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Lawrence Resophonics

Welcome to Lawrence guitars.Bob Lawrence is the best kept secret in southeast Ohio.He builds a resophonic guitar remiscient of the old Regal's of the 1930s but with a contemporary edge.He also builds the best all around mandolin and mandola's for contemporary styles.Shown are some of his designs here but he also takes special orders as well..He also makes three other models that are built with birch,walnut and maple hardwoods.He uses the best hardware available including Beard & Quarterman resonators as standard equipment on all models.The bodies now feature the "Lawrencetone" bracing and soundwell design,another innovation that Bob has come up with in the last year that is fantastic in volume and tonal quality.All necks are standard in maple unless you specify another hardwood(oak is not available as an option).Birch guitars start at 1000.00 for the Tradtional,the Fireball Signature is 1200.00,walnut and maple guitars start at 1700.00.Gold or black hardware is 400.00 extra,8 sting model is 300.00 extra. Other exotic woods(koa,rosewood,cocobolo)call for availability and pricing.Special inlays are available,call for pricing and availability.All six strings are available in roundneck as well as squareneck.Bob is one of the nicest builders to work with.Call him at 1-937-379-1291 and let him build the resophonic guitar of your dreams.

Traditional Model

Traditional Model.Body is 3 ply birch with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard with pearl markers.Chrome hardware is standard.If you are into Uncle Josh & Mike Auldridge, this is the guitar that captures that tone and feel. 1000.00$ with case.Brown Sunburst.

Crossover Model

A solid hardwood guitar with attitude!The Crossover is an all walnut body that has some seriously crispy highs and solid bass response.The neck as well as the body is bound with heavy white binding,giving a great eye catching look as well as a super tone.This guitar also has a walnut neck as well(maple is standard).The tone of this guitar is great for the dobroist who plays a mix of styles in other type of music as well as bluegrass.A great guitar for virtually any situation.Natural walnut finish. 1800.00$ with case.

Crossover Model

This is the epitome of bob's solidwood guitars.A flamed maple top,joined with walnut sides and back and a maple neck is the ultimate road and studio machine for the dobroist who has it all.It's tone is unique due to the mix of tonewoods used in its constuction.The tone is full,yet it is sweet and crisp.And the sustain is out of this world.It is bound in white/black/white binding with pearl trim around the body.The neck is 3 ply bound as well.This guitar has not only great tone,but is a showpiece in its own right.Simply stunning! 2200.00$ with case