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Pictured above from left to right are Steve Wahrer on drums, Tony Andreason lead guitarist, Dal Winslow on guitars, and Bob Reedplaying bass.
This picture is from 1964 when their LP was first issued on vinyl after the success of "Surfin' Bird" quote penned unquote by Steve Wahrer, thougheveryone knows this tune is actually "Poppa Ooo Mow Mow".(more info on that tune when I dig it out)
The first recorded evidence of the Trashmen to my knowledge is a tune called "Sally Jo" backed by "Cyclone" an awesome instrumental! However, this tune was billed as being by Jim Thaxter and The Travellers.
These tunes were issued on Ariel records out of the Twin Cities (Mpls. and Saint Paul, MN) area back in 1960. The Trashmen are now known world wide!
Jim had been selling waterbeds in Ohio, last time Bob Reed talked to him. UPDATED 4/11/99:
I just received an emailing from Jim Thaxter!
He's no longer selling waterbeds, in fact he's running a small business dealing mostly with high school bands.
He also informed me that he is presently playing bass and doing some vocals with The Phil Blank Blues Band.
Too cool to get this info sent to me literally out of the blue!
Thanks, Jim, for your information update!

From an all too short chat with The Trashmen after a performance in July 1997, YES!! THEY ARE STILL PLAYING!!, I learned a few thingsabout the band.
The Trashmen, according to Tony Andreason, play a few shows from time to time, but mostly in The Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. Tony says they'll play shows that would be worth their while, and they are definitely worth seeing!!
It's too bad they currently only play the twin cities area, I'd love to see 'em play up here!
It seems that careers and family life keep all of these guys pretty busy.
It is too bad that I didn't get a chance to meet Dal Winslow. Steve Warher passed away a few years ago due to cancer, according to Bob Reed.
Bob played quite a few gigs with several bands before the Trashmen hooked up. He was telling me a little about having played in the Fargo, ND area.
I was so awestruck at meeting my idols I forgot to ask them much about the other guys from the area.I also learned that Steve Wahrer had been with a few bands and I'm not sure, but he might have been playing drums on the Blue Kats tune "Oh Yeah!" recorded on Gaity.
I totally forgot to ask Tony anything about his band life before the Trashmen. I was so overwhelmed and awestruck! I couldn't believe I got to see and talk to my guitar idol!
These guys still live in the Minneapolis area, and I might be able to contact Tony if you know of any good shows for these guys!!
They are just too damn good to not be heard outside of the recordings that already exist!
I would highly recommend seeing these guys if you want to learn how to play surf guitar! I stole everything I know from Tony!! And there's not a band around that plays a show like these guys!!
Definite listening material:
"Surfin' Bird" Garrett LP-100 from 1963 reissued by Sundazed on CD. Contains the tracks:
Surfin' Bird, Kuk, King Of The Surf, Sleeper, It's So Easy, Malaguena,Henrietta, Misirlou, Tube City, My Woodie, Bird Bath, and Money.
"Cyclone" b/w "Sally Jo" Ariel records 73060 by Jim Thaxter and the Travellers is on vinyl from 1960 and has been reissued on 45 and on a Minnesota group comp album.
If you would like more info about any of their tunes contact me!

Dal Winslow, Tony Andreason, Bob Reed, and Steve Wahrer
The Trashmen
My LP was recently signed by the three surviving members.

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