotten the short end of the stick"

Mhorigan says, "Especially hobbits"

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan says, "Halflings :)"

Talairi says, "I'm working on a halfling history."

Talairi says, "And it's more than a 'short story'... :X"

Mhorigan says, "I've always intended to get more done on dwarves myself, but I'm not finding the time. Hmm. I have an idea of someone who might want that, tho"

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan says, "But, in general, Snuffy.. I couldn't agree more."

Mhorigan says, "Aluvius says, 'I miss Estrion, ye gonna let'em come out and play?'"

Mhorigan says, "Uh.. I can't tell you :)"

Mhorigan says, "Linnei says, 'Why did dark elven change from High Elven? We are the first of our race. Also, I think that the seasons of the realm should change with the seasons of RL to add relaity.'"

Mhorigan says, "High Elves were a race in the RoleMaster system (Ice Age). We're not allowed to have High Elves anymore. Now, it took us a long time to get the danged languages straight..."

Mhorigan says, "That was some very hairy debugging, as it was deep in the C-Code."

Mhorigan says, "But, unless you were playing with us back in the Genie days, you should never have seen High Elven ;)"

Mhorigan says, "As to whether Dark Elves are the first of their race, you may have more of a point there than you intended."

Mhorigan coughs.

Mhorigan says, "Brevin says, 'The history of the Citadel in River's Rest fascinates me. What can you tell us about the Council of Twelve depicted on the tapestries there, and how they figure into current events if any?'"

Mhorigan says, "I can tell you zero, because I don't know any of it. I talked earlier about making the folks who built the various towns do a history of each..."

Mhorigan says, "At least an outline, which I can get someone to develop."

Mhorigan says, "That's at the top of the notes I've made from this meeting so far."

Mhorigan says, "It'll get done."

Mhorigan says, "Nitefallz says, 'Is there any official Icemule Trace history written or in writing?'"

Mhorigan says, "Not yet. See above."

Mhorigan says, "Yetii says, 'is there any history involved with giantmen other than nomadic war tribes?'"

Talairi says, "I dunno if Laertus has something worked out on it.."

Mhorigan says, "Ursus is working on what he tells me is a lengthy and detailed history of giantkind..."

Mhorigan says, "He's supposed to have the draft to me within a month. Once we get it approved and edited..."

Talairi glances at Oldive.

Mhorigan says, "Well, then we will :)"

Mhorigan says, "It won't be just nomadic tribes. From what he's told me so far, it's based in Clans..."

Mhorigan says, "Each with their own "flavor," much like the Elven Houses. That way, if you want, you can pick one that suits your character"

Talairi casually rests her arms on an ancient gnarled staff.

Mhorigan says, "Merry says, 'I'd like more known about Sylvans - where they were, what they did and how they came here.'"

Mhorigan nods.

Talairi grins.

Mhorigan says, "Yuriqen is a sylvan city, one we're building now..."

Mhorigan says, "As this is a project started by one history guru..."

Mhorigan taps himself on the chest.

Mhorigan says, "And presently owned by the other..."

Mhorigan points at Talairi.

Mhorigan says, "I can promise you that a good chunk of sylvan history will be forthcoming when you find your way to Yuriqen :)"

Talairi says, "Also tied into that will be some nice giantkynd stuff."

Mhorigan says, "Not much of their stuff found its way into the main history document because they're essentially an isolationist culture"

Mhorigan says, "Not a whole lot of sylvankind warlords in history. and they don't mount the wars of conquest that tend to make it into bardic songs..."

Mhorigan says, "To some extent, that's why there's way too little about both sylphs and hobbits out there now"

Mhorigan says, "Diceare says, 'may we here one of yours to possibly help us?'"

Mhorigan says, "Diceare.. Huh? :)"

Diceare says, "well"

Talairi casually rests her arms on an ancient gnarled staff.

Diceare says, "you mentioned ideas of your own in the beginnig"

Mhorigan says, "Ahh."

Mhorigan says, "No comment. I want to hear yours :)"

Diceare says, "i have to admit im a little overwhelmed with all ive heard here"

Talairi chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "Yeah, well, I feel that way all the tme"

Mhorigan chuckles.

Diceare says, "i will say i agreed with starsnuffer but,,"

Diceare says, "and this may show my ignorance,, but it seems to me we need more profession history also"

Mhorigan says, "Diceare, we'll have an open forum period later. For now, did you have a question? I don't mean to be abrupt, but there are 30 more questions line up behind you."

Diceare says, "well im sorry then i will wait for the open forum"

Mhorigan smiles.

Mhorigan says, "Zellex says, 'mhor about'"

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "Askip says, 'If you (or was it Wolv) say you like the RP value of folks such as the Dhe'nar, how do feel about the PvP it can bring such as the ruckus over the Tree Deed between Bestte et al and Briars et al?'"

Mhorigan says, "That sounds like a loaded question"

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "Simply put: In the midst of an RP'd event, the PvP rules apply exactly like they do at any other time."

Mhorigan says, "I'm not familiar with what exactly happened between Briars and Bestatte... But that's my answer. The rules are the same as at any other time. We do try, when designing/ approving events, to avoid forcing players to turn it into PvP."

Talairi says, "I think I know a little about that Mhorigan."

Mhorigan says, "Analogy: Voln monks tell you not to go whack CoL folks, as you should save souls instead."

Mhorigan says, "Reality: Some players will take any excuse to begin PvP, then say they were just roleplaying."

Mhorigan says, "Tal.. It's not something to be discussed at a public forum...."

Talairi nods.

Mhorigan says, "I assume that, if something happened to upset someone, they would have been through the referral process."

Mhorigan says, "Eliseen says, 'Will there be a renewed involvement with dragons in the lands?'"

Mhorigan says, "A little.. Never too much, tho..."

Mhorigan says, "We'll never, ever have dragons as huntable critters..."

Mhorigan says, "They're extremely rare, half of them are nuts and they're all far more powerful than..."

Mhorigan says, "Hmm. Remember, the present pantheon of gods, the Arkati, began their own lives as the drakes' servants."

Mhorigan says, "The drakes aren't as poweful as they used to be, but they're still not something an ordinary adventurer could really interact with on a meaningful basis."

Mhorigan says, "That said..."

Mhorigan says, "GM's are constantly floating ideas for dragon involvement in this or that storyline."

Mhorigan says, "Eventually, one will slip through ;)"

Talairi whistles tunelessly to herself.

Mhorigan says, "Steeltalon says, 'What ever happen to Lord Devistator? Last I remember he was searching for something'"

Mhorigan says, "I don't know."

Mhorigan says, "Clunk says, 'what be hist'ry of Cavernhold? and'v great gnoll?'"

Mhorigan closes the question box.

Mhorigan says, "I also don't know that...."

Mhorigan says, "I don't believe there is one, at least not in the post ice-age."

Mhorigan says, "You know, that's the type of thing an enterprising bard or sage could write a tale of ;)"

Mhorigan says, "And submit it."

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan says, "A lot of their history can be seen by examining the primary source -- the area itself. But, we don't have a separate document."

Mhorigan says, "Frorin says, 'Who is Aellens father she has told me that I must ask him for her hand before she will consider my proposal.. im very seriouse about marryin that dwarf! please help. are there any archives that might have his name in them?'"

Mhorigan laughs!

Talairi snickers.

Mhorigan says, "I can't think of a single thing to say that won't land me in more trouble than I can handle"

Mhorigan chuckles.

Talairi grins.

Mhorigan says, "No comment. Good luck. Be careful what you wish for ;)"

Mhorigan says, "Galaed says, 'I'm not one to be a Sceptic here, but can we really expect something. The Land's have been strangely Devoid of things going on unless your a Chosen and their Lot, or Enjoy PC and Merchant Crazed Maniacs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I know alot are getting Disheartened.'"

Talairi asks, "Huh?"

Mhorigan says, "Well.."

Talairi peers quizzically at Mhorigan.

Mhorigan says, "Look, we don't think "Players need to make their own storylines, we just build worlds.""

Mhorigan says, "But..."

Talairi says, "There are always things going... and starting up..."

Mhorigan says, "It's danged hard to provide detailed involvement in long-running stories to each of thousands of players"

Talairi nods.

Mhorigan says, "We do have storylines going on, and we'll continue to have new ones."

Talairi says, "There's been alot of discussion about that in the vvrael folders.."

Mhorigan says, "I can't promise any player that they'll end up as an analog to The Chosen in one of our storylines..."

Talairi says, "People saying that story line excludes folks.."

Mhorigan says, "It just wouldn't be realistic to do so."

Mhorigan says, "But, you'll always have a chance."

Mhorigan says, "Kaag says, 'Can we expect to see places in the history in the game anytime soon, such as Dwarven Underground Empires and More of the places on the world map? And maybe even the return of some of the more evil and ancient races that the history left open and somewhat ambiguous as to where they are today?'"

Mhorigan says, "Kaag, those types of items are in the history as story/ area hooks ;)"

Mhorigan says, "For example, I intended to build the HQ of the Black Wolves when I wrote the History. Other areas mentioned in that text will be showing up, yep"

Mhorigan says, "And there's at least one underground empire ;)"

Mhorigan says, "At least"

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "Kiriane says, 'The suggestion: Could the current dealings concerning elves and the empire be expanded? I have a character who has dealt with the elven resistance, but there's not much I'm able to go on. Same as with those who have their characters from the empire itself...there's simply not enough information to go on. The question: In your best guess (or estimate), what's the numerical year for Elanthia as of "today"?'"

Mhorigan says, "We don't have a calender (yet), so I don't have a year."

Mhorigan asks, "Elven resistance?"

Mhorigan says, "Hmm..."

Mhorigan says, "The resistance by humans against the elves is a thing of the distant past, if that's what you mean..."

Mhorigan says, "Humans are certainly not a slave race anymore."

Morgaine just went out.

Mhorigan says, "Tho, certain resentments and prejudices are bound to linger :)"

Mhorigan says, "The elves and the T. Empire aren't at war, tho."

Mhorigan says, "At least, not openly..."

Mhorigan says, "Also, one thing to keep in mind when talking about Elven Politics. There is no such thing..."

Mhorigan says, "The Elven Houses agree on very, very little, especially the more conquest-oriented ones."

Mhorigan says, "Ziolent says, 'When will the History place NW of town be opened, and what will it have?'"

Talairi grins.

Mhorigan asks, "History place NW of town? What place?"

Mhorigan nods to Ziolent, who stands up to address the assembly.

Talairi casually rests her arms on an ancient gnarled staff.

Ziolent says, "Northwest of town..."

Mhorigan says, "By the way, folks.. I know a lot of you prolly think I should open the floor to each questioner, as their question comes up, not just when I need clarification. But, it'd be really, really slow that way."

Ziolent says, "next to the arena"

Mhorigan asks, "The stables?"

Mhorigan says, "There's a jousting area up there now"

Having finished addressing the assembly Ziolent sits back down.

Mhorigan says, "There's no other area in that immediate vicinity scheduled to be anything special, tho, not as regards the history"

Mhorigan says, "Oldive says, '1) Any chance breakage or the Old death ways comin back ? 2) May its just cause I never bother to worry about trainin, and not good enough to step out gates if the critters are big enough in invasions...but are there invasion leaders anymore ? Or have we just reverted to kinda mass destruction invasions ? 3) I believe Avantos's new house, Rona Acandemy, was hoping eventually to get readable books such as those in DR.'"

Mhorigan says, "1) Sorta and no."

Mhorigan says, "2) Yes"

Mhorigan says, "3) Houses should be able to get libraries, yep."

Mhorigan says, "Briefly, some detail on 1)"

Mhorigan says, "Breakage will return, but not the old system where things just "snapped""

Mhorigan says, "It'll be more gradual, so you'll have a chance to repair the item"

Mhorigan says, "No ETA on when or details."

Mhorigan says, "Old death ways can't come back"

Mhorigan says, "They worked great when we had 80 people on, and we had time to really examine claims of lag death and replace 20 lost items"

Mhorigan says, "Now.. There's just no way we'll ever want to devote the kind of GM resources necessary to do large-scale replaments when players die to performance problems. Those were the referrals that'd eat half your 2 1/2 hour shift."

Mhorigan says, "Because we can't commit to making players whole when their ISP/some ANS router in Chicago/ Simu's server kills them..."

Mhorigan says, "We can't make death as harsh as it was way back when"

Mhorigan says, "Now.. Some changes to death could happen. Some folks think that level 100+ realms should have harsher penalties...."

Mhorigan says, "I dunno. Undecided. But it'll never be like it was."

Mhorigan says, "Joel says, 'mhorigan "have you thought of making the histories more part of the game instead of just files out there'"

Mhorigan says, "Yes."

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan says, "We need to do a better job of it."

Mhorigan says, "Collecting ideas on how to do that is a big reason for this forum"

Mhorigan smiles.

Mhorigan says, "Murgin says, 'Will we have a chance to see other parts of Elanthia in the future? By this I mean aside from the towns and hunting areas; Could there be employment opportunities guarding traveling merchants, missions through the guilds and societies, or something along those lines?'"

Mhorigan says, "Hmm. Sounds like you don't mean geography, but ways to break the "hunt/rest/sell/rinse/repeat" pattern."

Mhorigan says, "Answer is yes..."

Mhorigan says, "We are gonna have new guilds and new societies. These will have new "tasks" to perform."

Mhorigan says, "As for tasks outside the promotion process for various organizations..."

Mhorigan says, "I hope so."

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan says, "Bhent says, 'I want to see shops in KD open up .. the clotheir Bonk! i smash my nose, tha tobocanist Bonk! i smash my nose. the muesam and library.. well im sure you get the point... my nose is getting sore.. =('"

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "KD is my town, so anything unfinished there is my fault"

Mhorigan says, "And there's a lot"

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan says, "The Stormbrow Gallery isn't actually closed..."

Mhorigan says, "After about a month in KD, it seemed to me that it would be a lot more valuable as a "travelling exhibition" in WL.."

Mhorigan says, "Where folks could show newbies through it, as an introduction to the history"

Mhorigan says, "Frankly, I still feel that way, tho it is wierd to have a travelling exhibition take up permanent residence elsewhere :)"

Mhorigan says, "The tobacconist never opened because the GM who was working on cigars back then left, and I wasn't talented enough with GSL to finish it. Metaephor has told me that he'll add a variant to the system he has in Pinefar there"

Mhorigan says, "The clothier.. Hmm. OK. I'll fix that myself."

Mhorigan nods.

Mhorigan says, "Parri says, 'what history is available concerning the Citadel, Council of Twelve, and the power therein?'"

Mhorigan says, "None yet. Hopefully some soon."

Talairi furrows her brow.

Mhorigan says, "Connour says, 'Can ya tell us anything about Greymist? And any comments on the newer metals?'"

Mhorigan says, "Greymist has been restarted too many times."

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "It's Banthis' area now, and I'm not sure what level range it targets."

Mhorigan says, "Critters and combat ain't my table ;)"

Mhorigan says, "Sebasttien says, '(Missed a bit so toss this one if it has been asked) What is the history behind Wentoph and Minotaurs, if any?'"

Mhorigan grumbles.

Mhorigan says, "I don't know, and I should."

Mhorigan says, "I'll see if I can get Pentar something that I can work from."

Mhorigan says, "I suspect it's part of a larger project he's been working on for some time"

Mhorigan says, "Sorry to be vague"

Mhorigan says, "Arwen says, 'Quests and current storylines are a great way to link back into history, merging the two together. However, I'm greatly concerned about the lengthy delays in completing some of them, which lead to a loss of momentum, disintrest and ultimately some anger by those involved. Is anything being done to correct this in the future. Tremendous interest and momentum in good storylines is being lost.'"

Talairi sighs.

Mhorigan says, "I agree, Arwen. It's a really hard problem to solve, tho."

Mhorigan says, "GM's get distracted by other projects or real life events, and stuff vanishes for a time"

Talairi says, "Arwen... if you are referring to the vvrael.. it's been over a year since it started."

Mhorigan says, "We know it stinks. Sorry."

Talairi says, "It will finish up.. but sometimes, as in real life, things seem to quiet down, even if they are bubbling beneath the surface."

Mhorigan says, "Yeah, that event is by no means dead."

Mhorigan says, "But.. Sometimes, a GM can map out a timeline and a story to match it..."

Mhorigan says, "And then discover that some of the things he needs to build for that story were WAY more complicated than planned"

Mhorigan chuckles.

Mhorigan says, "So, we get a delay."

Mhorigan says, "Marluen says, 'Is there any history related to the moons of Elanthia? Far atop Melghorens reach one can see Liabo swinging low in the sky. Ive also heard