1850-1860-1870-1880 MORTALITY SCHEDULES FOR

Connor, O'Connor and Various Spellings

In memory of Ira James O'Connor, "Daddy" September 16, 1915 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; November 26, 1996 Eureka, Humbolt County, California. The best Da a little girl could ever have. And now as an Angel on my shoulder.

Surname Name County of Death State of Death Age Sex Month State of Birth Cause Year
O'Coner Julia Washington PA 1 F July IA Lungfever 1870
O'Coner Permelia Talbot GA 23 F Apr GA Unknown 1850
O'Conner Ambrose La Salle IL 35 M Aug IR Cholera 1850
O'Conner Ann M. Peoria IL 1 F Sept IL SummerComplaint 1850
O'Conner Annie New Castle DE 38 F Sept IR Exhaustion 1880
O'Conner Cecelia Tolland CT 17 F Apr IR Scarlet Fever 1860
O'Conner Charles Berks PA 13 M Oct PA Trampled 1870
O'Conner Daniel Bulloch GA 40 M Dec IR Unknown 1850
O'Conner Elizabeth Dearborn IN 47 F July IR Cholera 1850
O'Conner Ellen Bennington VT 2 F Apr VT 1860
O'Conner HyraM Monroe OH 26 M Apr NG Consumption 1850
O'Conner J Russell New Castle DE 7 M May DE Diphtheria 1880
O'Conner James Arapahoe CO 72 M Nov IR Pneumonia 1880
O'Conner James R New Castle DE 6M M May IR Dyphtheria 1880
O'Conner John W Feliciana Parish LA 35 M Feb IR Murdered 1850
O'Conner John Washington DC 35 M Dec IR Pneumonia 1860
O'Conner Joseph Orleans Parish LA 28 M Sept IR Jaundice 1850
O'Conner Margaret Lake IL 25 F March IR Childbirth 1850
O'Conner Mary Greenwood KS 3day F Dec KS Cynosis 1880
O'Conner Mary W New Castle DE 2 F Apr DE Croup 1880
O'Conner Michael Hamilton OH 4mo M July OH Flux 1850
O'Conner Michael Orleans Parish LA 25 M July IR Phthisis 1850
O'Conner Millie Greenwood KS 2 F Mar KS Croup 1880
O'Conner Mrs. Hinds MS 60 F Jan MS Gastritis 1880
O'Conner Patrick Campbell KY 47 M July IR Debility 1860
O'Conner Sarah Wood WV 64 F Aug IR Heart Disease 1870
O'Conner T Washington DC 61 M May IR Bleeder 1880
O'Conner T J Washington DC 16 M Aug DC TB 1880
O'Conner Thomas Orleans Parish LA 24 M Oct IR Jaundice 1850
O'Conner William Cook IL 8 M Sept CD Cholera 1850
O'Conner _______ Schuylkill PA NG M Mar PA Stillborn 1870
O'Connor _______ New Castle DE NG F Aug DE Still Born 1880 (see Annie)
O'Connor Anna Philadelphia PA 4 F Dec PA Scarlet Fever 1870
O'Connor Annie New Castle DE 38 F Aug IR Childbirth 1880
O'Connor Arthur Allegheny PA 1 M Dec PA Cholera 1870
O'Connor Bridget Litchfield CT ?mo F Nov CT Teething 1870
O'Connor Catherine Philadelphia Pa 1 F Dec PA Brain Soft 1870
O'Connor Cornelius Hartford CT 1 M July MA Cholera 1860
O'Connor D Storey NV 38 M Aug IR Mt Fever 1870
O'Connor Davis New Haven CT 5 M Dec CT Croup 1860
O'Connor Eliza Hartford CT 2 F Feb CT Pneumonia 1870
O'Connor Ellen Schuylkill PA 1 F Aug PA Teething 1870
O'Connor Ellen Philadelphia PA 7mo F Aug PA Water on Brain 1870
O'Connor Frances Fairfield CT 1 F Feb CT Lung Inflamation 1870
O'Connor Gregory Orleans Parish LA 7 M Sept LA Cong Fever 1850
O'Connor Harriet Fairfield CT 6 F Oct CT Unknown 1860
O'Connor James Harvey KS 8mo M Aug KS Tonsillitus 1880
O'Connor James Washtenaw MI 30 M Sept IR Unknown 1850
O'Connor James Washington DC 1 M July DC Teething 1860
O'Connor Johanna Allegany PA 54 F Dec IR Bronchitis 1870
O'Connor Johanna Boulder CO 42 F May IR Unknown 1880
O'Connor Johanna New Haven CT 2 F Dec CT Croup 1860
O'Connor John Sibley MN NG M Mar IR Unknown 1870
O'Connor Katie Schuylkill PA 8mo F Sept PA Dysentery 1880
O'Connor M Storey NV 36 M May IR Mine Accident 1870
O'Connor Martin Jo Daviess IL 35 M Oct IR Drowned 1850
O'Connor Mary Washington DC 47 F Apr IR Heart Disease 1870
O'Connor Mary Fairfield CT 1mo F Nov CT Premature 1870
O'Connor Mary E Wabaunsee KS 20day F Aug KS Diarrhea 1880
O'Connor Mary W New Castle DE 2 F Apr DE Croup 1880
O'Connor Maurice Allegany PA 1 M May IR Brain Fever 1870
O'Connor Pat Washington DC 3 M Nov DC Croup 1880
O'Connor Patrick Hartford CT 1 M May CT Cholera 1870
O'Connor Thomas Wayne MI 42 M June IR Consumption 1850
O'Connor Thomas Washington DC 60 M Mar IR Paralysis 1880
O'Connor Timothy Washington DC ? M Apr IR Consumption 1870 ?
O'Connor Timothy Litchfield CT 56 M Dec IR Falling 1870
O'Connor William Philadelphia PA 1 M Aug PA Inflam Mourth Mouth ? 1870
O'Conor Margaret Rice MN NG F Nov IR 1870
O'Conor William Philadelphia PA 11 M Dec PA Scarlet Fever 1870

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